How to Tune Your Mustang with an iPad Using SCT iTSX

Many of you have seen the original SCT Touch Screen Xtreme (TSX) that allows you to datalog wirelessly through your Mustang’s OBD-II data-port. Well, SCT is taking that technology one step further. Check out what they’re doing with an iPad! You’ll be able to connect and tune your vehicle wirelessly with any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

For only $350 (preliminary pricing), you’ll be able to purchase a Bluetooth dongle that will give you access to sync with the free SCT app for iOS devices. Just like the TSX, Livewire, X3 and all of SCT’s earlier models, you can choose from SCT’s preloaded strategy tunes or your own custom tunes from an SCT dealer (such as Bama Custom Tuning!). Returning to stock, reading DTC’s (check engine lights), and datalogging hundreds of parameters is easy and can be done on-screen all within the application.

itsx1.jpg itsx2.jpg itsx3.jpg itsx4.jpg itsx5.jpg itsx6.jpg

*Thanks to our friends over at Engadget for the pics/video.
It’s crazy how far the technology has come! Any Mustang from 1996 and up will be able to enjoy wireless tuning and datalogging in just a few months. SCT is just waiting for approval from Apple on the application. The hardware is ready to go! I’ll keep you in the loop as soon as we know more about availability.

What do you think is the next step in technology for Mustang tuning?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Bluetooth is still not stable. I’d be worried about bricking the ECU if comm broke down. I’ll stick to a hard-wired tuner – it’s not like an inconvenience.


  2. This is really cool. For us iPad users, is there any chance that AM will be offering this dongle and custom tunes when it becomes available? Also, I didn’t hear it mentioned, but is there any word on the price for the app on our iPads?


    1. We will definitely be offering this when it becomes available. The app itself is going to be a free download, but you’ll need to purchase the wireless dongle in order for it to work. The pricing is rumored to be about $350 for the dongle.


      1. That is awesome. I will be buying my exhaust and some suspension stuff in the next few days, and I’m glad I ultimately decded to hold off on the CAI + tuner. This will definitey be next on my list to buy with the CAI


  3. This is awesome. Love the idea of using my iPad, but does this seem a bit steep price wise? I can get the wired one that includes the hardware (with the iPad app I’m providing half the hardware) for only 30 bucks more. I’m not extremely knowledgable on these things so maybe someone can explain. I still think its an innovative use of an iPad.


    1. I would think that the price of 350 is well worth the tunes etc you are paying for plus the bluetooth connect to your obdII.You say you are providing half the hardware when actually you are only providing a hub from their tune to your car. Think of it like this. You would pay 30 dollars more for a piece of plastic and a cord with a progammable board inside. That is it!!! No i am not a rep but this is just my opinion and .02… hope this helps


    2. The dongle has to do more than just act as a plug. You are converting the 16 pins out from the OBD2 into a 4-pin USB. After that, it’s software. It’s not worth buying an iPad/Pod/Phone for, but if you already have that, the dongle saves you about $30.

      At least I assume it’s USB. I don’t know what other connector an iPad might have.


  4. Great idea. Hurry up and get an iPad app for the SCT SF3/X3 tuner. I have an iPad and only Macs since 2002. I have to borrow a friend’s computer to load my tunes because this is the only program I have in my life that requires a Windows PC (haha!)


  5. I would rather buy the SCT Livewire. The Ipad does more than SCT tunning on it so how efficient would it really be. At least with the Livewire its nothing but SCT tuning So its built for it. For those who like wireless just something to think about.


  6. I love this idea especially if you can change tunes with a smart phone. No need to carry another device. I am also sure I could fabricate some type of mount for the ipad if I wanted to see live data.


  7. Is this a hoax? I’m not going to purchase a chip tuner until someone comes out with a system I can use with my iPad. It might as well be SCT or some other innovative disrupter will come along and take a huge slice of this market away from the leaders. If I could do it, I’d be writing the app for this right now. Maybe this is a good incentive to learn how to program iOS apps.


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