Who’s the Hottest AmericanMuscle Girl?


The cars at the 1st Annual AmericanMuscle Car Show and Charity Event were not the only things turning heads. Torch Red and Tungsten Grey were accented by shades of blonde, brunette, and even red locks of long flowing hair as the American Muscle Girls made their way through the show. Rachel, Laura, Jamie, Cat, Kelsie and Naomi were definitely popular with the 1,000-plus mustang fans at the July 19th show.

Below are some pics of our ladies showing off their, um… Headlights. Which AM Girl would you most like to polish your bumper?

am-carshow09-ac-116 am-carshow09-ac-115 am-carshow09-ac-120

am-carshow09-ac-119 am-carshow09-ac-117 am-carshow09-ac-118

am-carshow09-ac-040 am-carshow09-ac-121 am-carshow09-ac-125 am-carshow09-nm-143

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Its a toss up for me, between Laura and Jamie.
    I’m glad to see they both like to wear boots (so sexy), but…………

    Had either one chose to wear a leather skirt, leather pants or latex….and tall black boots…
    They would have been chosen the winner in a heartbeat.


  2. “I’m voting but I can’t just pick one! My 1st vote would be Laura by a landslide! She is by far the hottest Americanmuscle Girl in so many ways in the category of looks! She’s absolutely hot, sexy, beautiful, pretty, and gorgeous with an all out drop dead smokin body all wrapped into one! She’s the only kind of woman that could pull off not only making a Mustang look good but any car look good at that! My 2nd vote would be Kelsie! She has a great look to her as well as maybe a great personality that would make you want to be with her just by they way she looks at you with her eyes! She can bring a man from across the room right to her side just by looking at them! Very attractive with smokin body! She looks like she’s a very important woman and has a great professional career! My 3rd and final vote would be Jamie! Blondes always look good but she looks like she’s only good for 2 things and that’s modeling for cars and flirting with the men and when she has them drawn in, she turns the other way! Just a tease but she’s definately hot with a bright smile”!


  3. How can I make my friend be an american muscle girl?? she is so cute and is OBSESSED with her mustang…you guys would loveeee her 😉


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