Mustangs of the Stars: Celebrity Rides

We all love our Mustangs. But for most of us, that’s where any commonality that we may have with the glitterati ends. Still, imagine this: You’re sitting at a traffic light. A tricked out Mustang pulls up next to your own street king, and you glance over. Would you give the “let’s go” nod to one of these fine rides – and the driver behind the wheel?

Sammy Hagar

There are those of us of a certain age who crank up the volume and put a bit more pressure on the accelerator when rocker Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive (55)” comes blasting through the speakers. Apparently, Sammy still can’t drive 55. In fact, the speedometer on his GCM-R fastback Mustang doesn’t even have numbers on the dial until 55 MPH. And it’s all smoke and watching his tail lights disappear from there. Check out this video of Hagar’s thoroughly bad-to-the-bone California street ride.

Cornell Haynes Jr., aka Nelly

It’s no accident that when Ford was in the initial rollout phase of the 2011 5.0L Mustang GT, their marketing experts teamed with Dub Magazine to develop a pony with street cred. And who better to be the front man than a true car guy like hip-hop star Nelly? He’s got quite a few vehicles in his own personal fleet, but this special edition Mustang will hold down a special place in his stable. The black 2011 5.0L GT was tricked out with a billet grille, hood scoop, custom head and taillights and Borla exhaust. Inside are leather and suede fittings and a custom audio system. It might not be the fastest celebrity ride out there, but the cool factor is unsurpassed.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrisons 1967 Shelby

Jim Morrison in his Shelby (From

There are cold case files, and then there are true, unsolved mysteries. The case of the missing 1967 Shelby that was given to Doors legend Jim Morrison as part of a record deal may never be reach a conclusion. You have to remember that Morrison was a wild man, and that any of the stories about his missing Shelby could be true – perhaps he crashed it into a telephone pole and walked away; maybe he left it in a parking place at LAX, it was towed, and auctioned. Who knows? But if a dusty, dark blue 1967 Shelby pulls up next to you at a light with chords from “Riders on the Storm” pouring out of the windows, you should probably just let the Shelby pass, and leave it at that. No need to tempt fate, right?

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers fame) makes young girls cry. He has a pretty hot 1967 Cobra. And, he apparently dates hot girls. Hey, let’s be honest — is there a young man on the planet who wouldn’t want to take Miley Cyrus out for a spin in his very own kick ass car? See, the thing is though, when you’re trying to impress a girl, you should probably be able to handle the car. And really, do you want Hannah Montana giving you directions when you’re trying to make a tight turn on a Hollywood back lot? Better luck next time, Nick!

Jay Leno

Jay Leno may make his living as a funny guy, but there’s one thing he’s dead serious about: his cars. Jay Leno is a Ford guy. His car collection is world renowned, and he’s just added a 2011 5.0L GT to his personal fleet. What’s really great about the video above is Leno talking about the history of the Mustang (the guy knows his stuff), and getting a look at his white 1965 Shelby and Ford GT Supercar at the same time. If you’re driving next to Jay on the 5 heading south out of LA, you better be serious, too, before you give him a run for his money. (And think about it — if CHP gets involved, are they going to pull him over or you?)

If you’ve got a link to a great celebrity ride, hit us up with it in the comments!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


    1. I think AM’s saving his Fox for the “Mustangs of the Washed-Up Wannabe Rappers” article.

      Also, Nick Jonas failed hard. I can’t stand him (I’ve got a little sister who just finished that phase of her life) but I do have to give him props for picking that Cobra. All props given, however, were taken away when I realized he couldn’t drive it.


      1. Nick Jon-ass needs to be slapped like the little beyotch that he is.

        I hope Miley Cyrus didn’t even let him get to second base.


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