Will the 2013 Shelby GT500 Smoke a Corvette ZR1?


Vicious rumors are swirling that new 2013 Shelby GT-500 is going to be one amazing piece of machinery. Not that the current one isn’t badass, but the future supposedly holds some awesome performance upgrades! We have heard that the new Shelby will be getting a nice 5.8-liter upgrade from the current 5.4, and a brand new Eaton TVS unit supercharger giving it a borderline-ridiculous 620 horses straight out of the gate! It is also rumored to have a little bit of that new look that is in store for the Ford Mustang coming in 2014 -2015.

This is amazing news since Chevrolet has released their brand new 6.2-liter V8 supercharged ZR1 Corvette, which is putting out about, hmmm, 620 horses. The 620 horsepower ZR1 comes at a sobering $50k price increase from the Shelby. Well, Chevy, that’s not bad but I think we may have one-upped you on this one! Although, we may be just a little biased, the rumor certainly seems to be in our favor!

We don’t know for sure, but if this is what the future looks like, I see some ‘Vette spankin’ coming soon to a drag strip near you.

So what do you think? Will the 2013 Shelby smoke the new Corvette? Comment below!

  • Colin

    Shelby over ZR1, hands down.

    • John

      Also…The vette in the picture is a Z51 GS, not a ZR1…

      • earl

        chevy no 1 in every class !!!!!!!!!!

        • ChevyIsCrap

          I could never sleep at night knowing that I paid over 110 thousand dollars on a chevy…Just look at resale value and quality…I’ve never met a vette owner that I liked either

          • Lls03zo6

            ZR1 is a performance car with an emphasis on handling a mustang cannot even come close to matching, simply due tot he fact of ride control, suspension, & weight distribution. yes it can go fast in straight line, but it can handle corners a mustang couldnt even dream of. ZR1 has atop speed limiter to keep it @ 236MPH stock, no Mustake can match that stock, not even the GT500. If you want to talk about a cheaper go fast street rod, the next Camaro ZL1 will be 620 HP for right around $49-$52k as compared the $85k 620HP mustang GT500, so choke on that….

  • Abraham Navarro

    Most likely it will, This Shelby Mustang has and impressive Engine upgrade and horsepower upgrade

  • Stephen P

    I still dont see the corvette as a mustang competitor. its mustang vs camaro forever but the corvette is like the american super car. now if they were to throw up the ford gt against the corvette thats cool. now with that said 620 horses for a mustang stock…at a loss for words amazing.

    • Edy Rosalino

      I completely agree, ive nvr agreed with the mustang being pitted against the corvette it shoud b mustang vs camaro vs challanger as the b class & corvette vs GT vs Viper as the A class, but its badass that the shelby will b spankin on the top of the line corvette.

  • Michael

    I am a ford guy threw and threw however two cars with the same hp and same torque with the same gear ratio and same driver will do the same in a straight line however weight plays a big role and ford has done a great job slimming the mustang it is still heavier therefore a little slower

    • aggie

      It’s actually, through and through…..lol

  • http://mustangkeyless.com Jerry

    It’s unlikely, the Corvette ZR1 is a much more focused track car with a lot less weight to lug around. Keep in mind that a ZR1 is capable of taking down a Ferrari Enzo around Nurburgring. The GT500 though, may be faster in the real world. Meaning it can get in and out of spaces more easily, clear speed bumps, not catch the clutch on fire during rush hour, and so on. I’m very excited that SVT is keeping the Mustang on par with today’s top performance vehicles.

    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      Jerry brings up a good point. The horsepower/torque ratings could be similar, but the Corvette wins on the track, every time. However, streetability and comfort – the GT500, hands down!

    • cj morton

      I agree Jerry…it’s amazing that the only car on the road currently, that can give the ZR1 a run for the money is the Porsche Turbo 911. What’s even more amazing is that the ZR1 beats the new 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo at Nurburing with a faster lap time of almost 4 seconds.

  • Trez

    No chance. The Corvette smoked the Super Snake and it has 700 HP. Until the Shelby loses 500-600 lbs, it’ll NEVER beat a Corvette at anything but price and cargo space. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble.

    • JAmes

      VERY TRUE!!!!! I am a Ford man all the way but power to wieght wins everytime…….Zr1 will win :(

  • Jack

    Umm….the 2013 Shelby GT500 will have THE SAME BODY as the 2010s, 11’s, and 12’s.

    There’s no “2014 styling” for the new 2013 Shelby GT500.


    The only reason the ’13 GT500 is getting new power is to GO OUT WITH A BANG.

  • Carlos

    I agree with Trez. There’s no way that it will beat the ZR1. The GT500 and all mustangs are tanks. They need to do something about the weight. They did a fantastic job with the old Fox 5.0’s. The ZR1 is just in a different league. Now a Z06 on the other hand is more reasonable.

    • Lee

      Ford didn’t do a fantastic job with the Fox, it was little more than a beer can, there is a reason the S-197 weighs more (aside from being bigger – which is an entirely different matter – people like to say its because of fat america – but the current Mustang pulls double duty as a Mustang and a Thunderbird) Increased rigidity for a better ride and safety are the big reasons for the rxtra weight. To put it into context though, the current Mustang really isn’t all that heavier than its 3rd gen Camaro counterpart.

  • kv83

    Amazing as it is, the corvette will still win on a racecourse and also at the dragstrip due to weight. That being said I’d still rather have a mustang and it can be modified to take down corvettes without spending the $30000 extra that a corvette costs.

  • http://americanmuscle Robert

    I think the mustang will outperform it….im a camaro fan as well but they are far away i think from building a nice and beefy camaro but when i hear stock to me stock is all motor no superchargers or turbos so their both not quite stock there a little modified…..

    • Trae

      stock means from factory, supercharger or not. if ford decides to put twin turbos on the shelby and release it, its still technically a stock vehicle. As far as ’13 shelbys beating zr1’s i dont think it will happen. They arent the same kind of car. you cant even put them in the same catagory. but compared to camaro, shebly would win hands down.

      • Kyle

        yes stock means from the factory…the Ford Factory…Shelby’s aren’t produced from the Ford Factory…Shelby buys Mustangs from Ford from the production line…therefore they are modified with Shelby upgrades such as the supercharger, better suspension and everything Shelby…i am a Mustang guy and always have been…but its a fact that the Shelby technically is not a stock Mustang…unless the supercharger was put on by Ford at the plant…it is not stock…

        • dslag6

          I could be wrong but the GT500 is built by ford. The Shelby GT350 and the Super Snake,and others, are built at Shelby’s factory at LVMS. The GT500 is a SVT project with Shelby’s help.

          • ChevyIsCrap

            I am so glad that “robert” said he was a camaro guy because he is the typical uninformed chevy ignoramous…stock means no superchargers…what an idiot

    • tye

      STOCK is how it come from the factory thats STOCK.

  • Trina

    The Mustang will always be the very best. It will out perform the vette.

  • austin

    i love ford mustngs, we have a badass 03 cobra, but all mustangs have little skinny rear tires, unlike the corvette

  • steve

    they make a big deal about ZR1, but remember, the Ford GT still destroys corvetes

    • Mike

      LMAO you need to do some research my friend deff not true at all

  • Jeff

    DEFF NOT!like stated above, I am a mustang fan and I own a mustang gt 5.0, but sorry it wont happen the zr1 corvette is what 3,100-3,300 lbs and has 335’inch rear tires, the shelby is what 3,800-4,100lbs and has 285’inch tires, it already sucks @ traction another 100 more hp the shelby is gonna get walked by cars with 1000lbs less curb weight and 100+less hp,even the new 5.0 vs shelby isnt that big of a gap, a older 2007-2009 gt500 with 500hp is running same 1/4 vs a stock 2011+5.0 with 100 less hp, due to lower curb weight and traction!

    Ford needs to take another 200lbs out of the car and bigger tires and traction under control then worry about another extra 100hp.

  • Willy

    It won’t beat the Corvette, the Corvette is a carbon fiber aerodynamic hellion. But I think it looks much better and it still has the classic muscle car styling we all love, but with 620 hp I think it will beat just about everything in its class. Oh and it will probably need slicks lol

  • http://facebook leland

    either way it’s gonna be interesting to see the outcome. right off the bat the fords new superchatger will have a significant impact @ the top end. But chevy has been developing a newer more radical blade design on their turbochargers, coming @ the end of the LS6,production.If the extra cost is due to the turbochargers, then i’m for the vette, and afterall it is about boost.

  • Kitty

    But look how UGLY the corvette is…

    • Mike

      yea but thats why the pretty pony is always in the rear view mirror. lol

  • Jimmy

    They should do a mustang based on the 5.0 fox body, proportions and design. But keeping its muscle character, look at the audi quattro concept, which is based on the 80’s audi. We already owned and spanked the M3 bimmer. Jut keep on the diet, not getting european style, but keeping muscle looks, with better front/rear weight ratio, wider rear track and tires. Let’s make it a super, muscle car, able to beat any import. On the above question, sure, it would beat the corvette, but not on a track until the car loses size and weight, and until it gets better weight distribution and wider tires as I just mentioned, whatsoever, to make it on it’s own league…

  • edgar

    everyone here makes a lot of good points, even with 620hp the mustang is just to heavy and the suspension along with tires are not made to put down real numbers, never the less 620hp is an amazing accomplishment for ford. not to mention that it gives the camaro a big f-u. now lets all pray that ford brings back the Ford GT, that will tame the zr1 =)

    • Jimmy

      Yes!! let’s bring back the GT! one able to compete against the veyron and the Koennigsegg!! and leave in the dust the rest! One even more capable than the already mega fast Saleen s7 TT…

  • Emily

    It definitely will for sure. Shelby GT 500 is going to blow the hinges of that Corvette. Go Shelby!!! :)

  • Matt

    They need to better than that. The 302 Saleen Extreen was pushing those numbers in ’08. They need to just push Super Snake power, other wise all they are is a body kit and badges that have been slapped on something that Ford built. They will still struggle with weight and traction. The vette is running some real meat in back and we don’t have much room to past 305s. I love Mustangs but Shelbys just aren’t very well balanced.

  • Corey

    Even if the corvette wins, it’s still a chevy

  • dave

    ford still has time to “tweak” the stang.dollar for dollar the mustang is a better car! quality is job one!

  • Sota

    Honestly, the new Corvettes all look alike. Grand Sport, ZR1, Z06. All of them sport the same general body styling and it’s hard to tell them apart. The new mustangs not only feature more performance upgrades, but they are actually entirely new cars from the outside as well. Not to mention I like the mustang’s styling more than the corvette.

  • Mike

    Honestly this is pretty sick to hear but light is might and the ZR1 would win at the track and I hate chevy’s but the corvette zr1 was made for the track not the road… Ford needs to make a direct competitor to the corvette like the ford gt was intended for but that car cost way to much money and the mustang is the bread and butter of ford.. I even heard rumors of another t bird comeback DOUBT ITT!! at the end of the day the shelby is the better looking car and screams awesomeness

  • Ryan

    Ford needs to get that motor on a diet. It’s Fat!

    I think the 5.8L is a cost savings move to compete in the HP war.

    It will be lucky to beat the ZL1 Camaro let alone the ZR1 vette. (Would be nice to get some revenge on that egotistical Nissan GT-R)

    Here is my opinion IF they choose to not scrape the 5.4/5.8 platform.
    – Reduce the motor weight another 100 lbs (that’s right another)
    – Titanium internals! (ZR1 does it, why can’t we?)
    – HUGE flowing heads, Im talking astronomical CFMs
    – Direct Inject, proper lubrication, and less heat!

  • Kevin

    I don’t think wider tires or slicks will help agaisnt the IRS in the rear of the vette. What? We don’t want to talk that way. Independent Rear Suspension! Now this would put the 620 ponies where they belong. Firmly on the surface. I have a 03 GT. No where near the get up and go that most ponies are running. It’s tough enough holding it coming out of tight turn. Just can’t imagin how slippery it would be.

  • Kevin

    PS. So it’s not at all apples to apples.

  • nick

    Thats the name of the muscle car game, big motor, light car. yes theres a few other things, but it will always be the same. I think you take some pointers from the ford GT and start working them into the mustang. I would love to see them take out the back seat all together…but i dont see that ever happening.
    The mustang and I both need to go on a diet haha.

  • Squeaky

    With this kind of horsepower, and some weight trimming here and there, the Shelby will be the king of the block, regardless of what its up against.

    So long, Chevy. Do you like apples?

  • 01COBRA2668

    It may not be a full on spankin due to the weight difference bit the Shelby can now be the dominant American muscle car!

  • Amie

    I am a Ford girl all the way and would buy the GT500 in a heartbeat! (Grabber blue of course) The ZR1 will win stock because it’s lighter but it is way more expensive than what you can do to a GT500 for way less….. and it’s a Mustang. The Vette is badass but it’s just no comparison to me. Pony car or not.

  • http://facebook Alex

    If I weren’t a Mustang fan I wouldn’t be here, aparently, but come on let’s be serious. First I want to make a correction by saying that ZR-1 is not 620 horses, it’s 638 which is more than GT500 already. And how what do you mean exactly by smoke it? 1/4, 1/8, 1 mile, track, top speed (especially top speed which I’m sure will be around 180 for the Shelby)? I think GT500 will lose in every category and it’s main issue is it’s almost 4k lbs weight while ZR-1 is not even 3400. Come on, more power/less weight=faster car regardless of what you’re into. I think Z06 however would definitely get its ass handed to it. IMO, and please don’t get butt hurt cuz I know a lot of Stang fans are sensitive. I’m only looking at it from the point of view of physics.

  • dan kowalski

    Oh hell yea it will hands down the mustang will smoke it

  • Amie

    The Vette definitely has the aerodynamics down but holy hell the GT-500 is way sexier. I like big butts and I cannot lie…

  • JoNNy

    Just like most people said THE GT-500 needs to be like 2600LBs with the 600+ HP and then Hands down the GT-500 wins and the ZR1 is gonna need to be modded

  • gidy_up15

    The vette is not an ugly design by any stretch of the imagination…..My Mustang GT is great…but I’ll take a Z06 or ZR1 anyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • cgris grabill

    yes yes, the 2013 gt 500 will smoke the 2013 vette with no promlems, i have a 2010 gt it runs hard very fast. i know for a fact the mustang is faster than the camaro,challenger, and the vette… i have race all and sent them home to mommy.

    • Rob_carron

      sounds good, when do we get to view the results?

  • Bill F

    As much as I love mustangs, it cannot put that horsepower down, anything over 500 is pretty much overkill, it just kills tires. Now with a different suspension, and one is coming on the upgraded Mustang, and a few other things, look out. The current Mustang pretty much Owns the BMW M3 on a road course, talk about a money discrepancy, you can buy a whole other mustang for the price difference and still have some change left over.

  • Dingus

    Sorry Gt500 lovers; equal HP numbers maybe, but the ‘vette will still weigh hundreds of pounds less than the ‘stang. While I’d love to see the ‘stangs “lighten up”, I think (stock to stock) they’ll never be direct competition for ‘vettes.

  • Guy

    There is no way to get as much fun and power for the price as with a Mustang. But a stock gt500 will not beat a stock vette. Vettes have always been designed to put as much of its power as possible to the rear wheels, without burning rubber. It just goes faster. I love my GT/CS, but I’ve driven more than one vette. I can have it doing 70 in a crowded parking lot while my GT is still spinning its wheels. We’re talking scary starting and stopping. But then, that’s what you get for 30k more. And don’t even talk about hugging a curve at high speeds. If Ford makes enough changes to beat a vette, our beloved GT will start looking like a vette. Think about it. Remove the back seat for weight, smaller more aerodynamic and lowered body, lighter engine, different axle and gear ratio, bigger and wider tires, stiffer suspension.

    On the other hand, the only way to beat a mustang’s speed, sound, and awesome fun is to pay more money. in most cases, a lot more.

  • Aron

    zr1 will still win from the factory. mustang will need some suspension tuning and weight reduction to compete. but id take a mustang anyway

  • Ryan

    the shelby will and always will be the most bad ass and always reign supreme over any gm product and the way ford builds their cars and everything and the way they perform backs all that up i do like gm stuff but ford i believe has always got the edge on it all performance wise and everything else.

  • Roger

    I love Mustangs to the bone, but I don’t think we should be shooting to beat the ZR1 because we will probably walk away disappointed.

  • dork

    my colbolt can beat a shelby gt 500 corvettes r junk

    • larry

      bums drive chevys

  • hank

    goverment motors

  • miguel a morales

    when it comes to cars i pick mustangs every time when it comes to motorcycles i pick harley davidson so i say.a hells angel or a pagan would never ride a honda…..is not a manly set of wheels.so let the secretarys dryve the vettes will ride ponies and harleys…….hahahahahahahaha

  • mark

    That Shelby sounds impressive, and I am super stoked to start seeing stock 620hp mustangs rolling around.


    (and i know all of you will hate me for this)- but I still see the corvette winning in just about any facet of comparison, save passenger or cargo volume. YES they match at 620hp, but the fact is i doubt that Ford is willing to use a space-grade aluminized chassis and a carbon fiber unibody structure with carbon fiber panels to match the weight of the corvette. Plus a mustang is historically more of a “sportY” versus a “sports” car, which is why it has a higher center of gravity and worse weight distribution. Plus, if Ford does not address the live rear axle on a car this powerful, the only thing it will be good at is smoking tires and (with drag radials) putting down hot 1/4 mile times. There is usually nothing wrong with a live axle but in a car this powerful, some form of independent damping is required, especially to calm the viscous wheelhop high horsepower mustangs are known for.

    [begin ignorant comments/

  • http://YouTube Macone

    You got to be kidding. I love the Shelby but it won’t even come close to a ZR1. The ZR1 has been running with the super cars and beating them. If the only measure was horsepower then it might happen, but the Shelby is a pig in weight compared to the Corvette. The only thing the Shelby will win in is the looks and feel of the interior and the fact that it can carry four people.

  • Kevin

    The ZR1 is $111,000 base price. That is a lot more than $30k difference. You can get two GT500s for the price of one ZR1