September’s Ride of the Month

Michael Gross’s 2004 Mach 1!

Michael’s azure blue Mach 1 features 18X9 and 18X10 Bullitt wheels paired with a set of Michelin tires. When he picked the Mustang (which he calls his “play toy”) up it had about 37,000 miles on it and was far from the modded beast it is today. The Mach 1 sports a P-1SC ProCharger that’s intercooled at approximately 10lbs, 42lb injectors, a Wallbro 260 fuel pump, and a Kenne Bell BAP. Kooks long tube headers and catted x-pipe, and an SLP Loudmouth Mustang catback system make sure you can hear Michael coming. A PHP intake spacer, an SCT handheld tuner (with a custom tune), and 4.10 gears round out the performance mods.

The Mach’s interior, exterior, and suspension have all been customized, too. Michael’s added Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates, H&R springs, and Bilstein shocks. He’s also performed an 03/04 Cobra IRS conversion and added subframe connectors. Not content with a stock-appearance sleeper, the exterior has a hood stripe, a 1″ shaker raise, a shorty antenna, and Luminics headlights and fog lights and the windows are tinted. On the interior, the rear seat has been deleted, Michael’s added an LED shift light, Phantom II boost and vacuum gauges, and an MGW short shifter. Billet interior knobs, a Mach 1 rubber trunk mat and floor mats, and an FR500 steering wheel round out the build.

Think your pony has what it takes to be the October Ride of the Month? Submit your entry before Saturday, September 25th. Entries are only good for a month, so make sure you submit yours again if you didn’t win for September.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Some interior pictures of this car would have been a nice addition to the article. Michael Gross (coincidentally, a name of one of my college professors) has a very nice Mustang.


  2. This is a beautiful car indeed. In fact, you’ll find this car on youtube, under JoshsFoxBody, where the previous owner has many videos of this car and the modifications being shown off. Quite honestly I’m jealous of Michael, because if I had the money I would’ve bought this car lol.


  3. Okay, so have things changed?…we did have multiple winners from each generation of late-model Mustangs,and one grand prize winner…have you changed it to just picking one??


    1. Hi, Robbie! We mentioned last month that we would be switching things around a little this month. We’re only going to be featuring one Ride of the Month each month from here on out. It’s still a young program, so we are making changes to it as we settle in and find out what works best.


      1. I must have missed that somehow…it’s still giving two different prize amounts in the description, just to let you know


  4. wow the mach 1’s are my favorite looking mustangs ever, gorgeous car, and some seriously mean mods too, great choice for ride of the month!


  5. Beautiful Mach!! I was looking for one this color, but ended up buying a shadow gray. Still couldn’t be happier with my decision. Congrats sir! Definately worthy of the award. =]


  6. Bought or created, doesn’t matter – it’s a great car and deserves recognition. Congrats Michael!

    The first ROTM winner,
    Paul Bledsoe


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