BURNOUT VIDEO: 30 Mustangs – 1 Parking Lot


Our annual company picnic usually features awesome food, insane prizes and games, all tied-in with familiar faces. It’s a great opportunity to get together on the weekend and unwind as a company (and watch the office employees destroy the warehouse employees at Tug-of-War). This year, we decided to introduce our very first employee-only car show at the event. We found out very quickly that our employees were more concerned about what goes on AFTER the show! …and what would a car show be without a bunch of leftover tire?

What began as a few harmless burnouts on the way out, soon turned into chaos! As people piled into their Mustangs to head home, a taunting crowd would greet them at the only exit. As if Mustang enthusiasts need any convincing to melt their tires! It didn’t take long for the parking lot to feel the affect. The parking lot damage was the worst I’ve ever seen. Luckily, we caught all of the action on camera!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. lol very good i did the same thing trying to burn em in 3rd gear with 4:10s in the rear i have some mustang burnouts on youtube my 04 mystichrome cobra and my 2000 gt and a few others check em out on youtube keyword speed8302 they have lots of parts from american muscle in and on them


    1. Oh, what a fuddy duddy! What happened on Front street stays on Front street, eh??

      I still love the smell of burning rubber! I say go for it! If it’s too scarey, you’re too old!


  2. HI American Muscle
    Sent you a link of my 05 Mustang GTP, last summer I switched to using you guys for add on parts , as I found you out performed your competition, even with living in Ontario Canada and parts being shipped north of the border.

    Some recent adds were billet grille, pony In, tail light trims, rear window louvers, and brushed aluminum rad cover under he hood.

    Thanks and I look forwad to more good things from AM,
    I recommend you highly to my race and car show buddies, so keep up the good work in 2011, and us Canadian boys will keep rocking the Mustang brand up here.

    2005 GTP
    Magna Flow SS exhaust, with X pipes, high flow cats( going to long in 2011)

    Hurst Shorty, with competition clutch
    K&N Cold Air

    Ford Racing 411 Rears, with launch control, and Mickey T`s 18`drag tires

    Other wise stcck with a great tune and dress, ran a best at 12.98 in Q at the track in 2010.
    Upload the video to AM if you can , have a good Winter
    Terry Perk Van Haverbeke


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