First Look: Pre-painted Parts Launch 10.26.09

The countdown is on. Soon AmericanMuscle will deliver better, faster, more affordable style for your ‘Stang than ever before. Check back on October 26th as the leader in Mustang parts launches the next evolution in Mustang personalization. Oh, It’s gonna be BIG!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Pre-painted parts are coming from This means no more hassles, added expense or questionable quality of third-party paint shops.

    I want to hear your Mustang painting stories, whether humorous or horrible. I’ve got a $50 pre-painted parts gift certificate ready for the best story, 150 words or less. Let the tall tales begin…

    Contest Ends October 26 when the pre-painted parts launch on


    1. I recently purchased a 2010 stang shelby spoiler unpainted, I took to a local body shop to get painted. Several weeks went by and I had not heard from the shop so I gave them call. They said that it was ready to be picked up whenever. So I went there the next day to pick it up and guess what, Not only did they give me the wrong spoiler but it was not even painted!!! First of all, how could it not be painted, that was their only job??? Wouldn’t they realize that nothing was done here? I guess they just figured a was giving them a free $200. I still don’t know what ever happened to my spoiler but I guess I am jsut going to have to buy the pre painted roush one now or maybe one of yours if you have them. Great to offer this.


    2. Earlier in the year i bought myself an s281 wing that needed to be painted to match the infamous laser red fade paint job. I gave the wing to my buddy to paint at the shop. Later that day my buddy called me back saying “I hate you”. He than hung up. So i called him back asking “What was that all about??” He told me that he has been in the shop all afternoon trying to match my car color so that he can paint the wing.

      “Every body panel on this car is a different color,” he says to me in frustration. “I’ve been here for 2 hours and I’ve gotten NOTHING done.”

      “Well i hope you brought yourself some dinner for the long night ahead of you” I said. And i hung up the phone


    3. I ordered a pair of xenon quarter panel scoops and a pair of xenon window scoops prepainted from atlanta there paint work was terrible my scoops flaked off in 2 weeks time because they were prepped all wrong there was no flex additive added to the scoop so when we put the scoops on the paint craked off. I am in the market for some new scoops and withamerican muscle now offering pre painted products and wit hthere great track record with customer service it will be a no brainer to order from them.


    4. I purchased an s281 rear bumper earlier in the year to go with my 6’er. At the time, I was unaware of fiberglass kits being more flimsy material, so I ordered it over the urethane kit so I could save a few bucks, (oops). Now the reason this was such a problem, was when I took my bumper to the shop they told it would be a few days before I got the bumper back. After driving for 4 days with the huge eyesore of the missing bumper, I called up my shop and they told me the bumper had been done for two days, (Why didnt they call me??) So I drive up to the place to get the bumper mounted. 30 minutes of sitting in their waiting room and the guy comes out to tell me they had cracked the fiberglass bumper and would probably get the replacement in a week! All in all the new bumper had a 2 1/2 week install, yay


    5. I will make this short and sweet.

      2002 GT

      The shop installed the spolier AND THAN painted. When I saw the trunk was covered in heavy over spray I was furious and all they could say was we wanted to try a new technique…… That shop currently no longer exists


  2. I ordered a pair of the Xenon Quater Panel Window Scoops from you guys a while back, recieved them in the mail and took them to a local body shop to have them painted. So I dropped them off and waited for a call back… I waited and waited and waited! By the time they called me back, I forgot all about even buying the scoops AND what shop i left them at! With my busy schedule this is going to be great!


  3. I recently just had my 03 gt repainted from true blue to sonic blue. I have been using this tireshine from my work that looks amazing on my tires! I had a buddy do the job and I left my car there for about 9 days. I had kept checking up to see how the car was coming along and he told me had it pretty much done and to come down and take a look. I got there after work and walked in the garage and to my surprise i see my car looking freshly painted and lookin good, just one small problem my car was the wrong color…somehow the paint codes got mixed up and my car got painted cobalt blue…. so needless to say its gonna be a while til my car is actually done and thank god he is gonna fix the car free of charge. what are friends for 🙂


  4. I had bought a Xenon hood scoop for my 02 V6. My uncle had a guy he knew paint it for me. He had the damn thing for over a month. I finally got on him about it. First he painted it wrong, so he had to do it AGAIN. He then painted it wrong AFTER that. When I finally got it, there was a huge crater in one of the corners. HILARIOUS how it is the same size as the bottom of a can of paint >_> It looks so bad, I haven’t been able to put it on my car. He then tells me he wants $100 for his services. It’s been sitting in my dining room for 4 or 5 months now I’d say. Now I need to buy a brand new one and get it painted. AGAIN. fml 😦


    1. Don’t buy a new one, just buy some body filler and fill up the corner crater, sand it down and when you paint over that it’ll look good as new.


  5. I own a 2005 GT that I want to modify with a new hood, front spoiler and maybe window louvers. It is nearly impossible to find a body shop that wants to do this work. I have had
    many tell me they dont work with fiberglass or that they feel it wont look good and say adding a fiberglass hood is a bad idea. One shop said they would do it but gave me an estimate on the phone for an unbeliveably exboratant price!! I cant wait for the pre-painted parts.


  6. I used to have a 2004 Mustang GT, special edition. When I bought it the passenger side fender was damaged and needed to be replaced/painted…so I call a guy, I trust him to get an OEM fender, and paint my fender… he had painted it, and at first I thought, well this looks alright, but then I walked up to my car to see the fender was about a billion shades too dark, had runs like hell everywhere, and didn’t line up with the body. A couple of months later the same fender got hit AGAIN. I take it to have it repainted and he actually matched the paint almost exactly. I opened my door a couple of weeks later to find he had sprayed primer all over the place and didn’t remove emblems so my paint was chipping off within days. Spent 600$ on painting the stupid fender altogether.


  7. I got a Foose prepainted spoiler from Classic Design Concepts a few months back. It was nicely painted and packaged. when it arrived it was a perfect match. I was very careful with it and wouldn’t let anyone touch it. Then, when I got to the last part of the installation, dumb me, dropped it on when i had the trunk straight up. It hit the window and scratched the spoiler. Just my luck with prepainted parts.


  8. I ordered a body kit for my mustang I gave it to a body shop to paint. they didnt prep it right so when it was done I put it on the car and the paint started to flake off I took it back to the shop they said they wouldnt be able to fix it because it was plastic. but they tried anyway. it ended up warping because of the chemicals so I had to throw it all in the garbage. it was such a disaster. Now the only way im gonna get it again is if I order it from you guys painted.


  9. I can’t friggin’ wait! I just bought my first new car ever earlier this year (’09 Mustang V6). Its nothing special I know, not quite a GT (couldn’t afford the big boy) but its my baby and I can’t wait to make it look exactly how I hoped it would. Since I’m not in the industry and thus don’t have all kinds of connections or hands on experience, this service is really going to save me a lot of time and money. Thank you sooo much!!!


  10. I bought a scratch and dent Steeda street wing from Frank’s Garage for practically free. Fixed it up and primed with spray can primer before taking it to the local Ford dealer for paint. I found out they stopped using lacquer primer decades ago. They said they would have to take it all the way down and re-prime it or the paint may bubble off. No thanks. “Can you match this paint to my vinyl stripes?” Nope. “Don’t you have one of those paint matchey machines like Home Depot?” Nope. “Does anyone?” Oh yeah, the paint shop up the road does. “Be right back.” The paint shop gave me a paint code. The dealer painted it in a day and it’s perfect… at least until the paint bubbles off.


    1. Not sure what you’re referring to here Ryan. In most wheels we offer both colors. But for the record, we’re painting trim parts first. That said, you never know what we’ll paint next.


  11. Took me a month and a half to get mirror covers painted. Here was the “actual exchange”. I wasn’t aware there are three shades of the exact same color……….see below…. I removed the names and vendor name…not looking to cause harm just want the $50!

    —– Original Message —–
    From: xxx xxxx
    To: xxx xxxxxx
    Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2009 8:53 PM
    Subject: Re: *HOT* Order # XXXXX – Mirror Covers


    At this point since they should have been painted and shipped by now……..I have to think that you guys are busting my balls. Maybe for posting up the pic’s not sure why. I have been more than nice. Had the moderator remove the post and everything, even paid to ship them back at my expense. I have never had an experience like this on any part I’ve ever ordered.

    Meeting with the Dupont rep to see what went wrong? Didn’t you say you shipped someone else white covers with no issues last week?


    On Feb 15, 2009, at 9:52 PM, “xxxxxx xxxxxx” wrote:


    Do you want me to refund your money? I cannot just paint them and guess. We need to make
    sure its right. When we don’t have a car here it really makes it harder. That is why I wanted
    a fuel door. Let me know. I’m happy doing what you want, just let me know.


    From: xxxxx

    I’m about to call this a loss and write it off. It “should” have been last week.

    If you just painted some last week what is the issue? Do you understand my fustration? Can you get them to me by Friday painted the correct color? If not just refund the money and we can call it a day. I don’t need the fustration and I’m sure you sick of my emails also.

    Let me know.

    Final Response: This is a good one!!!!!

    Yes, we found out (sit down)……That Performance white has 3 different shades.
    Ford did not use the same shade throughout. The shade we had (and sent you)
    was used on 10% of cars (bad). The shade we bought and painted yesterday was
    used on 85% of cars. So there is a 95% chance this shade is what you have.

    Your car was much “brighter” than the mirror covers, right? This new shade is
    much “brighter”.

    Who would know there are 3 shades of Performance White Mustangs!!

    I sure as hell didn’t and I guess none of the other vendors I purchased painted parts knew either. Except they managed to get it right. Almost TWO months this went on!!!!! I hate waiting a week.

    Shameless a$$ kissing plug:



    1. Pricing will be unbelievable. Especially when compared to the cost of taking it to your local paint shop. Our goal is to give you no reason not to order the painted ones waiting to ship.


  12. i hope you guys carry 03-04 cobra front fascias, i need one in black . i cant wait for this launch, if you guys carry the parts. you definitely have another customer hooked on another great service offered by AM


  13. I recently replaced my rear bumper on my V6 with a GT bumper. I bought one “pre-painted” and in “good condition” at a hard to believe price with no returns. Also, the price of shipping was quite high. For the price, I decided to give it a shot…how bad could it be? Well, it’s the old saying..”You get what you pay for!”. When I got it, the paint didn’t match, two of the tabs were broken, and it needed some work. Needless to say, I ended up turning around and reselling it for less than what I paid to someone who said they could make it look new. The person who bought it from me knew what they were getting…the funny part of this is that he ended up selling it for even less than what he paid me to a junkyard!! Sad…but it goes to show that when you go with AMERICAN MUSCLE, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING..and FREE SHIPPING! I learned my lesson! Stick with AM!


  14. Well about a year ago i bought my mustang it had a broken wing so i took it to the local paint shop to get an estimate on how much it would cost to get repaired. they told me it would cost about $2000.00 so i said humamamamageeejeeebees and bought a steeda wing from”” for $249.00 but then i chose to get the wing painted from the local body shop and they told me it would cost half of what my broken wing would cost. so then i got my puppy from home to hopefully make the cost lower for the cuteness of my dog. it didnt work so then i went to the local mcdonalds and pigged out because i am very depressed that i wont be able to get my spoiler painted in time for the regional need for speed competitions. i have only placed 2nd place so i want to win the audi r8 grand prize for beating the level 1 boss. so i still went to the races with my puppy in my passenger seat barking away at the competition. so when i lined up at the beginning of the race my dog bit of his fuel line and i won the race and got enough cash to paint and repair both of my spolers now my car has twice the aerodynamics than it did before. so now with the 50 dollars im going to win here im going to buy every thing i can pre-painted. yes i know this story is really dumb but the rules didnt say it had to be real haha i hope i win im planning on buying a cobra r hood and pre-painted would really be of some help. i love your website americanmuscle there isnt one day i go without looking at new products keep up the great work.


  15. I had my car in an authorized insurance shop to be repainted due to my hood flying open. When I got the car back after a month of them having it I found that there were many chips in the paint, it had runs in it, and where they connected the roof bar it was sunk in and was already rusting (keep in mind I live in florida and rust doesn’t happen here). So after some battling the insurance company had it me take it to a different shop of theirs. This shop found more stuff wrong the other shop did and tried to fix it. After getting it back I found overspray over all of the interior, and a few months later the paint in the bumper started falling off. Oh, and did I mention the paint started to disappear under the clear coat? How’s that for bad?


  16. So I ordered a spoiler for my 02 mustang gt, my stock one had somehow got destroyed by someone in our garage shooting an air compressor attachement at it and taking a nice chunk out of it, at least thats the story that my brother told me , haha. I ordered a new stock gt spoiler and took it down to a local paint shop, a bunch of my friends drive imports and they take their cars down there to have their body kits painted and stuff like that done. They said that they do a good job and that their prices are pretty fair. Well I get there and tell the guy at the front that I wanted the spoiler painted the same color as my car. He got the color profile down and said that it should be done and ready to pic up in two days since they were kinda busy. He also told me that it would be about $120 to paint the part. I agreed and came back two days later. I walked in and the same exact guy I had talked to was there, I told him I was there to pic up the part and he said hold on one moment. He came back and instead of haveing my part he had a set of car keys, he handed them to me and said to walk around the back to the garage and pic the car up. First off I never left my keys or my car at the place, and also the keys were for a mitsubishi. I told him that he was mistaken and the only thing he said was “weeellllll…..uummm…..we may have a bit of a problem on our hands then….” So we walked around to the garage and there I see my spoiler somehow custom mounted on some girls 92 lancer. The color on the spoiler was green with like neon purple stripes. My mouth dropped in amazment because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I told him that he was bascially an idiot and that I wanted my spoiler painted the color that I asked it to be painted. He wanted to then charge me $400 for the labor or mounting the spoiler on the worng car and for painting it the wrong color. I told him that he was crazy and that I wasn’t going to pay for that so he threatened to call the cops. I said “go ahead, and before they leave here today Ill have gotten my spoiler painted and for free”. Sure enough the cops came down there, I talked to them a bit and the paint shop re-painted the spoiler and did it for free. Btw the lancer had to have body work done on it because they had drilled holes in the trunk in order for it to fit. So I ended up getting a it painted for free, but it would be much more convenient if you guys could do pre-painted parts. Thanks guys!!


  17. I don’t have any elaborate story, but I’ve been trying to find some cheap OEM parts (specifically an s197 GT bumper), but I can’t find any painted to match the 2006 Performance White V6 I have. I really hope you will carry this part in your inventory.


  18. So i purchased my 09′ V6 coupe in about may, instead of getting decal racing stripes i went and had the stripes actually painted on! pretty expensive but well worth the money at the end of the day! Long story short, about two weeks later i leave my car out in the mall parking lot, far from everyone elses to avoid car door dents…i come out from the movies and someone key’d my left stripe from front…all the way to the back!

    i can honestly say my heart broke that day!


  19. I bought the Zenon hood scoop for my 2008 S197 GT…. I thought about calling Ford to have it painted but assumed it would cost a fortune from the dealer so I went all over town to the paint shops and was floored at how much they wanted to paint it… One shop wanted $250.00 to paint a $100.00 hood scoop??? Another shop wanted an even $200.00… Finally outta frustration I called Ford and I couldnt believe they only wanted $114.00…It took them 2 days and they did an outstanding job and were great to work with…they did nothing but praise my ride and told me they would be happy to work with any future parts I brought them…The dealer is my new best friend for paint now-a-days BUT I am stoked that AmericanMuscle is now going to carry prepainted parts…That is simply going to be AWESOME!!!


  20. I got in a small accident and ended up deciding to replace the front bumper and fender. So I go to a body shop that my dad has known for several years and the guy offered us a pretty good price. I somehow found a 99 cobra front bumper used and spotless for $180 and decided to get that on instead! But…somewhere in the painting process, someone broke my gas pedal, cracked my ipod screen, and…to top it off…washed the car with the hood cracked up and got my coils soppy and wet! So I had to replace two coils and I’ve repeatedly had to change spark plugs and never before that did I have a single ignition problem. Oh that and they scraped my X-pipe so hard I got a new exhaust leak! At least my car looked better after? But thank God I can save my money and time and trust American Muscle to do it right the first time from now on.


  21. I bought a preprinted hood scoop for my mustang off of of all places. After getting it I didn’t really care for the look of it so I put it away in the garage with the intent on ebaying it at some later date. A few months went by, my brother finds it and asks me why I haven’t installed it yet. After a few drinks he convinced me to give it a try. This wasn’t a stick on hood scoop, we had to drill holes. Now I don’t remember to well how to install went but when I woke up the next morning the scoop was clearly off center and crooked. The hood scoop was even cracking were the screws went it. I took the scoop off and brought the car to a body shop and they wanted over $1000 to fix the holes in the hood. In the end I just bought the Cervinni’s Concept hood from you guys. Got my brother to pay for half of it.


  22. I purchased some Xenon Quarter Window Scoops from AM a few months back. After receiving the package in the mail, i rushed over to the paint shop (i will not post what shop, but let’s just say that they are a very HUGE business) to get them painted. After waiting a WEEK for them to get painted, they were finally done. I went to go pick the scoops up and i realized all the defects the paint had. There was orange peel, little chunks of black stuff (i don’t know what it is) dust, and best one yet, a FLY LEG! Yes, a fly leg. I talked to the manager to see if they would fix it and he said “We only cover if the paint matches or not” . For my loss, they matched.


  23. earyler this year my dad and i bought a older mustang (an 84) just to play around wiht and try adn do something with it. we had not paited the car yet but knew we were going to paint it mat black. so we boughta spoiler to go on it and some rims and said we wanted to match the spoiler wiht the rims.the rims were white. we were going to make the mustang red so the car would have a white and red color scheeme going on. so a week goes buy and we call in to see where our stuff is. the guy says he has been really backed up and has not had time yet but he will get to it soon so we can pick it up. next thing we know we get a call back saying the car is ready but he did not reconize it when we first asked about it. when we went to go pick it up the spoiler was no where to be found. the fresh white rims we had bought for it were now black and the red car was now white. the guy then began to tell us how it was going to cost a little more but he didnt think we would mind. my dad was furious. it was all he could do to find find out where the spoiler was as my dad proclaimed that it was the only reason we came in in the first place and not to paint the car! as the guy looked over teh records he realized he had mistaken our mustang for another one that was ouut back. the other one was a 2000 or so..not even close looking.

    this all could have been stoped by pre painted parts.
    thanks american muscle.



  24. About 3 months ago I ordered a gt500 spoiler for my 05 GT. I took the wing over to Auto Tech Paint so they could color match my flare red car and the black rally stripe I also have on the car (painted not vinyl). They called me two days later and told me to come pick up the car, they made sure to specify not to wash it for a few weeks etc etc. The wing looked great and I was happy for about a month or so until I decided to go to the local car wash, this is where my problems started. I went through the wash and when I came out on the other side the black paint on my wing had been “washed” off. Obviously they did the prep and painted the spoiler red and then said “uh oh we didnt paint it black” and just threw the paint on top of the finished red. Upon return to the shop they said I didnt wait long enough to wash it…..


  25. Back In may of 09 I bought a mustang Gt. It was a 2008 model with only 4,500 miles; it was practically new. It was my baby, not only because of its style and hp, but because it was my first car. Well All in all I hydroplaned into a white wooden fence and had to have some body work done. So they got a new front bumper in, and a new hoodscoop, but were able to fix the aluminium hood (you can’t tell the difference!!!). But the paint job… So I had a black peral color, and in the sun you could see sparkles all over it. Well the job painted it flat black, and the did the side too leaving several drips on it. They Wouldnt fix it or give me a refund, so now next to half of my car looks like a crap pile, and the other looks factory fresh.


  26. I purchased a front bumper and hood and took it to a shop to get painted. A week passed and didn’t get a call so i call them and they say that the shop has been broken into and they took my parts. Due to the whole police report fiasco and how much insurance money was made the owner took the money from insurance and disappeared leaving me in a deep hole…and no way to get out.


  27. And the winner is…

    Matt M with is great story about unexpected paint contaminants…

    “I purchased some Xenon Quarter Window Scoops from AM a few months back. After receiving the package in the mail, i rushed over to the paint shop (i will not post what shop, but let’s just say that they are a very HUGE business) to get them painted. After waiting a WEEK for them to get painted, they were finally done. I went to go pick the scoops up and i realized all the defects the paint had. There was orange peel, little chunks of black stuff (i don’t know what it is) dust, and best one yet, a FLY LEG! Yes, a fly leg. I talked to the manager to see if they would fix it and he said “We only cover if the paint matches or not” . For my loss, they matched.”

    Hysterical Matt! Thanks for the laugh.

    And thanks to everyone who shared their painted parts tales of woe. We look forward to hearing more positive stories as more of our pre-painted parts get out on the road where they belong.


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