Married to Mustangs

Mustang ring

Love is a wonderful thang. When you find love in all the right places, it can be a lot of fun, as a pair of Mustang enthusiasts in Florida recently discovered. And their mutual love of Mustangs apparently sealed the deal:

Ford Mustang lovers Vickie Sue Kilpatrick and Ronnie Cox found the perfect way to mix two loves — they got married at the Bozard Ford Lincoln Mercury dealership in St. Augustine.

…At the conclusion of the ceremony the Coxes were introduced as man and wife.

The band kicked in.

The song that launched the marriage: “Mustang Sally”.

Kilpatrick Cox Wedding

Kilpatrick and Cox wedding (from

But there’s more to the story than two people just getting married in a Ford dealership, surrounded by heavy pony metal:

Mustang aficionados Vickie Sue Kilpatrick and Ronnie Cox said they met in 2007 at Family Worship Center in St. Augustine and quickly bonded over their mutual love of their favorite cars, The (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union reported Monday.

“We hadn’t talked three minutes and we were talking Mustangs,” said Kilpatrick said after Sunday’s wedding at Bozard Ford Lincoln Mercury in St. Augustine. “We can spot a Mustang by a tail light in the dark.”

We’ve all been there. We love our Mustangs. (Even still, I’d be curious to know the ratio of marriages to divorces based on Mustang love.)

American Muscle sends our heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Not going to lie, finding a woman that is as passionate about Mustangs as I am and is able to easily share that love with me and get as much enjoyment out of driving them, attending car shows, and making modifications would be a total dream come true. If not, then I’ll do what zyon said and marry my mustang because there is no way that I will let a woman come between me and my stangs. If you want another good mustang story check out this coming Aprils’ issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, absolutely amazing story of the sacrifice a man made for his daughter. He wanted a 2001 Lightning and ended up with a mustang, that he turned from bone stock to a TT beast, all in the name sake of having a child and neading a backseat.


      1. In the article it stated that the man made such sacrifices for his daughter. I never said that I myself considered building a hot mustang a sacrifice, building a hot mustang is an addiction. And trust me Dyno Don, I would rather cuddle up to a beautiful female every night than spend all of my time building amazing mustangs, but hell, life isnt complete without being able to do both, atleast not for a true mustang fanatic.


      2. Sounds like he needed an excuse to build a car, or else he’s way too self absorbed! I hope he spent a little money on clothes for the kid, and invested in her future college tuition. Some times a car addiction is as bad as drug addiction.


  2. Yep, I was accused for loving my Stangs more than him. Might be why he is my EX now. In all seriousness though, I do have a wonderful man in my life now that shares the same passion as I do for Stangs (I still own more Stangs than him though, lol).


    1. I love my mustang too, but hell, when i want to enjoy the tailpipe i prefer her in the morning when she’s still cold. lol


  3. AM recommends exercising extreme caution when practicing Mustang love, Herman. Failure to do so can alienate friends, family, and significant others. If your tailpipe is that hot, you may wish to consider one of the fine cat-back or axle-back exhaust systems in our inventory, or perhaps one of the EGT (exhaust gas temperature) monitoring systems. Just sayin’.


  4. Congrats to the newlywed couple!
    My fiance and I love cars and trucks and attending shows, etc. This time last year he went into the hospital with idiopathic pancreatitis and ended up losing 2/3 of his pancreas since it was so severe and life threatening. He didn’t let that hold him back from proposing to me in the hospital though…I wanted to do something to show him how much I appreciate him, so since I got a ring, I gave him his dream car – a 2002 GT Mustang with extremely low mileage as his engagement gift. Needless to say, thanks to AM it’s SOOOO much nicer (and louder) now with the mods we’ve done so far and we absolutely love it! Can’t wait til Sprin to take the burnout machine out!


  5. I have a heavily modified ’90 LX and I bought my wife a 2003 ‘vert GT for her 30th birthday last year. Important to share your passions!!!!!


  6. Hey everyone. Mustang bride here. Just wanted to share with everyone, I got a 2011 Mustang for mothers day. Racing red with a black strip down the side that says Mustang. Shes a real beauty.


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