$4230.36 Donated To Homes For Our Troops At AM Charity Picnic

Homes For Our Troops

$4230.36 Donated To Homes For Our Troops At AmericanMuscle’s Annual Charity Picnic

On Saturday July 12th, 2008, AmericanMuscle held its annual company picnic and charity fund raiser. Once again, this year’s charity foundation was Homes For Our Troops which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping those people that give selflessly to their country and have returned home with serious disabilities and injuries.

This organization is committed to assisting those who have returned from their service to our country severely injured, and their immediate families, by raising donations of money, building materials, and professional labor to build a new home or adapt an existing home for handicapped accessibility.

The Breakdown:

  • Sales Donation (% Of Sales During The Event) – $3615.36
  • Additional Company Donation – $500.00
  • Phone Donations – $ 115.00
  • Grand Total – $ 4230.36

The Obligatory Big Check Picture

The Obligatory Big Check Picture

In addition to our annual charity fundraiser, this event was also our annual company picnic! A variety of fun activities, massive food consumption of previously unthinkable proportions, and shenanigans pursued including “American Gladiator” style jousting, expert mechanical bull riding, dunk tank dunking of bosses, horseshoeing, a limbo contest how low can you go?, and of course the crème de la crème of picnic activities…the office employee versus warehouse employee TUG OF WAR!

So check out the pictures of the AmericanMuscle crew cutting loose below, and keep an eye out for next year’s fundraiser picnic!

AM Pimp Brick’s Ride Contest Winner Announced! – $300 In Pimpage For Your Ride!

AmericanMuscle.com Pimp Brick’s Ride Contest – $300 In Pimpage For Your Ride!
The Winner Has Been Announced!

AmericanMuscle’s Pimp Brick’s Ride Contest received over 60 entries and let me tell you, Brick was truly impressed. You went all out and did not make this an easy decision for him. In fact, we had to create a 2nd place position just to help him pick a 1st place winner. In the end though, one entry stood out among all entries with just the sheer amount of time and effort put into it.

And now on to the winners:

  • 1st Prize – Angelo S. of Chantilly VA:
    Angelo took our contest several steps further then the rest by creating an entire website dedicated to Pimping Brick’s Ride which he dubbed “The Brickstang“. The sheer amount of time and effort with an outstanding attention to detail that went into the website is what really closed the deal for him on this one.Click to check out the Brickstang website!

    • 1st Place Prizes:
      • $300 AmericanMuscle Gift Certificate
      • American Muscle T-Shirt


  • 2nd Prize – Ricardo O. of Apple Valley, CA:
    While we officially didn’t have a 2nd place category, we had to create one for this entry. Ricardo did all of his work freehand, and even sent the Brick the drawing to frame and hang on his desk. Check out Ricardo’s truly impressive artistry below:
    • 2nd Place Prizes:
      • AmericanMuscle T-Shirt
      • AmericanMuscle Hoodie
      • AmericanMuscle Quarter Window Stickers
      • Tri-Bar Mustang Hat
      • Ford Precision Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


  • Runners Up (Each Receiving an AmericanMuscle T-Shirt):
    Brick picked several runners up each to receive an AmericanMuscle T-Shirt. These entries were among the best of the best, and came close to what Brick would actually like to do with this car. Check out the entries below!

For original full contest details, click here!