AmericanMuscle’s Battle Of The Forums Contest Finishes With An Epic Movie!

During the month of December 2008, rival forum members sent in objects to AmericanMuscle in an effort to earn the points necessary to bring victory to their forum, that and the fact that pictures of some poor AmericanMuscle Employee using the objects would be posted for their amusement. But, the objects sent in were of such wanton and gratuitous depravity that they could only be properly portrayed in this film.



Thanks for these terrible gifts:
Weiner Cleaner Soap, Stroke On A Rope, Liquid Ass Spray, Generic Toilet Paper, T-Shirt, Party Blaster, Grass Skirt, Pink Lady Costume, Cyclone Water Gun, Hulk Smash Hands, Chandon Sparking Wine, Light Sabers, Rapid Fire Gatling Water Gun, Hydro Blast Morpher Water Gun, Insult Button, Poo Pen, French Maid Costume, Rolex & Giant Watch, Dominos Gift Card, Marshmallow Blaster, Bag of Marshmallows, Large Bag of Candy, Ricer Piñata, GT500 Model, NASCAR Banner, Secrete Mission Spy Set, Princess Phone, Rubber Ducky, Squirt Camera, Nasal Aspirator, Pregnancy Test, Dog Chew Toy, Duct Tape, Light Saber, Adult Diapers, NOS Drink, Nerf Gun, Hair Dye, Makeup, and an Old Cell Phone

Disclaimer: Stunts were all performed by professionals. Please do not try anything shown in this film at home! This movie is rated WTF, and while its contents really should not be viewed by anyone, parental guidance is suggested.


Enjoy this movie? DIGG it here:

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


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