AM’s Stock 2011 GT Runs 13.0’s! Check Out the Video

We recently took possession of our 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L Automatic. There may or may not have been excited giggling as we poured out of our offices to catch a glimpse, but we’re not at liberty to say! Our first impression: this car begs to be pushed to its limits. Small styling changes in the interior are completely overshadowed by the massively impressive upgrade under the hood.

Most of us remember the original 5.0L 302. When Ford released it, it was under-designed and under-powered, and there weren’t any real aftermarket performance parts available at first release. Thankfully, that won’t be the case this time around. The biggest names in aftermarket Mustang parts are developing sweet performance upgrades, and we’re working right alongside them. Our vendors are working with us exclusively to test parts, as well as research fitment and performance. We’re going to be building our GT the same way any enthusiast does—right here, in our garage. Along the way, we’ll be showing you more coverage of our mod strategy and giving you examples of real world numbers, both on the dyno and on the asphalt.

Needless to say, we can’t let a car sit for long. Within hours of delivery of our 2011, we were all thinking of one thing – Maple Grove Raceway. We broke it in as quickly as possible (the hardest 2 days ever!), and high-tailed it to the track this past Friday afternoon for some baseline testing. We were pleased with the times, considering we ran it at the track in its bone-stock condition. Our team laid down some impressive numbers out of the GT, with consistent times of 13.034 at 109mph and 13.022 at 110mph. Check out the awesome video below to see the team flying down the track!

Like what you see? So do we! The 2011 GT is impressive even without any mustang modifications. We’re not sufficiently impressed to leave it stock for long, though. We’re working in conjunction with several of our vendors and using our 2011 for research, development, and testing fitment for a lot of exciting parts. While we’re at it, we’re also working on calibrations for the 2011 with our in-house dyno.

We’ve got plans for gears, exhaust products, suspension components, wheels and tires, a cold air induction system, and Bama Custom Tuning. That’s all before this beast heads back to the ¼ mile!  Those aren’t the only tricks we have up our sleeves, though. Make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel and keep an eye on the blog so you’ll be the first to know when we announce the next big thing for the 2011!

We want to know what you want to see us do next! Comment below and tell us your ideas for our 2011 Mustang GT project. The most popular ideas could make it to future videos and other press coverage! Give us your predictions for the track and tell us what you’d like to see in the next video. Install footage? More track coverage and interviews? Let us know what you think.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. wow that is a very impressive vehicle, its amazing to see that a few years back the only stang you could get with numbers near that was the great late top of the line SVT Cobra, now they make the standard V8 GT with that kind of performance, im am blown away


  2. I would like to put some 20″ on that GT and give it a wide back tires for some grip and great performance. I think rims should come first on a car because will give the car a complete different look and you can build on top of that because cars with new chin spoilers, headlights, grill, etc. and stock rims look strange. Once you have the rims to you can get stickers and racing stripes and other thing to match it.
    98 Dark Green Mustang,
    Zachary Vincent


      1. I hope 20″ rims and stickers never find there way onto AM’s 5.0. The big rims would look great but would also slow the car down. Lets see how fast it can go!!! And stickers come on this is AmericanMuscle not Fast and the Furious.


  3. this is a retorical question. there’s endless possiblities, but I say supercharge that puppy and give it some real muscle!


  4. i think this car will easily go 11s with the modifications you guys are talking about….. that has to be atleast 50 more horsepower at the ground and with the right suspension and tires there’s 11.9s all day baby!!! why dont u guys put exhaust on it first so we can hear the 5.0 roar?????


  5. I am 19 years old and have always loved mustangs. A new 5.0L 2011 GT is my dream car I would love to have one of these! after owning a 1993 5.0 LX and a 2001 GT this is the next step for me 🙂


  6. I ordered my 5.0 and can’t wait for it to get here. 4-6 weeks and it is eating at me. It is due in around July 2. I can’t wait to see it, and especially drive it. FYI–I ordered it with the 401a package and the GT Coupe accessory package 5. Also, the usual security package, and oh, did I mention the 3.73 rear!!!!!
    Now, with that said, HURRY UP AND GET MY EXHAUST AND CAI!!!!!!!!! please………


  7. Why not do one modification at a time to see what kind of a difference it makes on the strip? Start with stickier rear tires.


    1. prolly cause you’d have to go back to the track like 5 times and it would only increase a little bit each time……. vs. if you just put it all on it makes a HUGE difference in the time slips.


      1. My way, you’d have a better idea of how effective each modification is, and if it’s worth the expense.

        Going to the drag strip 5 times wouldn’t exactly be a hardship lol.


    1. We held the TCS button for 5-7 seconds to turn off of the stability control and TCS. Footbraking anything higher than 1200 wanted to move forward and spin once the tree turned green anyway. If we had let a little tire pressure out, probably could have pulled off a 12.90, but we wanted to find out what the car could do right out of the box with no modifications whatsoever!


      1. Maybe you should try pressing the TCB button, that’ll put the front wheels in the air!



      2. The TCS button you hold down for something like 7 seconds and it disables the Stabilitrak feature. The button on the automatic shifter is NOT an overdrive-off button, but a tow-haul mode which makes the car much slower. Do not run with that pressed. Just TCS/Stabilitrak and that’s it.


  8. I really like the idea of doing JUST ONE OR TWO mods at a time!Leave the car stock & put some DRAG RADIALS on it & see what it will do with just better grip.Don’t forget the 93 OCTANE.

    Could pickup .3-.5 with just tires & 93 octane maybe more.

    After the tires do a CAI & a tune then run it again.

    Start with the easy stuff 1st and graduate to harder to do MODS the ones some of us will probably never do.


  9. I like the idea of doing 1 or 2 MODS at a time!First DRAG RADIALS & see what it will do STOCK with just better grip.Don’t forget the 93 octane.

    Then a CAI & TUNE then run it again.

    Do the easy less expensive MODS 1st then go to the harder more expensive MODS.


  10. hey great baseline runs. personally im a fan of the 03 04 machs so if theres a way to make a shaker setup that really improves over the best cold air package you can make thats where i would start. and a set of rims that look stock but have a nice lip and wider than you can imagine for the rear. then some nice pipes to let the camaros know whats beatin em go get em guys


  11. Not sure how a few have gotten 12.7 with the auto stock. One guy even left the TC on. Most dyno’s are showing way less tq than the M6 even though there is no 1:1 gear on the auto. What were your baseline dyno #’s?


    1. We used stock tire pressures as well. Many of them are running aftermarket tires, or deflating theirs to 19psi or so and leaving much higher. We will have baseline numbers and much more coming soon!


  12. open that thing up. intake and exhaust bolt on’s, tune, tires, gears, suspension. i really want to see what this motor is capable of without popping off the valve covers. see what it can do with bolt ons, and then throw some cams and heads at the thing. show all these NA chevy trash talkers that ford can go fast NA too. comment edited to remove profanity.


    1. Yeah, a Ford MIGHT run as fast as a Chevy after you sink a ton of money into modifications. Maybe it’ll snow this weekend in Malvern, PA too.


      1. Chevys are junk, all you got is the ls1. and the new camaros are not impressive they are heavy turds and require a very good driver to even run a respectable time. Government Motors for the loss. The new 5.0 has way more potential, it is not pushrod junk


      2. Guess you forgot about the ZR1…

        Why is it that a “pushrod junk, heavy turd” Camaro runs identical ET’s as the new 5.0 Rustang?? Imagine what will happen if Chevy ever goes to overhead cams! Be afraid, be very afraid.

        Potential ain’t the same as achievement, dude.


      3. Guys, let’s keep the Ford vs. Chevy bickering to a minimum, okay? This is a site dedicated to Mustangs, but we respect all American muscle cars. We ask that commenters show the same respect to each other. Flaming, trolling, and personal attacks on other commenters won’t be tolerated and will lead to comment deletion, and we prefer not to have to take that route.


  13. Sacramento Raceway a kid pulled a 12.57 @ 115. Still all stock just learning how to launch with the stock 235 tires.

    Evo ran a 11.98 @ 117 MPH with their auto only Suspension Mods were Steeda Ultralite Lowering Springs and an Evolution Performance, Inc. Adjustable Panhard Bar! Track Temp was 127 Degrees and the outside Temp was 93 Degrees! The Car was Full Weight, 19″ Wheels on the Front with 18X9″ Wheels On The Back with M/T Drag Radials. CAI, tune and lt’s


  14. I say tune, CAI, exhaust, suspension, gears wheels, and cams! with exhuast and cams that 5.0 will sound like a beast. then pre-painted parts!


  15. Please run some 26 inch tall tires with 4:10’s or 28’s with 4:56’s

    CAI by itself

    tune by itself with 91 octane

    then 93 octane.

    Then one piece driveshaft by itself mod to show what they can do

    Eliminate converters do a run

    then elininate mufflers do the same

    Add longtubes, then with and without mufflers.

    We just want to know where to spend our money with you and what gives us all the most bang for the buck!


  16. I think you should start like most new owners will, (I just traded my 09 Gt in for an 11 5.0) with bolt ons. I for one would like to see what will give me the most bang for the buck. You could do alot of the mods at the track like Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords did when they put a pair of S-197’s in the 12’s. Then go with cams, nos, etc.
    I built most of my 09 with parts purchased from American Muscle, now its time to do it again with the 2011. Let the fun begin!




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