The 5 Best Roads to Drive Your Mustang On

Here at AmericanMuscle, most a few of our employees have “less-than-perfect” driving records. This is probably because we’ve been on the lookout for the darkest, fastest, highest roads in the US; and sometimes this calls for a little bit of “spirited driving”! During our search, we stumbled upon these 5 roads that were just begging for us to lay down some fresh rubber:

Number 5. Florida’s State Road A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Highway

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of

There’s no questioning that the southern Florida coast is one of the finest spots in the country for beach bodies!  And by beach bodies we mean both classic/vintage and brand new Mustangs!  For years, it has been a landmark “cruising” spot for all automotive enthusiasts–every car imaginable can be seen on this stretch of road from Key West through Jacksonville.  Whether you’re cruising in 4th gear or burning the tires at every stop light, it’s hard to find a better road to drive on.

4.) Montana’s Beartooth Highway – The All American Road

11,000 feet above sea level and chiseled into mountain terrain, you’ll find a high performance enthusiast’s dream!  This two hour scenic drive has plenty of potential for Mustang drift footage for those brave enough to try.  Montana’s US Highway 212 has the most amazing twists and turns through what seems to be walls of snow and rock.  Make sure to check with the ranger’s station before taking on this voyage, as it has been known to snow even in the summer.

3.) Nevada’s US Route 50

Image Courtesy of fr.academic.tru
Image Courtesy of fr.academic.tru

Coined as “The Loneliest Road in America,” this desolate stretch of road across Nevada has  AmericanMuscle employees tempted to drive cross-country to rip down this road with our cars!  One look down the straight, smooth portions of the Route will be enough to push any Mustang enthusiast to redline.  Remnants of ghost towns and even the Pony Express Route are visible throughout many stretches of Route 50.  And don’t worry, there are plenty of twisting canyon roads to grab gears through, too.

2.) Virginia/North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway

Fear not, East Coast ‘Stang lovers!  There is a winding road begging for a stampede that stretches the Blue Ridge chain of the Appalachian mountains.  From Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Shenandoah’s Skyline Drive, this is one road that will have your heart pumping in Ford firing order fashion.

1.) California’s Pacific Coast Highway SR-1

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of

Highway 1 is without a doubt our favorite road in the country for pure adrenaline-filled Mustang junkies. If skating along the edge of a continent, peering down steep cliffs into the Pacific Ocean at 80mph is your kind of party, look no further! Plan your California coast-line experience and let that ‘Stang of yours out so you can see why we found SR-1 to be the #1 Wild Pony Ride in the nation.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. well im from Nor Cal and i have to agree with the #1 road i have been down this road many times

    anybody in nor cal should drive their mustang or any other sports car down this AWESOME road.


    1. The Woodward Cruise is great for car and people watching but if you can hit 10MPH your lucky. And if you go make sure to hit the Mustang Alley at 9 Mile and Woodward.


  2. I have driven 4 of those 5 (not necessarily in my Mustang) and they are all great. But the best road I have EVER driven, in my Mustang GT, is the Million Dollar Highway over Red Mountain Pass (US 550) in SW Colorado. If you get a chance you should try it, in any vehicle. AMAZING! Check You Tube for videos…


  3. hahah A1A!!!! hahah ya if you want to get pulled over by the worst most useless cops ever. you cant go a mile an hour over the speed limit without getting pulled over. i avoided A1A like the plague when i lived in Florida and when i drive down from Delaware every year. stay away from A1A


    1. you ever been pulled over for barely going over the speed limit, and then the cop covers almost a mile going 100 plus to catch up to you, who’s really the law breakers!

      i looked back, he couldn’t even keep the car in his lane on a two way country road, he was going so fast. don’t hurt yourself peace officer.


  4. I live on CA HWY 1 in Cambria. If you can drive 80mph without getting a ticket on this road, you must have superpowers! My friends get tagged all the time at anything over 60. Two lane here is 55, no exceptions. The CHP are relentless due to constant fatalities from people trying to pass on blind curves. I let my GT out on CA Interstate 5. Best of luck on HWY 1. Pray you don’t get pulled over by officer Jody!


    1. AMEN to that! When I read that article, I was like “80 wha???” I LOVE CAMBRIA and make a point to stop there everytime I take route 1 North or South (Love “Linn’s!) but even at posted speed limits, Route 1 is STILL the prettiest highway to drive. Just when it starts to feel redundant, you find yourself driving through a grove of redwoods, or suddenly you’re at sea level and there are SEA LIONS right beside you, or Dolphins (or whales!) breaching the waters right at the coast. A wonderful drive, but NEVER try to hit 80, the ticket ain’t worth it and you mist the view anyway.


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