NMRA At Atco: Sun, Fun, and Mustangs Rockin’

What a weekend for AmericanMuscle and Mustang aficionados in the Philadelphia metro area! The NMRA brought its third race weekend of the season to Atco Raceway, in southern New Jersey, and the weather could not have been more perfect: sunny, mid-70’s, and an SPF-40 kind of day (the sunburned bodies in the office on Monday were too numerous to mention). It was a Mustang lover’s dream.

AM’s two sponsored NMRA drivers, Tim Matherly and Bart Tobener, arrived from Georgia ready to tear up the ¼ mile track with the best drivers in their respective classes. Tim’s 2010 modular Mustang runs in the Real Street class, and Bart’s Fox Body notchback Mustang has been eating up strips in the EFI Renegade class. In addition to Tim and Bart, AmericanMuscle had two of our own, Brick Spurio and Karen Baum, running in the True Street brackets.

AM-Sponsored NMRA Racers

Tim Matherly tore up the track, which is not a surprise since he holds Atco’s NMRA Real Street speed record for his performance in 2009. This year, he walked away as champion of the NMRA Real Street competition at Atco, turning 9.503 in the quarter mile and 144.12 mph. Tim’s 2010 modular Mustang was a portrait of consistency and performance. During the 2010 NMRA season, he’s well on his way to repeating as NRMA Real Street points championship. Congrats to Tim and the MVPerformance Team!

Bart Tobener ran into a bit of bad luck – as he pulled up to the drag tree for his first qualifying run on Saturday, he blew a head gasket, and had to be towed back to the pits. That put him out of action for the rest of the day for an engine teardown, and he was left playing catch up on Sunday. Bart is so passionate about his racing that he and his team worked through the night just to get the car back on the track on Sunday. What we were left with is the clear sense that there’s no question that Bart is going light up the strip at NMRA’s next event in Milan, Mi. He’s a true competitor.

Walking the Midway and Carshow

A lot of AM people were on hand Saturday to watch the start of the eliminations. Our SCT / Bama Custom Tuning crew showed up early and stayed late, and just about every other department at AmericanMuscle was represented at Atco. We blended in quite well with all of the Mustang groupies from the Philly metro region who spent the day ogling the many, many model years and mods on the hundreds of cars that made the trek.

It was a great experience to walk through the Mustang car show that was separate from the actual racing. One thing that stood out when looking in the engine bays of the show cars: It’s clear that the number one upgrade for a factory stock Mustang is a cold air intake. Nearly every single pony in the car show sported a CAI. Why? From a car show standpoint, appearance. Polished stainless intake boxes and waxed black intake pipes make a huge impression when the hood is lifted. Needless to say, sweet, clean engine bays were the order of the day, as was checking out the rear view – polished stainless steel tips, catbacks, axlebacks, and body mods were all on display.

True Street and Burnouts Rule!

Karen Baum’s 2003 GT (appropriately plated NASTY03) captured a lot of eyeballs and applause during the burnout contest – she was the only woman driver in the competition – and she arguably did the best tire lighting of the afternoon (although another car trick-rigged for red and blue tire smoke won the popularity contest). In addition, Karen was a bit nervous running in the B3 bracket, since this was her first True Street bracket racing experience. In True Street, the key to running and winning is quarter mile speed and consistency of times in each of three passes at the quarter mile. Karen did well in her rookie debut, and we’re all proud of her!

Brick Spurio’s 1994 V6 Mustang also ran in the B3 bracket, and he finished the day just behind Karen. They even made one run side-by-side! But the big story on racing veteran Brick’s ride is the eye catching car wrap. There is no question that whether Brick is jetting down the track or tooling around town, heads turn when his Mustang rolls by. He is the master of understatement, and a ton of fun to be around. Check out his interview with NMRA driver Tim Matherly in the video above.

Coming up…

AmericanMuscle’s next outing will be at Maple Grove Raceway in Pa. for the NA Shootout the second weekend of July (7/10-11). We already have several employee/drivers scheduled to run, and it should be every bit as much fun as the past weekend. If you’re in the area, why not add the date to your calendar, and plan on joining us for this fun, family event!

After all, this is what summer’s for, isn’t it?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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  1. wat a real interestin story, i went through it and enjoyed every part of it and would like to say that is wat i really like to read and would share that with all the the fans of the mustang !!!!!!!!!!!


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