What’s the Best Color Mustang Ever Produced?

We recently asked you guys on our Facebook page what the best Mustang production paint color was and we got an INCREDIBLE response…


So Incredible that we have decided to set up a poll where you can really duke it out for best paint color! So go on and tell us, what is the best? Sonic Blue? Grabber Orange? Mystichrome? Torch Red? Shall I go on?

The polls don’t lie so be sure to vote for the best color and feel free to comment below and give us a few reasons WHY yours is better than the rest! Don’t be shy. Majority rules… so may the best color win!

(Sidenote: Sonic Blue is definitely the best. Just sayin’! -Amie)

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  • Joel simon

    Mystichrome is by far the coolest paint that has ever been put on a mustang. It is a beautiful color and you don’t just get 1 color you get many colors. Don’t get me wrong I love a the other colors but not one other auto company has ever put this color on their cars that’s why it’s the best and the most unique.

    • PhotoRick

      Don’t forget about 40th Anniversary Crimson!

    • Michael Countryman

      I agree, but mystichrome looks best on the 1996 SVT Cobra and later mustangs. I also think it is a unique color, but the Mustang has always had solid paint jobs since its 1964 1/2 introduction. Black is an extremely adaptable color for all Mustangs. It gives the car a very muscular look from the late 60’s and brings out racing stripes the best. As an added bonus, the lack of racing stripes and other exterior modifications gives the Mustang an equally menacing presence if it is painted black.

    • JESS

      I agree with your comment completely.

  • RM

    Flat Black stripes on black body.

    • Evan

      That sounds mean! Thanks for the idea.

    • Roushdude

      RM. that is the them of the 07, 08, 09 roush blackjack. not so much the color, but that is the meanest looking non exotic i have seen. the first time i saw one i was like “holly sh-t, that is one evil lookiong car. if i saw this black jack coming up behind, even if i were in a lambo, i would maybe give second thought. try and get to a car show that ight feature roushes. u see ehat i mea.

      however, check out a roush in “true blue”, circa 2001, and 2002. i had more than one ford hatt. tell me that they hate fords but that color is hot.

  • Joe

    what about mineral grey?!? it was mentioned several times on the previous facebook post, but its not listed as a choice!!!

    • miller

      Ahhhh…2001 GT…Mineral Grey with a black convertible top, black interior… 18″ athracite deepdish bullits….2001 Bullit rocker panels… chin spoiler…grill delete….nuthin finer..!!

  • Piotr

    Grabber Orange FTW!

  • Doug

    Royal blue, it’s a dark blue with sort of purple hue in certain light it was an option in ’93.

  • http://www.listangs.com Alex

    ummmm ATLANTIC BLUE! That blue is SO different I get compliments all teh time from all kinds of car owners, how could it not even be on the list!

  • brian

    calypso coral orange. amazing color on the 70 mach 1’s

    • http://www.thundervalleymustang.org James Taylor

      Ditto …. wasn’t even listed . :/

      • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

        We couldn’t list them all, it would have been a nightmare! We made sure to put other as a choice so you could comment here! Calypso is a sweet color, true!

    • http://www.safeguardmax.com George

      I considered this the same catagory as Grabber Orange and that was my vote.

  • Jake

    Candy Apple Red!

    • Jordan

      Best color ever

  • Destrier

    Sterling Gray. It is inconceivable that Ford is not bringing it back for 2012.

    • Anna

      i got sterling grey on a 2011. I love that color

      • Guy

        Have to agree with Sterling Grey – have it on my 2010 GT convertible and it’s beautiful. It may not stand out as much as some of the colors, but it’s classic and perfect on this car!

  • Sarah

    What about Alloy??? Wheres the love? I love the metallic flake. It looks black at night but during the day man she pops!

    • Donna

      You are so right Sarah! Love the alloy on my 08 so much I won’t trade for a 2011! Obviously people haven’t seen the Alloy or it would have been a landslide vote for it! lol!

      • Tom

        You are both so right. I have the alloy 08 Gt also and always get compliments.

        • Mike

          I get a lot of compliments on my 07 Alloy convertible Gt

  • bill

    white with most ant accent colors isalways good looking. Black on white, yes.

  • bill

    white with most any accent colors is always good looking. Black on white, yes.

  • JoNNy

    on the Dark red if you put Dark Candy Apple Red that would of got the votes

  • Colby

    True Blue for the win!! limited number of bullits produced in that color. Plus you dont see a hole lot of TB gt’s around. I love my 2001 TB GT.

    • Phil

      Plus 2 on TB!! That color is very sharp looking! I would love to own a GT in TB.

  • Ritchie

    Another for mineral grey!

  • Jay Hintze

    Laser Red!

    • http://badponyclub.com Greg

      Beautiful color on the Mustangs!

    • Ken B

      Agree, always think of the one I sold.

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com Lowflyn

    Sonic Blue is the fastest – period. Anyone that thinks otherwise is too slow to realize.

  • Rich murphy

    true blue!!!!!!

  • Mark Dean

    The best color is 2010 Candy Red Metallic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AmiePants Amie Williams

    Where are my Sonic Blue people? 😀

  • Nick


  • Midnight Pony

    Alloy Metallic is my vote I love that color.

    • Donna

      Totally agreed!

  • Woz

    Alloy Metallic by far. So unique and just simply perfection!

    • Donna

      Couldn’t have said it better!

    • Tom

      You got it right!

  • http://www.facebook.com/AmiePants Amie Williams

    Grabber Blue also rocks my socks off.

  • Mitchell

    Dark shadow gray on an 04 GT, Metallic flake looks incredible in the sunlight and the gray doesn’t draw attention at night. Throw in some black stripes and accents and it’s perfect.

  • Tyler Ishee

    Um Wtf? How can you leave out Dark Shadow Gray, Bright Atlantic Blue, and Mystic (much different than Mystichrome). You call yourselves enthusiasts?

  • Donna

    ALLOY! Most awesome color ever! I can’t believe Tungsten with the purple tint would be listed and not Alloy. I want a new Mustang with Sync and all the bells and whistles, but I can’t get rid of my 08 Alloy Mustang GT. If they ever produce a 2011 Alloy Mustang, I will be all over that!

  • Edward Greybeck

    The Torch Red mustang should be the best color.
    As Lee Iacocca said,”There’s nothing like a little Red Mustang” as he saw the new 1964 mustang turn up the street from 200 yards away.

  • Peter

    True blue metallic. When the sun hits it and you can see purple blue and green at the same time it looks awesome.

  • Sam

    BLACK is the best color. With tinted windows and black wheels

    • Connal Rowe

      I like black best but my next one will be silver.I run a carwash and I,ve learned from experience that black is just too much work.

  • http://badponyclub.com Greg

    Laser Red by far is my favorite color on Mustangs!

  • Mike

    The baddest NA Mustang ever built was the 2000 COBRA R and it was Performance Red and only 300 were made. My 2001 COBRA is also Performance Red and is the rarest of all COBRA coupes as it is 1 of 226 ever made! How’s that for exclusive? All the other colors are generic and not as limited! The Mystic COBRA’s are a good 2nd place choice!

    • http://americanMuscle phoenyx

      performance red is the real deal, o haven’t seen alloy yet but sounds nice

  • http://Unitedstangs.com timmy

    Chrome yellow :)

  • Richie

    true blue metallic

  • Brett

    I have to vote biased towards my own mustang! Forest green it is!

  • Tom

    Grabber Orange… What other color just pops out at you when your tooling down the road.. IT just pulls your attention. Yes the other colors are ok..but just that o.k….They get lost amongst all the other siver, red, blue, grey , black cars that are on the road. But Grabber Orange.. It says MUSTANG !

  • Brian

    Mineral Gray! Looks good on ever body style I have seen it on.. especially the 99-04.

  • john gilbert

    mineral gray!!!!!!

  • rick pierce

    another for mineral gray !!!!

  • doug

    Sonic blue….only one year of production for the S197…i know the 04’s had it as well… not sure about prior years though.

  • Thomas

    Either alloy, tungsten or legend lime. My 07 is alloy, i think it was the only year it was used.

    • Donna

      They used alloy on 08’s too. That is what I have, and I can’t bear to part with it because of the color. I really want a new Mustang with sync, but it just isn’t happening for me in sterling grey.

  • mike

    torch red

  • dillon

    Black with Grabber blue stripes

  • Tyler

    Crimson Red with the Arizona Sand racing stripes on the 40th anniversary mustang!!!!

  • Ron Melin

    Honestly? Mustangs are such great looking cars it doesn’t matter what color they are. You could throw some John Deere green on one and it would still look sweet. But, since mine is satin silver with black stripes, I had to vote for it.

  • http://www.silvermustangs.com Donnie Salter

    SILVER! The army from silvermustangs.com is representing all shades of silver and grey! Go silver go!!!

    • Kayla Gourgues

      Amen!! SMR all the way!

  • Pedro Espinola

    I vote for none other than, Sonic Blue. Not only do I own a 40th Anniversery Sonic Blue GT, but trust me when I say so, my friends have GT’s as well and all have complimented and still compliment from now and then on my paint. It is indeed a very rare paint that you dont see too often. By the way, their cars are an Electric Green, Silver, Torch red, and Azure Blue.

    • Kevin

      I’ve been there.. Every one comments on my 03 Sonic Blue as the best color Ford ever sprayed.

  • Ryan

    Oxford white!!! Oxford white cobra with some black on white looks best!

  • Alec

    Opal Frost FTW!!!

  • Matt

    Mineral Grey