AM-Sponsored Muscle Shatters Speed Record

Eric Swarrs Ford GT Supercar

This past weekend, rookie driver Eric Swarr ventured onto a mile long WWII-vintage Army airbase strip in Maxton, NC with one goal in mind: set an East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) Blown Fuel Super Street land speed record. His ammunition? A 2006 Ford GT Supercar, owned by Bob Self and sponsored by AmericanMuscle and Swarr Automotive.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the concept of land speed records, and for the most part, when you hear about a really eye popping speed run, it’s coming from Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Here’s a little trivia factoid. The quest for land speed records actually started on the East Coast in the 1920’s and 30’s on the hard sands of Daytona Beach, Fl. When most speed trials started moving out West, a void was left on the East Coast. ECTA was formed to fill that void, and they selected an abandoned runway in Maxton, NC as the staging ground for speed record runs.

Saturday and early Sunday runs by Swarr were part of the ECTA rookie development program. He first had to make 125 MPH and 150 MPH runs on Saturday, to satisfy ECTA that he could safely pilot the vehicle. On Sunday, he made one last development run of 175 MPH, and then was given a single opportunity to open it up, and break 200 MPH. And open it up he did…

Not only did Eric join ECTA’s 200 MPH club; on his last timing run, Eric shattered the existing Class B/BFSS record of 199.826 MPH, clocking in at 205.9 MPH on special tires provided by AmericanMuscle. When asked about any special preps for his high speed run on Sunday, Eric said, “All we did was check air pressures, and gave the car a good look-over. It was the same setup as I was running on Saturday.”

The Ford GT Supercar was sporting 862 RWHP when Eric popped the clutch and screamed down the bumpy, mile-long Maxton track tarmac. Around 30 seconds after putting the car in motion, he released the drag chute, and claimed the record. “We did this without even running a twin turbo, or removing the valve covers,” Swarr beamed. His record run will be detailed in an upcoming issue of Hot Rod Magazine. His only regret? “The onboard camera didn’t capture the run – we thought it was rolling, but it wasn’t.”

Congratulations to the Swarr and Self team – AmericanMuscle is always pleased to be a part of such a thrilling event!

Eric Swarr

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Didn’t have to have anything done to it to run 205mph these cars are electronically governed at 205mph. and with a 11.2 1/4 mile and 130.6 mph. Still an amazing run on a one mile strip! Keep on keeping on!


  2. Was your Ford GT pulling a U-Haul trailer?

    A ZR1 Corvette with only 638 HP has a top speed of 205, right off the showroom floor!


    1. Yo Andrew– If & When you set the record in your ‘Vette, we’ll be interested in your opinion. Until then, the new record belongs to Ford GT. Congrats to Eric Swarr and AM.


      1. Shouldn’t take much effort. I figure taking off the A/C belt should do it. If not, I’ll do a custom tune.

        Oh, and I’ll drive it there and back home.

        Yeah, it’s that easy.


    2. Okay, enough guys. Keep comments civil and polite, or I will delete them. This is not the place to air out the tired old Ford vs. Chevy rivalry. This is the place to talk about Mustangs. Please, be respectful and civil.


  3. Hi Guys, This was so much fun. I am very privleged to be a part of this event and the people who made this all possible. The Gt makes 862 rwhp, so thats about 1000 hp to motor, doing over 200 mph in a dead stop mile takes more then most people think, just the wind alone is a huge factor, it sounds like a jet plane over 200 mph in the driver seat. It was a blast, looking forward to the new 1.5 mile track in maine. The car owner Bob Self is 75 years old and is not afraid to put it to wood over 200 mph. Hats off to him!!! Swarr automotive did all the work to the car and with support and some new tires from american muscle made this ride safe and fun. Thanks
    Eric Swarr
    Swarr Automotive


  4. so its a dead stop to mile man thats fast yes the zr1 can do 205 but not in mile 2 maybe like the veyon takes 5 to reach 253 with a 1001 hp w 16 can i borough the gt i have $ 5 and a nickel


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