What’s the Best Color Mustang Ever Produced?

We recently asked you guys on our Facebook page what the best Mustang production paint color was and we got an INCREDIBLE response…


So Incredible that we have decided to set up a poll where you can really duke it out for best paint color! So go on and tell us, what is the best? Sonic Blue? Grabber Orange? Mystichrome? Torch Red? Shall I go on?

The polls don’t lie so be sure to vote for the best color and feel free to comment below and give us a few reasons WHY yours is better than the rest! Don’t be shy. Majority rules… so may the best color win!

(Sidenote: Sonic Blue is definitely the best. Just sayin’! -Amie)

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  • Vic

    Strawberry Metallic

  • Alex

    Where’s True Blue?!

  • Steph

    Black! It’s harder to keep it clean but there is no other color that shines like Black.

    • Nick

      Totally Agree!!!..nothing stands out than a black mustang…a black beauty..

      • http://aol Ivan Carr

        I agree.A black Mustang shined looks amaizing.

    • john

      that is true it is hard to keep clean and if you get hit it is so hard to make it look the same some times

  • Kevin

    Mineral Gray!!!

  • Robert

    Alloy! Not even on the list! Wow, must have been an accidental oversight.

    • Donna

      Exactly Robert. I can’t see how anyone could vote for anything but Alloy if they have ever seen it!

  • Leonard

    What about performance red only available in 1999 with the Anniversary package.
    I also love screaming yellow and anything with Grabber in the name.

  • Bob

    Wimbledon White

  • Kevin

    Sonic Blue

  • Rockford Hall


  • Ron

    The 2007-2009 Alloy Metallic, for sure.

    • Donna

      For sure Ron!

  • http://solidhex.com Patrick

    Oh, I wasn’t even aware there was a debate. I always just knew the best color was Grabber Blue 😀

  • Nastier03GT

    DSG – Dark Shadow Grey.

    • Phil

      Best of the Best!

  • Alberto Gamboa

    Dark Shadow Grey is the best color in my opinion

  • Drew

    I own a 68 fastback in Sunlit Gold…but if I could get the paint code, I would definitely paint it the blue that the two 1969 Shelby Team Trans Am Mustangs were painted…apparently a non-stock color. With the white BOSS 302 C-stripes nothing looks coooler than those two cars (IMHO…lol)

  • Donnie

    Vapor with chrome wheels! Can’t beat it!

  • Paul

    My fav is the Emerald Green used on the ’90 7 UP 25TH ANNIVERSARY droptop.

  • jack odom

    bright atlantic blue

    • Mike B

      Yep, glad to finally have a fellow BAB lover! Right on man.

  • http://yahoo skeens

    screaming yellow with black my 06 looks just like the one steeda people always say good looking car no matter where i am if its cruzing local at car shows or at the nmra races at bowling green some one always has something to say or they ask if its real cant wait to see the hellion guys at bowling green

  • Mark

    Gotta love the Highland Green, couldn’t have picked a better color for te bullit.

  • Ryan

    True Blue.. cannot believe it wasnt an option . lol

  • http://www.chromeponymustang.com/ John “OCStang” O’Connor

    Henry Ford said it best… “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” Black FTW!

  • Ryan

    I love my silver but, legend lime is such a cool color

  • Tom

    How about Tropic Green. Looks real sweet on my 03 GT with some black accents.

  • Ken

    Ya gotta love the Calypso Green

  • marlon beahm

    what happened to the color CANYON RED like my 85 GT?

  • Troy

    torch red for me. just a very nice color on gt,cobra,and v6.

  • http://legendlimeregistry.com 05mach1

    the color P1 Legend lime has a large following, much different than most stangs, yet was top sellers back in the 60s. 90% hate em today, 10% cant breath any life without em.

  • http://mightymustang.net Nate

    Alloy all the way on my 09 GT. Changed to smoked lights, 55% window tint,with no or matted emblems, HID lights, and with 2010GT500 wheels. Car looks like a stealth fighter. Doesn’t have to be a grabby color, the car can make a statement on it’s own.

    • Donna

      What color wheels do you have? I have an 08 Alloy and have been thinking of going to chrome wheels. Can’t decide.

      • http://mightymustang.net Nate

        I was going to go black chrome but felt it was to shiny, especially after removing all the chrome from the car. So I went with 2010 GT500 from AM and had the machine part custom painted to anthracite.

  • Jeff

    Lime Green looks is putrid! It looks like the bile I threw up one time when my gall bladder was messed up. Yuck!!

  • Patrick

    Alright definently black with the red stripes

    • Patrick

      this kid knows what he’s talking about!

  • http://AM Josh

    Comp Orange is the best. I get compliments on it all the time.

  • P. Dunn

    I would have to go with Screaming Yellow D6 with a black racing stripe. Not only cuz thats what im sporting, but the screaming yellow gt500 is so freakin rare, its sick.

  • tribblekiller

    Absolutely Highland Green !! No graphics, no stripes, no chrome.

  • Kyle

    True Blue Metallic!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Really? Is this even a contest? Torch Red is by far the best color. True sports cars are Red or Black, mine’s both Torch Red with Black racing stripes, everything else is the color Toyota uses for the Camry.

  • Baxter

    Thistle pearl only made on so many cars in 96′

  • Richard

    I had a 98 that was the green equivalent of black cherry. I had a candy apple red 98 too, but the green one with the tan pinstripe was gorgeous.

  • Tony

    VISTA BLUE on the ’06

  • Wes

    Candy Apple Red! I dont count that as “Dark Red” It is its own color!

  • Mark

    Grabber Orange on 09

  • Leon

    ummmm… when I voted Legend Lime was at 231 votes …now its down to 135 ??? I’m calling shenanigans to a fixed poll…. oh well.

  • Matt.

    Dark Shadow Grey ftw

  • auston

    Looks like there is a problem with the poll, I noticed earlier when I was reading the article that the color “Legend Lime” had 230 votes. It seems now the votes are for “Grabber Orange”, don’t get me wrong I like “Grabber Orange” but how a color that was voted on looses 100 votes makes me wonder if there is a problem with this poll. Looks like the results are now skewed..

    • Leon


  • Zach

    Screaming Yellow 😉

  • Mack

    Bright Atlantic Blue (98-03) is definitely the best color for the Mustang. It looks far better than any other blue, especially on the 98-model.

    • Mike B

      right on fellow BAB lovers!

  • Zak

    Bright Atlantic Blue, BAB FTW

  • sandy

    white with blue lemans stripes!!

  • http://americanmuscle.com nick

    vapor silver

  • Adam

    Screaming Yellow is another great color. Lots of yellows dont really do the job. Like Zinc Yellow on the 03 Mach’s. But in 04 Ford changed it up to Screaming Yellow. I think its a lot like Chrome Yellow. Either way its a not so favorable color but it looks great on new edge. Especially my 04 Mach 😉

  • Big Jeff

    There isn’t a better color for a 2005-up Stang then Legend Lime. You can’t get anymore retro along with Grabber Blue.