Hot or Not? 2014 Ford Mustang Concept Car Design


[UPDATE: The 2014.5 / 2015 Ford Mustang has been released! Check out exclusive photos, videos and media from the unveiling as well as the car’s specs and related news.]

There’s no doubt that the Mustang is currently the hottest muscle car on the block, but keeping it that way is going to be a challenge for Ford! In order to lead the pack over the next decade, many people believe that a design change could be in order as early as 2014. This has sparked quite a few renderings and concepts, but I had to pull one of my favorites to show you guys:

2014mustang.jpg2014mustang2.jpg Personally, I think it looks pretty bad ass! There are some design elements I could live without, but this obviously looks like some sort of GT500 concept, rather than a base model. As the 50th Anniversary model develops, I’m sure we’ll hear alot more about the rumors surrounding the car such as an IRS rear and a complete overhaul rather than developing the current platform.

So I want to know what you guys think about this? Hot or Not?

Tell us why in the comments below!


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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Seems to me that this is the Stang designed for Ford lovers who have considered a new Camaro. Butt ugly IMO, those rear wheels being so far back look ridiculous, the top squishes in too much and the view of the rear end looks like a freakin’ Focus. Only good thing about it is it makes even my POS 96 convertible worth more since true Stang lovers will take one look and pass out laughing at this newbie. I have been a Stang lover since I was 5 years old and my brother bought one, well, guess I can still love the old ones.


  2. Ohh my God. I was going Camaro or CTS V But since I seen that. If they leave it just like that, I may have to talk my wife into getting one.don’t mess up and change it!


  3. It looks like a maserati a little. Not a camaro to me.

    Cars do follow a relevant design cue of the time. I think the camaro sits a little more level from front to back as the mustang has a higher rear end. I believe the camaro has a lower roofline than the mustang. This looks like an updated mustang from the current model and is a reasonable concept considering the current design.

    It still, however, favors the maserati granturismo a little to me. Thoughts?

    I still like the design, though.


  4. Is this really to be the NEW Mustang?? I have been a fan since 1965 & have owned many pony cars. I have a 1994 Pace Car sitting in my garage as I type this message. My opinion: Looks more like European styling combined with the new screwed up Camero. This IS NOT the Mustang I have loved over the years. If I understand correctly, the re-design has a lot to do with European sales, to even include right hand steering versions and Ford is dropping the new current V-6 that is packed with horses and replacing it with a damn four cylinder. Bad move, Ford! Hope your sales drop.


  5. it appears ford wants european market for mustang, with 4 cylinder and a 4-door, ford is taking designs favorable to european, australian markets. Irs rear will break with 500 hp, mustangis fine with solid rear, nobody drives hard enough on street to warrant irs, and it;s cost. Pony cars are a ext5ension of muscle car name, too many young guys here without experience in the history of american muscle. Bow down to max wedge plymouth, super stock Dodge, and LS-6 chevelle, with chevy nova 396, 375 hp., mustangs didn’t run well until 2003mach 1 and supercharged models, others were strong, but disappointments unless modified. all shelby cars were slow, except when 2003 came around, or new hi tech shelby cars appeared. You young guys don’t know real performancfe, until you get 12 flat street times in quarter mile.


  6. I agree with ctcsme. What’s with the huge grills most stylists seem to be going with now? Kind of makes a car look like a huge sucker fish.


  7. …wow…absolutely love this design. The current Mustang doesn’t need to change a lot, but these subtle design elements really push it over-the-top. 🙂


  8. Badass minus the grill and you gotta make those rear quarter panels look LESS like a Camaro…?

    The front looks like u want it to be a ford gt with a 64 Shelby cobra grill but yea its that roundness that says Camaro; one with buck teeth for that matter… Sorry ford. I’ve loved the stang since I was ten, and that was after falling in love with a vette when I was 6 or 7. And it was the lines that drew me in not the bubbles…

    As for the back it just looks like its going backwards as far as the tail lamp housing assemblies but then you have a badass rear diffusers. the more aggressive rear fenders that look like they came off a Camaro, they’d be tight if they had more of the flair by the doors, more representative of the mustang.


  9. looks totally awesome! as long as it has the blue oval on it a camaro wont hold a light to it.those gm(government motors) cars will always be behind us!


  10. To euro should ne mot rectangular boody les Hugh les long les Wright… keep foin situé the motor dits all good 1010. Aide exaust nop et least mot for America market.
    Front clips should ne a bit hiver to vive cher an more American look will mot changing the front. De let the weird plastic bumber with toster wall in it


  11. Car is bad-ass. I’m a 69-70 model year fan and this design does the car line justice. Ford makes this a front wheel drive turd with a V-6 they might as well discontinue the Mustang till someone at Ford grows some nuts.


  12. A flatter, wider stance with bulging fenders and rear quarters…looks awesome! And just because it’s wider and flatter doesn’t mean it looks like a camaro. The Ford GT is wide and flat, but looks hot and
    can hit 200 mph pretty quick. The mustang has been narrow, tall, and pretty heavy for a while now. Going with a wider, slightly flatter stance is more preferable to me than going Evo…yuk! Couldn’t hurt the mustang to shed a few pounds, either.


  13. This is awesome. Just what i wanted and this could also make the Camaro look even crappier. Please Ford do this. Do this and .. take my money !! Put a GT500 Engine in it. Some IRS and Bang !! You got yourself a super-car.


  14. This is a combination of other vehicles. I would say it has the look of the Camaro 2SS Coupe in Victory Red, Nissan GT-R in red, and if you consider things, Ford, in my opinion, will have a short fall in sales if this is their final design. Since the intro of the 64-1/2 Mustang things changed in the 71-73 years and big changes in 74-78. Designs were changed due to the feds. putting their 2cents in. After 1978 changes started to get back to the looks of today 2012-13. Ford now has a Kick Ass look which only needs some suttle changes to the apearance, and perhaps some deminsion revisions in the size. If (yes I said IF), I could offer my ideas, and make some changes to the design, “My Kick Ass”, improvments would put sales through the roof.
    Good Luck Ford if this is your final choice for 2014. Should you like to talk with me concerning my ideas, I signed in to this site with Facebook.


  15. Looks like a rice rocket some 18-year-old kid rode to a street race. No wonder Detroit’s getting stomped Toyota / Nissan. Their best ideas are rip-offs these days.


  16. I love it. It looks like a Ferrari with a wide body kit from the rear. I love the rear bumper cover. This is one car that won’t have to grow on me and I have said that since the SN95 debut.


  17. new 2015 Mustang …..on 50th anniversary….total let down based on what I had seen as the concept car several months ago………new design is absolutely nothing to get excited about …it’s nothing but a fancy 2010 Mustang which I already own………pathetic turn of events
    …going to look elsewhere for my new car investment….total let down, period!!!!!!!!!!!


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