6 Sweet Stangs Stand Out Above the Rest: AM Best in Show Winners


Even the crew at AmericanMuscle was blown away to see the quality of Mustangs flowing onto our lot for the July 19th show. From original Shelbys to Roush’s latest topless creation, it was a visual feast for any Mustang fan. After two hours of registration the once-roomy AM lot was suddenly filled wall-to-wall with Ford’s finest. In the end, only a few could take home the very first awards from AmericanMuscle.

Here’s a list, and a look at our winners:


Tony Massimano: Best in Show, and Best Pre-’79 Mustang: Fully Customized ’69 Mach 1


Rick Bauman: President’s Choice Award: ’05 GT, Torch Red with back trim


Tommy Lee: Best ’05 to 2010 Mustang: ’06 GT Convertible, black with custom under hood airbrush


Mike Baer: Best ’99 to ’04 Mustang: ’04 MystiChrome Cobra convertible


Donnie Huth: Best ’94 to ’98 Mustang: ’97 Cobra


Rick Nagle: Best ’79 to ’93 Mustang: ’93 GT black

am-carshow09-ac-125 am-carshow09-ac-114

Q: Now that you know our favorites, tell us yours! Check out the complete show gallery and leave a comment on this post letting us know which car you would have given the AM trophies to.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. how come neither of those 93 cobra’s didn’t win the fox body award. that black car was not all that nice, bad paint, painted trim and all plactic weather stripping. those fox cobras were much nicer and low number cars like 14 and 15 if i remember correct. very surprised.




  3. Hey Bob and Jeovani, if you both think that the paint on that 1993 Black Fox-body is bad, then your saying CJ Pony Parts does bad work! You have NO F-ing idea what that person has been through with that car!!! It was to be repainted by a shop in Jersey over a year and half ago, then the shop stripped the car, completely dissasembled it, and left it for dead, as they closed up and NO WORD from them! It was only finished due to the wonderful people at CJ Pony Parts in Harrisburg!! The owner lived through hell as he saw his pride & joy destroyed by “hacks” that call themselves body techs, before CJs saved the day!! If you don’t have anything nice to say, KEEP OUR MOUTH SHUT!!!


  4. 110% right on Curt Wall!!! If the only reason people go to a car show is for the $5 trophy, then they have other problems in life. I love going to car shows to see wonderful automobiles, hanging out with my friends and club members (Valley Forge Mustang Club) and meeting new ones!! Plus, a Mustang show is where my girlfriend and I met as she has a Mustang GT also so its something we both love to do. I could care less if I “win” or not. I’m not there for that! I’m there for the comroderie!!!! If your upset someone won over a car that should have, your taking this WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!!!!


  5. who cares who wins just be honest on the judging. how many people saw all the window moldings, trim mirrors handles were painted gloss black. sorry the guy got beat on his painter but does that make it a nicer car? not just the cobras were nicer buit the red gt was nicer. it’s not about a $5 trophy it’s about who you know. i had a great time and hope to go next year with my car. maybe i’ll paint the whole thing black and get a $5 trophy myself.


  6. Bob, you are taking this too seriously. Whatever the judges like, is what wins. This wasn’t a “peer judged show” but people at AM were judging. If it was peer judged, then the whole “its who you know” may have a leg to stand on, but it wasn’t. The people at AM judged it, NOT the fellow car owners! Sometimes its the best looking car, sometimes its a great “restomod” like Tony’s ’69 car. Sometimes its something completely different that wins! Heck, my g/f’s car was photographed more than mine. Why? Cause her stripes were so different and so unique no one had seen that before. Its whatever appeals to the judges that gets the nod. So the car wasn’t “stock” like the 93 Cobras that were there. SO WHAT! If that is what the judges liked, then let it be! I know the owner of the car, and he and CJ’s went with a “blackout” theme. Everything black with no emblems. Please, let it go!


  7. I wish i could have been there. Workin in Iraq sucks. loved the pics and background on the one car. i believe he deserved more than that. i have had 2 cars myself stripped, it sucks.

    my car club wants to hold a show but we have no backing from locals. can anyone help?


  8. Wish I had been there, could have competed for presidents choice award with my 09 torch red gt with similar customizations


  9. Wow there’s one in every crowd.

    That was my 93 that won. The painted trim wasn’t an accident, I chose to be different and intentionally went that way, because it’s my car, not yours. For the record, I had no inside help at A.M., the management who picked my car met me after the judging was over. I agree the Cobras were nice show cars, so I’m quite impressed that my lowly 205,000 mile daily driven GT won.


  10. Bob I have no idea who you are but you are a perfect example of what is wrong with this hobby. Rich’s 93 is beautiful, he went through a lot with the car, and he keeps it ridiculously nice. The damn thing has 200,000+ miles on it and you could eat off the engine bay. I think it was OUTSTANDING on the part of American Muscle to appreciate the effort he put into his car and award him for it. Why should a stock 93 Cobra win just because it is a low number? I am sure they were nice cars and have plenty of trophies already. I love 93 Cobras as much as the next guy but I can only look at so many bone stock cars before I get really bored. If you look at the winners, tastefully modified cars are what the staff was looking for since that is the kind of car they like at AM. If you think that Rich’s car has bad paint you are doing nothing but showing your ignorance or jealousy.


  11. First i would like to congratulate all the winners, and would like to thank bob strouse for the nice comment on my car i have the red 1989 mustang gt in 2 of the pics posted from the show. Just cant understand why bob is being attacked cause of his comments hes not personally attacking rich he just gave his opinion. I was surprised too being there was only one foxbody class modified and stock combined i figured if they went more towards the stock look one of the real cobras would win also (my opinion), rich has a real nice gt he has some mods but i would say his car is closer to a stock look. I really dont think bob is jealouse or ignorant because of his comments i expected to see more of peoples opinions stating who they thought should have won each class. I think it was a great show, American Muscle put on a real nice event. Great for the charity and for all the contestants and people that came!, next year im gonna come to watch and leave my stang home without bashing the judging lets say i think i’ll enjoy the event more.


  12. As someone who looks at mustang websites everyday and checks out other Stang lovers rides. I think every car is great because it is an extention of the owners personality and his or her love for their car. I would never tell anyone that put there time, hard earned money and dedication into their car that they didnt deserve to win. I commend all who participated and those that showed up to support the Charity and hope to be in attendance the next go round. I think its important to realize that everyone believes that thier car is perfect and if its modded to thier exact specifications and thet love it then it is perfect. We should all keep that in mind the next time someone wins and we dont think that they should have. Take care and God bless.


  13. Well spoken CameroCrusher GT as you can see by my starting comment congratulating all winners i give them respect and admiration, but by no means in this great Country someones opinions should not be heard. This is not a thrashing of any persons involved in the event this is and opinion about a car and judging of cars, it should not be taken so personal were all adults and intitle to our opinion. Lots of money and hard work goes into these cars when the time comes when we can no longer state our opinions about anyones car or judging of cars is when corruption begins and Democracy ends Thank God thats not whats happening here or you would not be reading this thank you American Muscle for this and a GREAT EVENT!


  14. I’m not saying that the best of show winner (Tony Massimano) didn’t have a nice ride but I first met him in Quakertown Pa (Montana West) at the PennMustang show and he is a liar! The first year he told me that he built the car all himself but, the pics he had sitting on the front of his car were all taken in a ford garage or paint shop. Because I made him look stupid by pointing this out the first year he decided to change the pics the second year and change his story VERY little. I don’t have a problem with someone buying a car and winning a trophy at all but don’t lie to everyone and say that you built it from the ground up! It really gets under my skin when people do that. I hate liars! I don’t have a show winning ride and I don’t win trophies for it but at least I can take pride in knowing that everything that is done to my car was done by ME in the middle of MY driveway! I also agree with the one guy above. We don’t go to shows to win a $5 trophie. Although I believe he left out one important reason….We go to see what new things we can do to our rides next.


  15. the post above this one is a personal attack. Who cares how his car came about as long as he didn’t steal it i would not be surprised if this post was removed.


  16. Tony’s car is very nice regardless of who built it. Red GT I agree with most of your comments but Bob Strouse’s comment “that black car was not all that nice, bad paint, painted trim and all plactic weather stripping” was a personal attack on Rich’s car which is why people were bothered. Rich’s paint job is beautiful and he painted the trim because he wanted it that way. I bet if Bob had wrote “The black gt was nice but the red gt was nicer IMHO” it would have been received much better. Everyone is welcome to their opinion but there is no need to badmouth the car that won.


  17. (quote from above) I bet if Bob had wrote “The black gt was nice but the red gt was nicer IMHO” it would have been received much better.

    I agree, and yes his opinion could have been worded kinder.


  18. adam…. if you saw my shop, then you might be able to comment.. the fact of the matter is that car was restored by me, in my shop, and the only time that is was moved from my shop was to go to the paint booth! which is owned by my brother… the only person that you made look stupid is yourself…the pics of that rebuild havent been changed since i finished the car in 03… so untill you get your facts strait, why don’t you keep your mouth shut! btw great show am!


  19. Hey, looked like a GREAT show i cant wait for the next one il def be there wit my crazy orange 6banger i missed the date on this event but my car isnt ready yet anyway but il be there next time!

    As for the winners too each his own who ever won, won! nothing you can do about so stop complaining you want to win do something DIFFERENT it helps, i think the total black out look is great and im happy he won obv he dosn’t have money like some of the other winners to build up 69 customs but he creates something totally awesome from what he’s got and that i appreciate and im sure the judges sa it that way also.


  20. Adam…
    Quote” I don’t have a problem with someone buying a car and winning a trophy at all but don’t lie to everyone and say that you built it from the ground up!” unquote..

    before you go being a keyboard cowboy get the facts straight about Tonys ride…

    it was rebuilt by him accusing him of buying it is bullsh*t dont go there , i guess you have to paint a car in the driveway to get your seal of approval Eh?? …dont worry about the dirt sok guys ….

    i am annoyed to see an attack from somebody who obviosly cant respect a car and the work that Tony has put into it

    went to chicago world of wheels and if you want to really see cars that were bought and showed by guys who bought them and didnt put any work into them maybe you should go there and look , i am talking 200-400 thousand dollar plus cars .. then talk smack to them too

    Nice cars great event american muscle!


  21. I’ve been to car shows across the country and can tell you there are plenty of rides out there that are the result hundreds and even thousands of hours of of back-breaking work, and just as many that are the result of cold, hard cash. For my money, I’ve always respected the guy that was willing to get his hands dirty, and even bleed a bit for the love of making the machine. That said, whether you built it, or bought it, you’re a car guy and that’s what matters most

    On a side note, I’m glad to hear so many have great things to say about our car show. It was a great event for all of us here and we are already putting plans in place for a show next year. Does anyone have any suggestions? At this point, the sky’s the limit and the crazier ideas the better.


    1. you should do car showS in each state work with the local mustang clubs that are listed on your web sight call the leaders of each club or email whatever works and if there is over 200 or more people that want in well then there you go thats money in the bank bring a truck load of parts TO SELL charge 20.00 per car 5.00 per person to get in give them a free hotdog or something give money to some local groupS or fire dept……lot of them in america HINT HINT will pay for its self and make sure we can do burn outs cause BURN OUTS AND AMERICAN MUSCLE ROCK.if you need any help making this happen i can help look me up in you computers give me a call…………..I WILL QUIT MY JOB AND GO ON THE ROAD IF YOU NEED ME TO LOL.


  22. Hey Adam,

    Calling Tony a liar is like calling your car a trophy winner… it just isnt true! Tony has been building Mustangs since before your mother was givin handy’s in the middle school bathroom. The only one looking stupid is you! The saying “Built, Not Bought” defines Tony and his car. Where else are you going to paint a car… maybe in your double-wide? Up here in the yankee country where we all have teeth and wives that arent related, we take pride in our cars and do them the right way… IN A SHOP! Tony owns his own shop and it is one step below Coddington’s, the difference is he actually builds quality cars. The next time you open your mouth, you should get your facts strait before you make yourself look STUPID! It’s obvious that you just can’t go anywhere in that car without finding some arrogant hater that’s jealous.


  23. I think all the Mustangs look great. It takes a lot of dedication to get a car done and then take out to show the world. Congratulations to everyone that participates in these events and makes this such an interesting industry. Our restoration shop sees many Mustangs from stock restorations to custom, they are all cool. We have one in the shop currently that has diamond dust in the accent stripes. Very nice effect.


  24. AM Jeff, Consider a burnout “contest” for next years show,after all there’s not much better than the throaty sound of a Mustang and the smell of burning rubber.


  25. 66Stang, your comments make you look as ignorant as the person you are insulting. You try to insult someone who is from PA, but use southern sterotypes. Come on down to a car show in the south, we don’t sleep with our sisters and happen to have some nice damn showcars.

    AM, looks like a great show. Wish you were closer.


  26. Mike, we’re definitely looking at a burn out contest for next year. We thought about it for this year, but weren’t sure where to put it. If we can solve that issue, and I’m working on it, we can have a contest. Also on the table, something a little more unique, that you have never seen before. We’re aiming for mind blowing. Sky divers have been mentioned, but I don’t think its edgy enough. Definitely open to any suggestions. Mike?


  27. These car images are absolutely beautiful (and so is the girl). I have never seen such beautiful mustangs anywhere wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing!


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