My Mustang Fotofix: Snowed in ‘Stangs

As you’ve probably heard, the Northeast has been hit by not one, or even two, but several snow storms over the past few months. Newscasters are throwing around goofy words like ‘snowpocalypse’ and ‘snowmageddon’. There’s been laughter, panic, and a lot of shoveling. There have also been great pictures of Mustangs in the snow. Thus, for this installment of the FotoFix, we give you snowed in ‘Stangs. Since AM is always happy to showcase employees’ vehicles (see our 2010 calendar for proof), we thought we’d share some pics taken by employees this go-round.

If you look closely, you can see this Mustang’s mirror and antenna trying to escape the snow.

When there’s this much snow, it’s tempting to say ‘forget shoveling’ and wait for spring to melt it off.

This ‘Stang isn’t so much snowed in, as it is dominating the snow.

A white Mustang blending into its surroundings, kinda like a polar bear in a snowstorm.

The only thing worse than digging your car out, is digging both your cars out.

The Torch Red paint sure isn’t helping this Mustang melt the snow!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. This is a horrible injustice and the owners of these cars should be saddened by the abuse they are subjecting their Mustangs to. These cars should be enjoying the warmth of a nice garage so they can properly hibernate through the winter months!


    1. what abuse?

      do you ever wash your car?

      i didnt know that snow rotted cars to the ground any more than water does.

      hardtops have no vorries being left in the snow.


      1. Its is not te snow that casuses rust, it is the salt used to melt the stuff. That is why my rust free 99 Mustang is in storage for 6 months of the year!. I liv ein Ottawa Canada and we know all abour snow, salt and rust!!



      2. Did you guys think that Zyon was being sarcastic?….LOL

        I run chains on my 02 GT. No rust at all, not even in those tiny triangles located under the trunk lid.

        Lucy is always clean. 😛


    2. Sadly, not everybody has a garage or a second vehicle. We’d all love to pamper our Mustangs to keep them warm and dry over the winter, but that’s no always possible. One of the best things about Mustangs is that they’re tough. If you take care of them, they can survive even a winter like this one without any problems.


  2. I’m with chase, be a man, get the car out and drive it. This ain’t 1960, before they applied rustproofing materials to cars. Learning to drive a rear wheel drive car in the snow is a great way to sharpen your driving skills, and it’s a lot of fun to do donuts.

    Parking your car in a garage for the winter is as bad as these idiot speculators who buy a hot car at Barrett-Jackson, then never drive it because they’re afraid the value might drop.

    Zyon, do you trailer your car to cruises and car shows too? LOL


  3. Well, with 295s on the back and all the extra horsepower crap I’ve added my car couldn’t trounce around in the snow, sorry.

    Although, it’s pretty funny to think your stang is immune to the salt being laid on the roads. Your right, water won’t kill your car but the crap they put on the roads can. I’ve never washed my car with salt, cinder and de-icer before.

    My car pounds the pavement all summer long but in the winter, it stays where it belongs


    1. It’s fun being a natural sciences student. You get to learn a lot of stuff about chemicals, cleaners, etc.

      If you’ve ever washed your car, you most definitely been washing your car with salt. If you look at those fancy chemical names in the car cleaners (or for any cleaner, shampoo/conditioner, etc. for that matter) pretty much anything that ends in with “sulfate” or -“ate” for that matter, is a salt compound. Oh, yeah, and the water that your car is also being washed with contains various amounts of elements such as magnesium, chlorine, sodium, etc. All of which can become a salt (NaCl for example). So, yeah, you’ve definitely washed with salt.


  4. Tto add to this, up the street from me there is an S197 that gets parked on the side of the road every night and you can already see the paint discoloration and small rust pockets on the driver side of the vehicle. You know…the side that gets all that snow pushed on it when the plow goes by.

    Sorry folks, I haven;t been putting ever spare dime in my car to see it get abused on winter roads.


  5. orrrr you could drive it in the winter and be smart about it, yes snow does eat at your car in buffalo i see it all the time but if you keep at it and get the underside sprayed alota carwashes do it or you can yourself and then keep it in a clean area or in a garage it will hold up ive had a mustang thats taken a few winters in our buffalo blizzards and not a hint of rust anywhere…at all it just requires you to take care of it


  6. I loved looking at the snowed in Mustangs. I guess my 96 white gt would be a Polar Bear in your neck of the woods. Living in South Florida I get a lot of criticism for parking in my driveway but I have no garage. There are few parking lots with roofs so most of the time, at work, shopping, etc., our cars are exposed to sunlight. We girls just work on our finishes as we do our complexions!


  7. I live in Arkansas and we have had a few snow storms as well. but nothing like some of the pics above. Arkansas snow is generally a thick layer of ice with a bit of snow on top. My Stang is daily driver with summer tires. Being the teenager I am, of course i took it out on the ice and had a blast. quickly learned how to handle the icy conditions. This is definitly something to learn how to do. with a stang or not


  8. Crazy as it sounds… I traded my Jeep Wrangler in for a GT last year, right before winter. The first ice storm last year, I couldn’t get up my driveway backwards. I park it in the garage at night but with good snow tires and a few pound of sand in the trunk, it’s a blast to drive in the snow. Other than the height issue, I can get around in just about anything I could in my Jeep 🙂


  9. My mustang is the only car i have. I drive it in the snow and laugh at 4×4 that are stuck when i pass them. To solve the salt problem i was the car every chance i get in the winter. All you need is a day above freezing and alittle work to keep your mustang in top shape in the winter.


  10. I live in Illinois, and the winters are so so. I bought my 08 GT new and took delivery in January of 08. Luckily there was no snow on the roads when I took delivery of it. I stored it in the garage the rest of the winter and left my Buick outside in the weather. I never thought I would have a car that I didn’t use all year long,and I never thought I would have enough loot to have a sports car either. At age 72, it is a dream come true. I enjoy my Stang all summer but in the winter, it is in {as my wife says}” cold storage”.


  11. OMG….what is going on with mustang…it looks like there is no respect for mustang…o what!…first picture, mustang 2008 or 09..damm i wish to have that one..and he’s treating it like a simple car….!!!!!!!!let’s trade!!!!!!!!! “99 gt v8 35th anniversary mach 1” 200++ mustang…=)..people need to considered this..MUSTANG WAS AND IS STILL THE BEST HORSE OUT THERE!!!!.=)


  12. My ’02 ‘stang convertable with 4.6 and automatic tran. chokes down when I accelerate, especially when I take off from a right hand turn. I tried putting it in “trac loc”, and I also installed a fuel filter, no help. I am on a fixed income and can’t afford for a mechanic to fleece me, anybody out there have any suggestions ?


  13. Love all the snow pictures! Due to all the salt and sand they put on our roads, “Filly” 2007 GT/CS, stays in the garage all snuggled in her car cover. It kills me not to drive her, but that sand is hell on my custom paint job and windshield. Plus I hate cleaning that gunk out under my hood. Trying to keep the supercharger shiny for car shows…lol. Can’t wait for Spring!


  14. I have had to drive my mustang in the winter for many years when I was younger. Now with my 87 Gt vert it gets to stay in the garage and only come out when the streets are free of salt and sand. I havent had her out in a good month or so since we have had all the snow in the NE.

    Cant wait until its warmer and I can go for a cruise with the top down..


  15. My 07 GT 5speed got a nice new home this fall. I built an 840sq ft. garage for my toys.
    No more snow filled driveway with a car cover on it. It’s nestled away with it’s banky and
    up on stands until April when the snow is gone. The days are getting longer and I’m looking
    forward to letting those horseys run.


  16. Last winter, I drove my 01GT vert almost every day, snow or no. This year it has spent most of the time in the driveway. The garage holds my classic car and motorcycles. It is our second car, and I’ve been amazed at how well it does in all conditions with 4 snows and a couple bags of tube sand in the trunk. I try to get it out every couple weeks on a decent day, and get it washed as soon as possible. Enjoy it, however you do it!


  17. Quite the hostility about the stang in the snow pics… Funny, my thought originally was oh damn I would NEVER allow my stang to see that much snow. Especially when you brush it off with those terrible bristles that they put on most of those snow brushes. Ouch, fine paint scratches – Tsk tsk. I wouldn’t worry much about the salt on the car for a short time, but I definately wouldn’t want it absorbing into the paint and caking onto the body for an extended amount of time. – FYI, the salt may not damage the car immediately, your comparison for “salt” in wash products was a justified one, however, you also don’t let that soap dry and sit on the body for an extended amount of time which is also why they tell you not to wash it on a hot sunny summer day where it can bake into the clearcoat… Your stang is yours, noone elses, you’re free to do what you have to do with it and noone can tell you otherwise, however, I personally would not subject it to any prolonged amount of corrosive material. But if you have to I would have to recommend and (hope) that you use a nice quality carnuba wax prior to the winter months… – An automotive detailer.


  18. Oh yeah, btw they do make special soft rubber snow removal brushes now that look more like little push shovels, you snowed in mustang owners should look into that to prevent those scratches!


  19. That is why I now live in SOCal. Do not have to worry about driving my 97 Mustang Cobra Convertible in snow as I had to when I had my 65 Mustang Convertible living back East.


  20. All you sissies better keep your Rustangs locked up in the garage all year round, the HEMI’s in town!

    Drive it or sell it, get yerself an old man car.


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