A Little Competition is Good for the Soul!

There are two things we really enjoy: the various Mustang discussion boards we participate in and Giving Stuff Away. Clearly, the logical thing to do was combine the two! So, during February, AmericanMuscle.com held two contests on two forums, looking to give away almost $1,000 worth of prizes. The two forums this time around were FnSweet.com & MutangForums.com

On FnSweet.com, our favorite Roush discussion board, our contestants were given $10,000 in fake money. To win, they had to tell us what modifications they would make to their car, with points given for creativity, grammar and brown-nosing.

The winner was Innrkid! His submission is below:

Here in the Midwest, during winter, when the snow is aloft.

We’ve nothing to do but shiver, and freeze our lug nuts off.

So the question becomes what would one do with 10k of mods?

Oh my, I need some advice, and nowhere better than the fnsweet Gods.

So I post my question and hope for the best.

And sure enough somebody pops back, “surely you jest!”

So a bad question I posted, I’ll ask for forgiveness this weekend in Church.

Out of the blue comes Roushinator… “hey, try a search”

Tires, rims, tint, and so much more.

If I ask all these questions, I’ll be the new post whore!

I’ve got a good start and just need more, to fill in the blanks I’ll do a web surf.

Holy smokes…did you know you could mod your car to look like a smurf?

So here is where I decided to spend my loot.

Thank God it was free or my wife would give me the boot!

Ok Mod God… I want to ‘doll’ my mirrors with new covers.

I am really hot on cervini..is that ok with all you Roush lovers?

I like tinted windows but here in Illinois they’ll get you tickets.

Some new rims would be nice, how about some Bullits?

A new pulley, a tune and a sweet new CAI.

Surely there is more what else could I buy?

I have an idea, I know what we can do…let’s do this….

Let’s ensure next year a needy child’s Christmas is not a miss!

I love to drive my car, mile after mile…

But there is nothing better than a Christmas morning and a child’s happy smile.


On Mustangforums.com, we changed it up a bit. We asked forum members to take a picture (or pictures) of their car in front of a famous place. It didn’t have to be world famous, but they had to explain the significance of the spot they chose.

The winner will receive their choice of four (4) 16, 17 or 18” rims OR the new SCT Livewire with up to 4 tunes!

That contest just ended, and a winner has yet to be chosen. To give you an idea of some of the submissions we received, look below!

Camel Rock in New MexicoLas Vegas Motor Speedway

Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, MAStart of the Appalachian Trail

AmericanMuscle.com in Modified Mustangs Magazine!

Mustang enthusiasts are always on the look-out for the latest information about their ‘Stang, and where to get parts for them. There are few magazines out there that cover the basics and the trends as well as Modified Mustangs.

Guess what? Modified Mustangs decided that American Muscle was cool enough to be spotlighted in the February 2007 edition of their magazine! They took a hot girl and posed her next to some of our hottest products! Could it get any better? We didn’t think so either!

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to see this extra hot spread, check out the pics below for what you missed!

model-pic-1.jpg model-pic-2.jpg model-pic-3.jpg model-pic-4.jpg model-pic-5.jpg ammmad.jpg