Prank Photos: Gift Wrapping the Boss’s Office!

Merry Christmas, Boss!

At AmericanMuscle, the Holidays are full of hard work, professionalism, dedication and… you’re not buying this are you? Okay so every once in a while we gotta have some fun, too! Last night, after the boss decided to head home for the day, a few employees took the privilege of spreading some Holiday cheer. Check out the aftermath:

steve1.jpg steve2.jpg Steve3.jpg steve5.jpg steve6.jpg steve8.jpg steve9.jpg steve10.jpg


Tell me about YOUR best office prank in the comment section below!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Every year our company sends every employee a small tote box full of candy as a “Christmas bonus” sorta thing. Last year was our other part-timer (Matt)’s first Christmas with us, so we decided we had to get him good somehow…
    Since he always came in an hour after opening the store, we collected all our Christmas boxes and took them to the office. The rest of us took all the candy out of ours, filled them with money from the cash register, and taped them back up. When Matt got in we told him to come to the office because our “bonuses” came in.
    One by one we opened ours first…”I got $100!” “Ah man! I got $250” Then Matt opened his. As he rummaged through his box, “…What the heck?! I only got candy?” Shortly he realized what happened.


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