VIDEO: AmericanMuscle 2010 Car Show Teaser


If you missed out on our 2010 Car Show, I’ve got hundreds of pictures and video coming your way! Over 500 of the baddest looking Mustangs lined up in Kimberton, PA for what some are calling “the best Mustang show of the year.” Not only did we raise thousands of dollars for charity, we gave out some awesome Mustang parts, prizes and trophies. Some of the highlights included:

  • 500 Mustangs of every generation, model, body style and color!
  • Trophies for Best in Class, Specialty, Club Participation and more.
  • Muffler Rapping Competition – loudest Mustangs around!
  • Over 17 Vendors On-site and Expert Help Booth
  • Smokin’ Hot AmericanMuscle Girls!
  • Great Food, Activities for Kids and Free Dyno Pulls
  • Dunk Tank Dyno Competition with more Smokin’ Hot AM Girls!
  • 1500-2000 Mustang enthusiasts in Attendance

Stay tuned for more video footage and hundreds of photos. Were you part of the fun? Make sure to Tag Your Mustang on our Facebook page! As always, make sure to comment below and let me know what your favorite part of the show was? Favorite car? AM Girl?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I need to add my favorite car was an 80s T-Top notch back and favorite AM girl was the prettiest redhead I have ever seen! I lucked out and caught her for a picture in front of my Bullitt right before I left. (sorry but never caught her name)


  2. Had an amazing time! Cant wait to see the rest of the pictures and video! Favorite part of the show was the drive to it and the free food! Favorite car was the 93 Cobra. Absolutely love those cars! And its hard to choose just one favorite AM girl! Cant wait until next years show! One thing that would have made the show even better would be to have parts available for purchase at the show.


  3. The turnout was pretty impressive. Car show overall was just ok. Still needs some work in regards to organizational and judging aspects. For starters employees shouldn’t have had the opportunity to participate in the raffles. That’s just low rent. Also the trophies need to be stepped up dramatically. They were just glass mugs and not actual trophies. No distinguishing between first and the runners up. For a company that’s pulling decent scratch, this should have not been skimped out on. Lastly, there was plenty of true talent overlooked at the show in the non club section. Seems more club members and employees won things rather than the individual. I’m not sore about losing at all. My car being decent probably couldn’t hold a candle to some others out there. I just thought some of the winners shouldn’t have been recognized.


  4. I have to agree with everyone to a degree. It was a great show, but thoughts for next year would be to be able to buy stuff there, rather than go to an AM employee with laptop and order. I could have done that at home. part of fun at the shows is getting cool stuff from vendors. Instead of the muffler rap a burn out contest would be a good idea! lol overall great show and loved seeing all of those great Mustangs. Nice job AM for getting such an awesome group together!!! look forward to next year!!


    1. That you very much for the compliments! As far as purchasing goes, it’s very hard because of the amount of SKU’s that we have. It wasn’t a problem when we held the event at our warehouse, because they were a few feet away. We’re going to work on something to try and make this happen, but I don’t want to make any promises. In the mean time, we’ve sent messages out extending coupon codes (which were extremely deep discounts) until Friday, as opposed to the original Tuesday cut-off. Hope to see you next year!


  5. This was my first mustang show, I had a wonderful time and look forward to attending next year, I like the way you park all the mustang together, I wish I could purchase Items at the show to bring back home, it nothing like hand on. Take care and keep up the great JOB


  6. Just wondering if you will be posting the pics of the raffle winners with the AM girls? My daughter won a CAI and I didn’t take a pic of her with them. Hoping to see them soon. 🙂
    Also, the pics taken from the helicopter.


  7. I had a good time, I wish that I had known what the muffler wrap was I would have entered. I agree with an earlier comment about needing to be able to buy more stuff on the spot, that’s usually part of the fun. I do understand the logistical issues that would have been involved this year, still not bad at all considering this was only the second show. Maybe next year it can be done at a drag strip so we can see who is willing to let their Pony run.


      1. A drag strip would also allow for a burn out contest in the proper enviornment. Could be a good time to sell wheel and tire combos. Have the orders placed by a certian time in order to get them in time to replace the ones burnt up and give some sort of discount for donating the old tires for the burn out contest. Could have a station set up for changing the tires and maybe time it as another challenge, fastest 4 tire change.


  8. My first Mustang Show and although it was a long day it was great fun. Haven’t shown a car in years. Would like to see judging being done by dedicated judges and perhaps a place on the Car Placard for Club Affiliation. Steak sandwiches sucked. Thanks for the free dyno run, was a little disappointed that my stock 2011 GT/CS only made 356HP at the rear wheels, not shaby, but was hoping for more. Well that “more” will keep you guys in biz!! Keep up the good work.


  9. My family and I had a great time. We missed last year but don’t plan on missing any more of them if you keep having them. In fact, I will probably enter my old fox body.
    I particularly enjoyed the muffler rapping- i’ve never seen that before at a car show, maybe a couple of times on the street. One suggestion related to the muffler rapping would be for the contestants to say what exhaust components they are using, so people in the market to buy would have a good idea of what different combinations sound like. I may not be able to hang on the dyno, but I can definitely hold my own with this contest.
    Keep up the good work and hope to see you guys next year.


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