Your Mustang Need 577 Horsepower? It’s Right Here!

How badass is THIS!? The 2011 5.0L Mustang GT that Vortech Superchargers brought out to’s Dyno Day completely wowed the crowd on its insane dyno run at GTR Performance this past weekend. The 5.0L GT was rockin’ the new blower plus exhaust to equal out to an amazing 577 rear wheel horsepower at only 6 PSI on GTR’s Dynojet. Killin’ it! Check out the video and see for yourself.

You, also, can have 600+ horses under your foot with one of these bad boys installed on your new 2011 Mustang GT. Don’t hesitate to contact AmericanMuscle to get yourself all setup with a new Vortech HO system that is known for the highest efficiency, reliability and performance out there in the market. You know you can’t resist the urge to make your friends jealous. You already did it with your new 5.0L. Now you can do it with your new SUPERCHARGED 5.0L! Go ahead, rub it in.

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  • Rockford Hall

    No! But it does not stop us from wanting one.

  • dillon

    just one problemmmmm… v6

    • devin

      bud thats a v8 you dumb ass

      • alex

        he meant he has a v6 you tard

        • glilopi


  • Daniel C

    It’s scary how much power that new 5.0 can make.

  • steve

    Wait until procharger has their video up of thir 2011 V6 Procharged. 475+ HP

    • Eric

      and only 344tq….not enough tq, crazy top end but not enough low end tq

      • Rob

        More horsepower = less torque. You’ve gotta compensate…



    • Cris90

      actually with BBK headers, mid-pipe and cat back. plus BBK is coming out with a throttle body. I don’t see why you couldn’t make 500rwhp. And at least 375tq maybe 380tq.

  • John

    I wish thats all my 97GT needed to get those numbers.

  • nick

    Yea i think its time to sell my first stang (94 v6) and get a real mustang :)

  • Sikk98gt

    nick ur right i kept my 03v6 and got a 98gt now i want a cobra or ss camaro. but AM i need something to wake my 98gt up for the price of free or under 2grand???

    • DirtyGirls

      PI swap = 50 – 70HP, then SCT tuner – 20 -30HP, bolt ons (TB, CAI, plenum, MAF, 24lbs injectors, UDP, fuel regulator + pump), off road exhaust+headers… all that is under 2K if you do the work yourself and your looking at a NA SN95 stang at around 375-400HP that weighs considerably less than an 2011

      by the way minus the off road exhaut thats what my 97′ roush has on it and i dynoed 390HP at 410 ft/lbs

      • dashengst

        BS no way it makes that much power to the wheels dont lead people to believe they can spend 2k and end up with 400 hp to the wheels

        • DirtyGirls

          400Hps not that much.. high flow heads with cams,bigger manifold, with a 75mm Tb and plenum your pushing at least 100-125 more CFM than stock, CAI with a 90mm MAF tuned to 30lb injectors a 255lph pump and 75psi regulator, headers and off-road exhaust, matched with 4.10’s and your ride is set.. unless your starting with a V6 lol then maybe you’ll have some problems.. not to mention a stock sn95’s curb weight is about a little under 3000lbs, where as a stock 2011 GT is somewhere between 3800-3900lbs… so i think it safe to say the properly built sn95 could easily get to 400hp close to 2 grand… you dont have to buy heads and cams BRAND NEW..and thats the most expensive part of the build

  • Jose

    How can i get a supercharger for my 2011 Gt, 5.0 AUTOMATIC Mustang ???

    • mustangfuego

      @Jose, buddy, or ford, all the best to you my friend. If you have that 2011 stang I envy you right now. 8)

    • chris

      contact kenne bell but it wont be cheap ive got an 02 with a twin screw mammoth and ith put my stock 260 hp gt with other mods at 670 rwhp.

      • Matt M


        I have 01 Cobra Conv. Been looking at knB twin screw but was being told was only going to take the stock 320 to little under 500. What else you got? I just craxked 30K on her and am turning her into a saily driver/ street race project. Already did 10K audio rework and 2k custom Escort rader.

        So anyone out there wana give advice or thoughts on where to start or direction to go feel free to chime in.

      • 93monster

        id go kenne bell also very well built havent had a problem in 5 years. Its on a 93 gt

  • Logan

    thats rediculous at 6psi… im trying to get 400 out of my 99 4.6 2v w.o boost i wonder if i could come close to one of these after im done putting a vortech charger on it

  • 5.0 Owner

    I haven’t decided which supercharger but this is def compelling.

    What is very surprising to me is not only the 45 degree angle of the whp curve up to redline, but the torque is not far behind the performance of a 8psi Whipple, positive displacement.

    I posted the two charts so you can view here:

    To staff at AmericanMuscle, how would you compare this Vortech at 8psi vs the Ford Racing Whipple 624hp kit at 8-8.5 psi?

  • Ford 351 Cleveland

    600 ponies! wow! amazing!

  • 6.0L4A5.0L

    this isnt even on topic but can someone tell me what kind of window louvers those are and where do ya get them?

  • Stich64

    Looking for a superchargeer for my 2010 V6, do they make them??

  • Chris

    I like the fack it has so much power with that much boost but it can it even tack any more with that much compreshion?

  • 5.0 Owner

    Another Vortech 5.0 with upgraded block posted a new video of 1st engine startup. Diamond Pistons, Manley Rods.