What Mustang Parts Would You Buy With $1000?


Throughout the month of April, many of you who bought Wheels & Tires from us may have noticed a GIANT Golden Ticket inside the box when it arrived. I hope you held onto your ticket, because I’m about to announce the winner of a $1000 AmericanMuscle shopping spree!

The winning golden ticket (#46819705) belongs to Paul Chapman of Virginia Beach, VA!

So if you had won $1000 in Mustang parts from AmericanMuscle.com, what would you buy?

  • Officerdibble06

    I would have to say I would have gotten the cdc shaker system for my stang

  • Bob

    I would use it towards a full exhaust, headers,catted x, and cat back. That would be the next evolution of my “work in progress”. Thanks for the awesome wheels, raised the look of my GT to the next level!!

  • Justintrmerrell

    Cant buy a lot with only 1k but I would get some cams.

  • Robertreynolds25

    for 1000, id but intake the typhoon intake manifold and bama SCT tuner thats mad hp gain

  • ruffrydr

    slp long tubes,plus bring back a few empties for the X pipe

  • Mustanggirl03

    Definitely hot wheels & wide tires. I have the ugly 2003 factory wheels & small tires on my ‘stang. Can’t afford hotness for my stang on a nurse’s pay.

  • Mccgpedcr

    FR500 wheels and tires

  • Ricky

    For my 2007gt with pype bomb, off road x pype, JLT w/tuner, JLT oil separator, hurst pro shifter
    All bought at AM

    With 1000 free money to shop for my dream car easy, ford racing valve black etched covers, high proformance oil filter, and headers to top off a already sick exhaust, hood for my CAI and tuner that have not yet left bama.

    Cant wait for my off road pypes coming monday thanks american muscle.

  • Tesa

    An SCT flash tuner, GT cold air intake, 70mm throttle body and plenum and 3.73 gears. I’ve only had my 03 GT for two months but I’ve been planning on what to do to my Mustang forever :)

  • Johnbrian

    Im too poor to buy wheels Lol,
    But Id buy

    Grille Delete
    Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
    Honey Comb Trim Deck
    Mustang Bumper Letters
    Rear Controll Arms
    American Muscle Banner

  • 5.0 Roush

    -Roush Exhaust with Squar Tips
    -C&L CAI
    -Ford Racing Lowering K-Springs
    -Barton Short Shifter

    I know, about 200 dollars over but what can I say. This all for my ’11 5.0 Roush Sport Black on Black.

  • Russ

    Drag tires and wheels

  • Brewski

    For my 08 gt I bought the JLT/SCT/BAMA combo and Magnaflow catted x-pipe to go with my Flowmasters I had on the car already for a little over $1000 and can chirp a 4th powershifted with a 5 speed plus sounds mean as hell. I’d do it all over again great first mods I’d have loved to got for free!

  • Silverbullitt

    2010 Shelby rims and tires for my 2007 GT.

  • smokey ray

    that would be long hard think to figure out. after all you would be a kid in a candy store.

  • Gregmiller1975

    For my 05′ GT, I’d buy a set of 18″x9″ anthracite DD Bullitts with Nitto tires.

  • Ben

    For my 2007 it would have to be a performace cam and headers…opps i’m a little over. 😎

  • slater

    a new hood so i can ditch the shaker and an aftermarket intake manifold

  • Scott Shaffer

    A New Set of Wheels

  • Go2frizzle

    just ordered the slp loudmouth so probably some headers, smoked tail lights and zex kit

  • Connalrowe

    There is not another mod for under 1000. that i don’t already have on my 03 gt.SO i would add it to the down payment for my 2011 5.0 

  • Scott Shaffer

    I would start finishing the interior of my yellow beauty 

  • Mclitusme1

    I’d get some serious tires for my 1990 5.0 convert. Real low stance would be nice. Stock rims, low tires…yeah

  • Brian

    JLT CAI; MSD Coil Pack; BBK Throttle Body. 

  • Joecap1947

    I would buy a set of Headers and “H” pipes. Why H-Pipes…..A test of a 2011 Mustang GT  got more HP with the H than the X…..