Modified Mishaps: 10 Mustangs That Went Wrong

Modifying Mustangs has been around since, well, since April 17, 1964, the day the original pony car first launched. Since then, countless owners of the iconic muscle cars have worked tirelessly to make them stand out in the crowd.

For me, I’ll take a nice race-tuned Cobra in classic white with blue strips. Or, black on black is always a good choice. But then I’ve been known to take more of a utilitarian approach to Mustang mods: If it makes it go faster, improve handling or stop better, it’s good, regardless of appearance.

Sadly, not all Mustang owners share this simple philosophy. Over the years pictures have come forward of highly modified Mustangs that went wrong—way wrong. Below are some of my all-time favorites. Perhaps the most staggering point to consider is that most of these were not built on a whim, but rather through hundreds of hours of painstaking labor backed by thousands, or in some cases, dozens of dollars.

We hope you enjoy, and look forward to your comments regarding these Mustang mishaps…

The Ultimate Stang Cycle

Undoubtedly the best Mustang I found in my exhaustive search for the worst Pony ever. I don’t even need to say anything about the car, or bike. (I’m honestly not sure what to call it.) I just love the fact that the slew of trophies its owner is touting are standing on a board that’s supported by a trio of mini Coors Light kegs while a host of trailers sit in the background. This is more than a picture. It’s a window into the life of some seriously twisted people with too much time and raw building materials on their hands.

Wild Pony Mustang

This wild pony is obviously the result of a healthy dose of spit and polish. The shine is impressive, though the paint scheme is questionable. More importantly, I can’t stop wondering what the robot version will be like when it’s done transforming.

Budweiser: All American Mustang

This is one of my long-time favorites. At first glance I have to admit the creative talent is impressive at the very least. But given that this Bud-built Mustang was reportedly done by a young-man while away at college, I can only imagine what his father said when he found out what the second mortgage on his home has funded.

Mud Machine: Mud Slingin Stang

Honestly, I kinda like this one, but it’s still just wrong. So you’ve got a Mustang that’s seen a few too many winters… What are you going to do with it? Make a super mud-machine of course. Mud destroys cars. And effectively powering through it requires a ton of power, which we all know this car has got in spades. But I digress. This car was born to beat up Camaro’s on the drag strip or a winding road course, not wade through two feet deep of septic pond scum.

Mustang GT 50%

Okay, I know this is not a Mustang, though it clearly wants to be one. And can you blame it? But really, how much effort and money was put into making this car less than half a Mustang? I’m guessing that by the time its owner was finished with his Pony-inspired mods, he probably could have bought a real Pony. Even better is the expression on his model and/or girlfriend’s face. It’s a beautiful blend of disgust and embarrassment. Dude, even your lady knows your ride ain’t right.

King Cobra 'Stang

This King Cobra Mustang actually rolled right out of the factory as is. And though our theme here has been poorly modded Mustangs, I checked around the office and the feeling was mutual: Thanks to the uncontrollable gag reflex that struck more than 70 percent of our staff after viewing this photo, we had to throw it in the mix. If you suffered the same gag reflex, we apologize.

Sunny and Cher Stang: Front

Sunny and Cher Stang: Back

I’m not sure if we were fortunate or unfortunate to have found both a front and rear shot of these matching Sonny and Cher Mustangs. We all know the famous song-and-dance duo was known for their mad love and flamboyant lifestyle, but this is really going too far. Couldn’t they have just gotten matching tattoos? At least then a divorce would only mean they would be forever stuck with each others’ name on their skin instead of having to sell their prized Pony. That would just plain suck!

Cherry Red 'Stang Cycle

This one is actually impressive in a very strange way. Stupid as it may be, the engineer (and I use that term loosely) behind this one has managed to link the steering from the motorcycle to the steering wheel. I might just question the reliability though. If I see this sad little three wheeler blazin’ down the highway next to me, I fear I’ll have to fight off the impulse to stare in wonderment, and drive quickly in another direction before the chicken wire holding the steering together snaps under pressure causing him to wish, if only for a second, that he had not cut the crumple zone off the front of his car.

All Black 'StangMobile

This car is proof that not all Mustang mishaps start in barns far from the lights of the big city. As if from a plastic apocalypse, this metal-studded machine was sighted at the 2008 SEMA Show. Clearly its designer was trying to make a statement with this monstrosity, though I have no idea what that might be. It is possible that if Batman were looking to downgrade from the Batmobile, this might be a viable, though decidedly less effective crime-fighting option.


This is what happens when a team of infinitely-talented designers, master mechanics, and deep-pocket financiers sit in a room for hours on end and everyone in the room is afraid to raise their hand and say what they really think. Or better, everyone involved flat out refuses to listen to that all-knowing, all-important voice of reason that is screaming from the rooftops, “Don’t do it! It’s just wrong!” Deemed the Scythe by its creators Galpin Auto Sports, a growing mod shop and the prized offspring of the nation’s largest Blue Oval dealer, this was once an ’08 Mustang convertible. If you ask me, and you didn’t, it looks like a rolling coffin with a giant gun, which sounds cool until it comes out like this.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I agree with all of your choices except the 1978 king cobra. That was my first mustang . In its day it was cool. That was the best they had for the time. Look alot different today


    1. A King Cobra was my first new car. The muscle car days were over so there weren’t many options for a performance car. A V-8 in these tiny cars made a fun car to drive. Nose heavy, tail light, at least it cornered flat, and with posi-traction I took most corners at opposite lock. It was rare, and drew admiring looks wherever it went. At least, I think they were admiring it! LOL!


  2. Have to agree. The mid-79’s Cobras were different, but I liked them, too. Owned a few of them back in the day. The other choices for top-10 are spot-on. Keep this kind of stuff coming!


  3. LOL…I totally agree with you; I was not sure if I needed to cry, gag, or laugh at these. I especially found myself confused while viewing the motorcycle/Mustang creations. The red 5.0 looks like it ate a Harley!!


  4. The King Cobra was definitely cooler back in the day, which is a scary thought in itself. The reason it’s on the list is because it was the only time Ford truly made me feel like they were chasing GM. For me, the Mustang has always been an original. It was the first Pony, and has always led the market. This car represents a time when Ford didn’t know what to do with it, so they copied the other guys. For that reason, it is a mishap.


  5. Have been heavily modifying my 66 coupe but am not motivated by any of those pics.

    I agree with the choices. That late 70’s Ford appology for giving up on the Mustang was decent given it’s complete lack of support from the parent company but I will never consider one of them to be a true Mustang


  6. these people are retarded!…its one thing to modify a car and do stupid crap like that, but not a mustang its an american icon. If u want to conduct a experiment use a honda somthing nobody cares about.


  7. I couldn’t agree more Steve. The first car was once the quintessential Mustang. But not anymore. Now he’s got a giant Mustang wind scoop riding b!itch to a hog. That ain’t right.


  8. Jeff,
    Your comments are immature at best. Try to do something positive with your life and career.

    BTW, I hear the new V6 Camaro blows the doors off the Mustang GT. Put your superchargers on sale so Rustang owners can try and keep up.


  9. I really like “most” of the mods done in the pix. Why leave all the imagination to the Pinheads in Detroit?……….Unless of course your a PINHEAD with no imagination, ie..”Cobra in classic white with blue strips. Or, black on black”


  10. Bill,
    You’re a HATER at best. Try and do something with your life other than getting on a Mustang, not Camaro, site and stirring up sh*t.

    BTW, I would put my Mustang up against a new supercharged Camaro any day. But, yeah, superchargers should go on sale 😀


  11. Yo Juggs-

    Dude, I love everybody, even misguided youth. Unless you’re driving Big John Force’s Mustang, I’d highly recommend leaving the pink slip at home. Like Billy Lane, I’m just tellin’ it like it is……


  12. Hey Bill-

    Thanks for the great career advice. Clearly your time spent pushing Camaros on Mustang sites has rewarded you with a deep level of personal insight. I will take your advice and consider quitting my job today.


  13. Glad I could help, Jeff. Maybe you’ll have a nice career as a punching bag after the owners of the cars above track you down.


  14. Hey Jeff, “Grumpy” is just still sore from all the ripping he got from Glidden. It’s a shame Grumpy that ya could not see the TRUE light and realize that REAL men don’t wear BOW TIES! Besides if it was not for Chevy always copying someone else, the great Camaro would still be DEAD!!!


  15. he’s grumpy cuz camaros suck 🙂
    yeah i’m an immature little 18 year old punk stangbanger
    yeah i run my mouth all day about mustangs
    yeah i whip camaros during my spare time
    and you say everything you say online cuz you dont have the BALLS to say it face to face
    BTW…great article jeff lol


  16. Read it and weep, guys- as the independent car mags have already reported, the new V6 Camaro blows away the V8 Mustang GT. How you like me now?


  17. Hmm…

    So a clearly better all around car, coming out with a better engine next year. It’s cool, the Mustang has been more or less on top for the last 45 years; you guys can have your 6 months of glory every couple decades if you want. Must be rough being a Camaro fan, you have to hide for years at a time…


  18. One at a time, Andrew, my lad…

    Consumer Reports has much more credible reviews of refrigerators and underarm deodorant. Speaking of which, please get some immediately. I don’t mean a fridge, dude.

    Doesn’t “nada” mean nothing?

    Allow me to quote: “the engine has shown “performance curves” that are “pretty good.” ” “Pretty good”, eh? Isn’t that the same as second place? Or also-ran? That’s like getting only one of your doors blown off, which for you would be an improvement.

    “Better engine next year”. You mean like the NY Met’s, “wait ’till next year”?

    Small block Chevy, still the King since 1955.


  19. The Camaro’s are some ugly cars. They look like they used plastic storage containers to make the gauges. Get a life and go back to your CHEVY website if it works. Maybe one day Chevy will make a car that lasts until you get it paid for. Besides, consumer reports did’nt even recommend it. They never do any Chevy product. It’s cuz Camaro’s are soo hevy, why not buy a Vega it’s from Chevy. And drive it to a levy. And if your bolt’s hold up long enough to keep your doors on that would be good!!


  20. If the Camaro is so great, why are they playing catch-up to a 5 model year old mustang, why were they not made for years, and why did GM go bankrupt and become “Government Motors”? Many objective and independent sources say that the Mustang’s light weight and superior handling make up for the Camaro’s power and the Camaro had always played catch-up to the Mustang. Anyway, “Grumpy”, isn’t arguing about the Camaro vs. the Mustang half the fun and the tradition that helps drive both! Bring it on and have fun!


  21. Aahhhhhh, I’m bored with this thread. Anybody wants a piece of me, I’ll be at Hot Rod Hoedown this weekend. Not many Camaros or Mustangs there though. Maybe I’ll get a greaser haircut and a tattoo…

    No squares allowed!


  22. I was laughing my face off at these pics. Then the message boards got ugly. Test drove the V 6 camaro even though I had my site set on a ‘Stang. Yup it’s pretty quick but the styling is totally unappealing and the car seems just too big. and ORANGE, eeeuuuuwww! Am now the proud owner of a 2008 Torch Red GT and will spend any upgrade money a lot more wisely.


  23. Haha… that MR2 “Mustang” is so wrong.

    At least the old Celica didn’t look like a cartoon car.



  24. LOL reading all the posts makes me laugh. Did everyone fail to see how no one corrected grumpy on his claim that the V6 camaro blows the doors of a mustang GT? Car and Driver and motor trend both Report that the V6 Camaro does 0-60 between 5.9-6.1 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 14.2-14.5 seconds. SO with a good driver it could keep up with a 99-04 mustang GT key word keep up. The 2005-2009 mustang gt does 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds. But we aren’t even comparing that we are comparing 2010 cars. Which the 2010 mustang gt does 0-60 in 4.9 seconds and 1/4 mile in less thatn 13.5. Granted the higher end camaro does better than this but not the V6. Do some research before making erroneous claims. No offense to anyone, just stating the facts.


  25. Back in the day in 1970 I had a 1966 GT 350 K Mustang fastback it had a Hi-pro 289 with a Paxton Super charger, t-10 top loadere, 9″ rear with 4/11 gears and turn the 1/4 mile in 10.472 at 137 m.p.h., this car was one of or if not the fastest car in San Bernardino Ca., eveyone started calling me the “MONGOOSE”.
    I would like to send a picture of her………,how would I do that ?
    Kenny Baker


  26. All the cars were really messed up…I really don’t see how anyone could mess up a mustang that bad, I mean, come on, IT’S A MUSTANG!!!!!! DON’T SCREW WITH IT!!


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