LISTEN: Exhaust Video Clips for Your Mustang

New Exhaust Video Clips

Have you ever wondered what your Mustang would sound like with a Pypes cat-back system? Magnaflow mufflers? Or even Flowmaster? AmericanMuscle is hooking you up with 1080 HD Video & Sound clips of exhaust systems for your 1999-2004 or 2005-2010 Mustang! Look for the “Hear It” icon overlayed:


You’re now able to listen, watch and compare the difference between a stock exhaust system and the performance exhaust system of your choice. No more guessing! This is yet another reason why is the best source for your cat-back exhaust, headers and other exhaust components.

So tell us… what’s your favorite sounding exhaust system?

New Exhaust Video Clips

99-04 Mustang Exhaust Sounds 05-10 Mustang Exhaust Sounds

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


    1. Most of the 99-04 exhaust will sound VERY similar to the 96-98. The only real difference was the returnless fuel system and PI cylinder heads. The exhaust note should be almost identical!


  1. thanks so much yall, i have an 03 auto with an american muscle cold air, 75mm intake and plenum + throttle body and ive really been wanting to do a catback as my next mod, probly go with magnaflow or flowmaster casue i want a deeper louder rumble, i dont like raspy sounding exhaust at all


  2. Great vids… You guys should do the same for the new 2011v6 and 2011 5.0. Does anyone know why all
    2011 v6 exhaust sound like a 350 z? Yall should put sum vids of pypes exhaust for the 3.7. Also does anyone know if you can mix brands like bbk headers,pypes midpipe, and flowmaster muffler?


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