Top Secret BBQ Recipes Leaked!

Top Secret BBQ Recipes Leaked!
Now You Too Can Make Cobra Eggs!

The jig is up and the recipes are out folks! Now you too can lay your very own BBQ Cobra Eggs, Super Snaky Spicy Shrimp, or Top Fuel Bar B Que Venison Backstrap in the comfort of your very own backyard! Download the full versions of these top three contenders from our Manly BBQ Contest below!

Keith K’s BBQ Cobra Egg Recipe
Download PDF (57.5kb)
BBQ Cobra Eggs stuff the major meaty portion of a slain bird carcass with the angry spice of a homemade jalapeño popper. Wrap in bacon, because bacon makes everything better, and slather on liquid burning hot sauce hate and you will see why this was the clear winner of the Manly BBQ Contest!

Cindy R’s Super Snaky Spicy Shrimp Recipe
Download PDF (64.8kb)
Super Snaky Spicy Shrimp takes your common everyday wooden death spike and turn it into a food skewer of delicious. Stagger manly seasoned shrimp and peppers with obligatory spicy seasoned bacon snaked throughout, run it through with a skewer and you have a manly concoction that even Chuck Norris would have no problem punching through your face.

David B’s Top Fuel Bar B Que Venison Backstrap Recipe
Download PDF (45.9kb)
Top Fuel Bar B Que Venison Backstrap takes a manstrosity of spices and sauces and slathers the concoction onto your backstrap or tenderloin of choice. A full 24 hours of marinading ensures this will be one of the most succulent dishes you ever stuff mercilessly in your gorge hole.

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Written by Andrew

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