Can This 4 Year Old Kid Drive Better Than You?

I was surfing around last night, when I stumbled upon this video. Either Vaughn Gittin Jr. had a kid, or this is an amazing example of someone who was born to drive!

Where were those things when I was 4? Either way – I’ve got $5 that says at age 16, he passes his parallel parking test on the first try!

So tell me, what was your first experience driving a Mustang?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. My first experience was a 1995 dealer promo Indy 500 Cobra go kart. My second was my grandpas all original 7000 mile 73 convertivle. My next was an 05 Ford GT. My fourth and first with my license was the 69 Fastback my Dad and I restored. Then our 07 GT500 came in the day I graduated drivers ed!


  2. December 2007, 20 yrs old, Xmas gift from my new husband. 2005, silver with 2 black racing stripes. Just a basic model but I loved her at first sight/drive. When I divorced the idiot you better believe I kept my car!!


  3. My first experience driving a Mustang was 18 years ago in 1992 when I was 16. My Grandfather restored a 1966 Coupe and gave it to me on my 16th Bday 🙂 289 3 speed candy apple red with a white vinyl hard top. I still have and drive the ’66 today 🙂 along with her younger sister a ’07 Pony package silver Stang. Two Ponys in my garage 🙂


  4. My first experience was a Black 2008 Mustang V6 that I later added a GT front bumper and duals to make it look like a GT…but don’t worry, I didn’t put the GT emblems on the side! I went to the dealership to pick one out on graduation. The one I wanted was a standard and I had never driven a standard before. The guy gave me the key to it and said go learn. It was a busy city might I add and I stalled many times and got many honks and fingers but I learned how to drive a standard and bought the Mustang that day. It was a memorable experience I will never forget. I have put alot of money into it and blacked it out. I think ALL the parts are from American Muscle. Thanks.


  5. It was 1969 and I was home from overseas. I needed to buy a car for my wife to drive since I was off to Iceland. The old ’55 Studebaker just wouldn’t take driving every day. Bought a red ’66 Mustang, coupe with landau top. Only a 6 cylinder automatic, but I ran very nice. She loved it and we sadly sold it in 1973 and bought a 68 Charger, 383 4bbl. Now we have a ’65 Mustang coupe, 289, red. It sounds and drives great! Love the Mustangs!!


  6. July of 2009 is when I got my bright blue 98 V6. I was 17 when I got my license and went on craigslist in search of a car. I had always wanted a mustang but thought they were to expensive. I found My car and fell in LOVE! I love the 98 body style, and it’s such a bold color that you don’t see much! In the process of many tasteful modifications. Love my 98 =]


  7. My first experience was picking out a 2003 auto v6 for my 16th birthday, loved that car even if it was just a v6, then after two years of working I just purchased my 2008 gt/cs 5 speed mustang and currently in love!


  8. When i was 15 my dad had me learn how to drive standard on a piece of crap honda so that if i burned down the clutch or engine it wouldn matter i mean come on its a honda (who cares?) lol. I finally mastered it a couple of months later and as a reward he passed me down his bonestock 98 Rio Red V6 Mustang who he is the original owner of since 1998. For my first time taking out the car for a real test drive i went to the mall, it felt awesome being behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang!!! Since than I customize it more to my taste by adding a new Rio Red fresh paint job, 18″ 06 GT Bullit rims w/pony emblem spinner centercaps, a cold air intake, Pypes High Flow Cats, Holley Xpipe, dual glasspacks and I have plenty of more mods and accessories i will be adding on. The end


  9. My dad bought a 2002 mustang GT about 7 years ago, at the time I was driving a v6 ford f150 and one day I said hey can I drive your mustang and ever since then I have been sold on the mustang life.


  10. April of 2009 I bought my 99′ Cobra. Went to look at it and take it for a drive. First time really driving stick, could barely back it out of the parking spot! Must have stalled it 20 times. Got the hang of it though. Since then, totally sold on Mustangs, especially Cobras!


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