AmericanMuscle Gives Away a FREE 2009 Ford Mustang! – Day 11: We Have a Winner! & 94WYSP Philadelphia

After two nail-biting, pulse-pounding weeks of sleeping, eating, feuding, and crawling around in their own filth, the three remaining contestants in AmericanMuscle’s “Live In It and Win” Mustang Competition have finally made it to the finish line on Thursday, July 2nd 2009…and lasted longer than anyone could have possible projected.

After weeks of waiting, the time had finally come to let the fans decide the ultimate fate of the three remaining contestants, “Almost Army” John, “Barking” Joe, and “Barely Legal” Michelle. An army of devoted followers, friends, and family (as well as a flock of photographers and camera crews) littered the sidewalk outside of Tony Luke’s, anxiously awaiting news of the winner.

Bonaduce Talks

Danny Bonaduce and the rest of WYSP crew made their way over to the car and asked the contestants to step out of the vehicle. The three picked the remaining shards of trash off their sore, tired bodies and made their way out of the car one by one. As the crowds and cameras circled around them, John, Michelle, and Joe stood aside of one another, a mixed look of anxiety, excitement, and relief on all of their faces.

As the tension mounted, a winner was finally named.

And the winner is…. “Almost Army” John.;;playerWidth=400;playerHeight=340;isShowIcon=true;clipId=3926152;playerType=POPUP_EMBEDDEDscript

Upon hearing the news, John exploded in tears of excitement. He was instantly congratulated with a heaping helping of sincere hugs and handshakes from his former rivals. If there was any animosity amongst these 3 individuals, it certainly wasn’t on display that night.

Barking Joe hugs Silent John

The 25-year-old ex-military man held true to his winning strategy right from the very beginning. Without an automobile to call his own, John entered the ’09 Mustang knowing he was the one contestant that truly deserved to drive it home. To gain an immediate upperhand, he even decided not to shower for an entire week prior to the competition. Even the offer of a new car from a local Ford Dealership was not enough to make John step out of the vehicle.

Almost Army John Pimps American Muscle

Upon hearing of his win, the crowd swarmed John, offering him handshakes, interviews, and hearty congratulations. The man even took the time to pose for a few pictures branding an AmericanMuscle catalog and t-shirt. Here’s hoping that Almost Army John and his new 2009 Mustang will make an appearance at American Muscle’s 2009 Car Show in Malvern on July 19th.

As for the other contestants…we better see all of you there, too! Your fans demand it.

Final Contestants

Speaking of which, so what will become of the other contestants? From what we’ve gathered, “Barely Legal” Michelle (who has a well-known fetish for all things 80’s) will be flown out to a Bon Jovi concert, where she will receive backstage passes and a chance to meet the man himself. Awesome Airen – the first competitor to step out of the car – was offered another Mustang by one of her family members.

As for Tourettes Joe? Well, we’re not exactly sure what the status of his current job position is, but we have a strong feeling he could make a very lucrative career as a Carnival Barker (sorry, we had to do it).

Everyone here at would like to congratulate all four “Live in It and Win” Contestants for sticking it out as long as they did. Each and every one of you did an excellent job, and have shown as much strength and endurance as that majestic Pony that graces the front of that 2009 Mustang. Remember, that one that all of you sat in for so long?

2009 Ford Mustang - The Final Mess

Have fun in your new 2009 ‘Stang, “Almost Army” John!

Almost Army John Pimps AM

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Damn congrats man…09 effin mustang…you got to cruise that thing back over to jersey…more specifically verga by ol 1342


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