Wed. Wallpaper Warfare: Download and VOTE for Your Favorite Mustang Desktop Background!

 Boss vs. Night Cruiser Mustang Wallpapers

Two designers, in an epic quest for Mustang wallpaper dominance, put their best work head-to-head for all to download, compare and vote on. It’s up to you to decide which of these two backgrounds has what it takes to win your vote and be crowned the first champion of our Wednesday Wallpaper Face-off. Will it be the “Night Cruiser” Mustang, or  “The BOSS” of all backgrounds? You vote, you decide.

Which AM Mustang desktop background do you like best?

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Images are available for download below

                         “Night Cruiser”                                                                    “The BOSS

2012 Ford Mustang Boss Computer WallpaperFord Mustang Computer Wallpaper For Download








DOWNLOAD the “Night Cruiser” Desktop Wallpaper:  1024×768, 1280×1040, 1600×1200

DOWNLOAD “The BOSS” Desktop Wallpaper:  1024×768, 1280×1040, 1600×1200

VOTE and tell us which wallpaper you like better, then COMMENT and let us know what the theme should be for our next Wednesday wallpaper competition!

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