What Mustang Parts Would You Buy With $1000?


Throughout the month of April, many of you who bought Wheels & Tires from us may have noticed a GIANT Golden Ticket inside the box when it arrived. I hope you held onto your ticket, because I’m about to announce the winner of a $1000 AmericanMuscle shopping spree!

The winning golden ticket (#46819705) belongs to Paul Chapman of Virginia Beach, VA!

So if you had won $1000 in Mustang parts from AmericanMuscle.com, what would you buy?

  • ig

    i would buy Lowering Springs, HID head/fog lights, and some other misc stuff.

  • Dstead14

    lowering kit

  • dillon

    throughout the month of MARCH, many….. ************

  • XXerickcg92xX

    BORLA exhaust for my 05 GT

  • Keenin3607

    Cool congrats man i would have gotten hid conversion kit If they would ever become available then prob some new rims and tiers and lowering kit. really i don’t have any thing more to get car already has 4 10 gears cams supercharger Mac long tube headers cat back short pipe new tail lights head lights have all that may be some new floor mats. lol put the rest on a gift card lol…

  • Twstones

    Wheels and tires…..

  • Carla

    I’d buy black wheels and new tires for my 2010 Gold and Black Mustang Coupe, V6. I think black would be SUPER nice up against the gold!!

  • Anne-Marie

    Oh heck yeah!! I would have bought me a 1-piece aluminum driveshaft!!!!! :)

  • Pat

    Probably would have had to freshen up my suspension… It is in need of some serious help.

  • Aalvarez406

    Sct programmer with cold air intake and underdrive pulleys

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502378120 Jeff Cooper

      what year Mustang do you have? I just installed a supercharger and have a C&L Racer with SCT Tuner for sale if you are interested… snowdog43 @ gmail . com

      • Doge139

        you have to return the car to a stock tune before the tuner can be used on a different vehicle and i dont think thatll work well stock

  • Rogeliod8

    I would buy a cobra cowl hood, some ford racing lowering springs and new tokico shocks and struts for my 2000 mustang gt!

  • Matthew

    I would add it to what I have saved for my x-charger xtreme supercharger, or 7.5 t-lok, short throw shifter. I have a nice list left that I still want.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.kampschnieder Ken Kampschnieder

    I would of got the FRPP Hot rod cams and the cervinis ducktail spoiler

  • RogerO

    chrome tail lights, modded hood, new stripes, window and/or side scoops

  • Anonymous

    I would buy the Kooks Long Tube headers and X-pipe combo. or I would get the BBK Throttlebody, Painted 05-09 Side scoops, Chin Spoiler, and hood scoop.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502378120 Jeff Cooper

      I just put a supercharger on my 06 – I have a BBK Throttle Body I am going to sell – If you are interested, email me – snowdog43 @ gmail . com

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502378120 Jeff Cooper

    I really need BIG Brakes!! I could also use long tube headers….

  • Tvn22

    SCT tuner/CAI, Black , window louvers, lowering springs. accessories

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kody-Sanders/1010547243 Kody Sanders

    Full exhaust, and a CAI w/ TB spacer

  • Billy

    Cervini’s Ram Air Hood – Unpainted (05-09 GT, V6)
    Cervini’s Functional Ram Air Kit for Ram Air Hood (05-09 GT, V6)
    i would pay the 14 extra……

  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.slavnik Shane Slavnik

    I would purchase Ford Hot Rod Camshafts and Steeda Underdrive Pulley for my 06 Mustang GT. Been wanting these upgrades for the past 2 years now!

  • Chris O’Neil

    I’d get the 4 black Bullit wheels, the BBK 65mm throttle body, the DiabloSport Predator Tuner and pay the extra out of my own pocket since I went over $1,000 by $130 for my 2002 V6.

  • Blk07gt

    Are diamond plated curb feelers available yet?
    If not, cams and a couple of tunes

  • Fr_demari

    i would add another 1800$ to get my foose legend 20″ combo!!

  • R69stang

    new shortend rear for bigger rubber

  • Andy K.

    Ford Racing CAI/SCT tuner
    BBK throttle body
    Radiator extensions

  • Joe Petrimoulx

    CAI and bigger Throttle body.. I want quicker throttle response!!

  • Noahsebb

    I would have to pick up the Borla Stinger exhaust and a couple asthetic goodies. Too many unmarked and undistinguishable cop cars in my town to worry about making my car any faster.

  • Doug_singley

    New dual exhaust system for my 2009 V6.

  • ColeJohnson

    I would love to buy Camber/Caster plates, H&R lowering springs, X2 Ball Joints and Steeda bumpsteer kit, Polyurethane bushings and new steering rack bushings.. That’d be pretty epic for me!

  • Marc Hill

    I am in the Air Force, 27 years and currently stationed oversea. I own a 2004 Comp Orange Cobra. This whole year I have been purchasing parts for my cobra that has been in storage for 4 years. I will return to the states in a couple months and doing a blower upgrade. If I won a $1000 shopping spree with American Muscle, I could finish building my dream car. Will be the first and last dream car I will ever own. I would use the money to buy a complete new exhaust system from the headers back. Some of my first purchases have been made from American Muscle, why not make my last purchase with American Muscle so I can finish up my exhaust system? You guys rock!

  • woz

    Pick up a set of adjustable shocks/struts and an SCT tuner

  • Ed

    Short throw shifter
    Bigger Throttle Body
    Roush Wing

  • 8pistonpony

    Staggered 18″ Anthracite FR500’s for my Mineral Gray ’01 GT

  • Huskieplayer210

    My 2010 v6 is totally stock. So If I had a $1000, I would get the true dual exuast kit, CAI/ SCT turner, and lowering springs. If I need more to turn my car into a beast, I buy the rest with my next pay check. American Muscle is awesome.

  • JD

    Headers and shocks

  • Tony Young

    .American muscle is the best place to to buy parts I have always got great service and part come in when they say they are,SO IF I HAD A $1000 TO SPEND,it would go to alot of great parts you sale and it is hard to just pick one or two but it would definitely fuel the dream car that i’m building.Thank you

  • Jim

    American Muscle, had my recently purchased tires, Catbacks, sent to a shop to be installed and dont have my ticket. Hope you contact the winners. If I won, some chrome rims would be my choice, That would probably put me over the top and finally win my class at our yearly mustang rally.

  • Jake J.

    my 01 Convertible GT would get a pair of BBK ceramic longtubes, sct programmer, some white face guages or some nice hood pins cuz my latch release broke haha

  • jesse

    i would love long tubes and a shorty mid pipe!!!

  • Anthonyy

    definitaly would get some cam gears, vave springs, and a tuner for my 270’s cams i already have

  • Jlittle523

    Lts, H Pipe, Cam Gears, and Valve Springs!

  • Marc Hill

    Now I really need the spending money. I might be working for free if the Gov’t shuts down! Hard enough building a fast car on a military budget.

    • ricky

      I feel you but I got my last check really hopeing I get the payed the first.

      AD3 (aw)

  • Steeler0423

    i would buy Pypes duel exhaust kit for my v6 stang and and maybe a JLT CAI

  • Tntheenan

    i would get the boss 302 intake manifold and have money left over maybe a catch can or sone lowering spring for sure

  • Fsowell45

    I would go for the aluminum differential cover upgrade and definitely the Ford Racing Cams for the ’05 & up.. possibly the 3.55:1 gears to top it off so I can beat the 400HP Camero’s! ;>)

  • cato

    kenne bell!!!!!

    • Ryan g

      hahaah i would love to see a kenne bell selling for a grand

  • Jimmyg6236

    sct tuner, headers, lower control arms, eibach springs, chin spoiler, etc.

  • Hollywood_pope


  • Sam T

    i would buy 4.10 gear, aluminum driveshaft, LSD, and maybe some HID headlights if money was left over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001737201493 Kona Blue

    Suspension goodies!