FoMoCo To Cut Production of 2010 Mustang!

It is a sad day in Mustang history. For the first time in 45 years, the Mustang name will not grace the showroom floors of your local dealerships.

Press Release: FOMOCO To Cut Production of 2010 Mustang! (Synopsis)

  • Following suit with other major automotive manufacturers, Ford Motor Company announced today that due to the current state of the economy and the decline in Mustang sales throughout the 2009 year, FoMoCo will be cutting production of the 2010 Mustang. This comes as no surprise as other automotive manufacturers dump performance and luxury models to consolidate and concentrate on money saving, earth-friendly “green” vehicles.

    When asked for comment, FoMoCo stated that this was no easy decision. While the future of the Mustang name may seem grim, FoMoCo ensured us that it was not gone for good and there are already talks of eventually reviving it with a hybrid refresh of the fuel-sipping 2.3L In-line 4 Cylinder motor.

To read the Complete Press Release from Ford Click Here.

I end this BLOG post with a moment of silence for an American Icon…

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. LOL, i almost fell for it, i even googled and then realized what day it was before i even clicked on the “Official Press Release”! Good one guys!


  2. You better be playing a april fools day joke cause this would be to big for the world not to know but if u r not joking then today is one of the saddest days for american muscle fans the mustang was the oringinal pony car it outlasted the camaro and challenger i dont see why it could survive the fuel crisis of the 70s but not survive the econmic crisis right i am not just a fan of the mustang i like all cars as long a sthere is a reason to like them but the mustang is my favorite and if it went down then ford motor company will go down with it in my eyes


  3. No more Mustangs? No more true American power at your fingertips or the exhilirating thrill of the Flowmasters in the back starting to rumble from that 5.0 or 4.6? Man, what a sad day. I hope you guys are going to stick around. I’m sure if the economy comes back up this year, they will make another one. Lord willing. You guys are the best.


  4. youre move from the 65 66 mustang has really let me down i think you need to go back to the old look like dodge challenger did to replicate the look of the 69 70 mustang rather than the look of the new comaro which looks like the aztec


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