Is Going Fast in Your Mustang Too Easy?

Mike Galimi's 07 or New 2011?

Hey everyone, this is Mike Galimi and the guys have asked me to post regular blogs about stuff going down in the wild world of Mustangs. Please check back regularly as I will be posting various information, experiences, videos, pictures, and everything cool in our hobby on a regular basis.

Is Going Fast Too Easy?

I think I am ready to part ways with my supercharged 2007 Mustang GT. It runs mid-11s and getting there was far too easy. But I think I am ready to part ways with it in order to make room for a 2011 Mustang GT. The reason is simple, the new 5.0L is even easier to make run 11s, and ultimately 10s, than my supercharged Three-Valve. Not to mention all of the creature comfort upgrades between the two model years. After covering the 2011 Mustang GT for Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords December 2010 issue, I saw how easy it was to run fast.

Since that article hit newsstands, the car has gone a best of 11.90 at 118 and they haven’t even hit with a shot of juice from the Zex kit that’s onboard. The speed is just 1.5 mph shy of where my supercharged Three-Valve car runs. The shop car’s track life is about to get quicker as there are rumors running around the compound that a supercharger is waiting to be bolted on this winter. Once that happens, 10-second times are sure to be reality.

It seems every new Mustang makes achieving certain performance benchmarks that much easier. We went from 14-second stock cars to 13-second ones, and now the 2011 Mustang GT can run 12s with the right driver and weather conditions off the showroom floor. The car was the first 2011 I drove and I loved it, smooth, comfortable and soon to be a 10-second player.

So, is it too easy to go fast? Tell me how you got your car to tear it up at the track…

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Bought a 96 GT two years ago. Never taken it to the track, but I’m assuming its a 14 second car as is with lots of bolt ons. There’s a procharger sitting in the basement waiting on more parts to install it, but when everything’s said and done I think I’ll be lucky to hit high 12’s with traction. These new 2011’s are very nice, but kinda take the fun out of modding. Slap on a supercharger and run 10s. That’s ridiculous.


    1. I agree with you…The new 5.0 is awesome for sure but at the same time ridiculous. I have a 95 GT with all the bolt ons plus a 3.90 rear end and I enjoy it more than I would a 2011 just because I know I spent a lot of time and work getting it to where it is.
      It’s kinda unfair in my opinion a guy in a new GT can blow by us without having to ever turn a wrench or know a thing about cars except how to push the gas pedal.


      1. Its like every time Ford unleashes a new version of the Mustang GT the bar gets set higher. I remember when I had my ’90 LX and to run 11.90s took a long time and a lot of effort. Now its just bolt-ons and go ride. Its both good and bad. Bad since I have the ’07 and jealous of the new performance. The new YouTube video of the car running 10s is cool. But I definitely cannot complain, my Stang is running sweet (11.24 at 120 mph last week with some more mods). The good is the new 5.0 helps bring more people into the sport and gain more notoriety and popularity for Mustang.

        We are definitely living in the Modern Golden Years of the hobby.


  2. I honestly think it’s getting dangerous- especially as these cars get cheaper and cheaper. When I was 16, we all thought a stock 14-second 5.0 was really fast and the coolest kids had them. While a new ’11 GT might be $30K now, in 5 years the prices will be low enough that kids who never have been behind the wheel of a high powered car will be driving 12-second monsters home from the used car lot. Mom and pop will have no idea just how powerful the new stuff is.

    I was dangerous enough driving those 14-second cars when I was a kid- had I had the kind of firepower that’s out there now available to me, I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it past 19.


    1. Interesting reply. Power in the hands of the inexperienced is and has always been a big problem. Just check your insurance rates for proof. I agree that it is dangerous and the one saving grace could be the traction control. I know that I would have loved to have some sort of safety net in my ’90 LX back in the day. I agree, the more power there is under the hood and the more trouble new drivers can get into once the resale value is cheap enough. Good point.

      One more thing, my Three-Valve stock was definitely not a 300hp car though and I know the 412hp is not all there either. It might make it at the peak power but the torque management/throttle control do help calm these cars down but still enough to get a new-driver in trouble with the right coaxing from his friends.


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