Married 2 Mustangs, Part II

(Ed. note: A few weeks back, we posted a brief story on what we felt was a great event – a couple who discovered a mutual love, Ford Mustangs, and took it to the next level. They were married on February 21, 2010 at a Ford dealership in St. Augustine, Florida. And unbeknown to us at the time, AmericanMuscle even had a very important role in the event! Read about that role, below.

AmericanMuscle spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Cox after their brief honeymoon…)

AM: This is such an intriguing story. How did the two of you happen to meet?

Vickie: We met at church when a Sunday School teacher introduced us. I was driving a Crown Vic at the time; so was Ronnie. I told him I was getting a Mustang as soon as I could. And he immediately took off on that – he was a long time Mustang enthusiast, too. We dated for 2-1/2 years; many of those dates were “Mustang dates” where we went to Ford dealerships and looked at the various Mustang models. And we started collecting Mustang stuff – grilles, gas caps, model cars, you name it. We finally got engaged about 7 months before our wedding.

AM: So, you have a Mustang now?

Vickie: Yes, Ronnie gave me a red 2002 V6 as a graduation present when I got my degree. There’s not another one like it around here. It stands out.

2002 V6

Ronnie: It’s a Torch Red 3.8L V6, 5 spd.

AM: What was the wedding like?

Vickie: It was great. Letti Bozard at the dealership was fantastic. Ronnie pushed me to set up the wedding at a Ford dealership – it took me a while to get up the courage to call, but Letti was so excited and asked us to come in and talk about it. We met several times in the next couple of months – she even helped me plan things out, and we didn’t have to even rent chairs. We had a cake in the shape of a blue Shelby w/white stripes. My wedding gown was Ford silver, and my bridesmaids wore Ford blue dresses. We had two Mustangs flanking us as we walked down the “aisle” – a black GT adorned with a black bowtie, and a white convertible with a veil over it. It was all Mustang, including the Mustang rings we ordered from AmericanMuscle as our wedding bands. And of course, my brother’s band played – the first song after we said our vows was “Mustang Sally”.

Cox Wedding Party

AM: This was not a “usual” wedding in any sense of the word. What kind of reaction did you get from friends and family on your plans?

Vickie: When we started planning this, I thought the dealership was going to laugh at us, but they didn’t. Most of our friends thought it was so perfect when they found out about the plans. A few were like, “well, that’s different”, but by the time the wedding took place, they were happy with the setup.

AM: The best part for those of us at AmericanMuscle – you’re customers!

Vickie: Well, we wanted wedding bands inscribed with “Mustang”, and I asked around on Mustang forums. I found them on – simple as that! They might not be gold, but they’re authentic.

AM: Tell us a bit about what kind of gifts you received – I’m guessing we’re not talking blenders and toaster ovens here.

Vickie: We received a lot of Mustang stuff. What was really surprising was receiving a book from Ford Motor Company – “Mustang Dynasty” – and it was personally inscribed by [Ford CEO] Bill Ford with the Ford family’s best wishes on our wedding, and autographed by the author. We also got a couple of very neat models – one of a 2008 Shelby (one of only a couple thousand), and a 66 fastback.

AM: Let’s be honest. Very few wedding events come off without a hitch. What about yours?

Vickie: Sure, of course there were the usual hassles and changes…our preacher bailed out on us two weeks before the wedding, the baker dropped out, and we didn’t have a very good caterer. But other than that, all we have is good memories.

AM: Now that the wedding is behind you, what’s in the cards for your Mustang?

Ronnie: The first upgrade I’m planning after our honeymoon is to install a cold air intake, and get a tuner so we can crank up the power as we do different mods. I’m really excited about that.

AmericanMuscle didn’t get around to asking about their home décor, or plans for the future – but Ronnie and Vickie Cox left us with no doubt that they’re among the most die-hard Mustang fans around. The fact that they’re customers of AM tells us they know their product – and the best place to go when their relationship with their Mustang gets a little bit stale.

If you’ve got a Mustang love story to tell us, we’d love to hear it!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


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