LISTEN: Exhaust Video Clips for Your Mustang

New Exhaust Video Clips

Have you ever wondered what your Mustang would sound like with a Pypes cat-back system? Magnaflow mufflers? Or even Flowmaster? AmericanMuscle is hooking you up with 1080 HD Video & Sound clips of exhaust systems for your 1999-2004 or 2005-2010 Mustang! Look for the “Hear It” icon overlayed:


You’re now able to listen, watch and compare the difference between a stock exhaust system and the performance exhaust system of your choice. No more guessing! This is yet another reason why is the best source for your cat-back exhaust, headers and other exhaust components.

So tell us… what’s your favorite sounding exhaust system?

New Exhaust Video Clips 99-04 Mustang Exhaust Sounds 05-10 Mustang Exhaust Sounds
  • Scott ‘EsKy’ Shankle

    how ’bout some love for the 96-98 GTs? Otherwise, great idea. Even if you are not shopping for exhaust, it is a nice ‘soundtrack’ to your day…so give all the videos a listen!

    • AMChrisRose

      Most of the 99-04 exhaust will sound VERY similar to the 96-98. The only real difference was the returnless fuel system and PI cylinder heads. The exhaust note should be almost identical!

  • DylanUSMC

    thanks so much yall, i have an 03 auto with an american muscle cold air, 75mm intake and plenum + throttle body and ive really been wanting to do a catback as my next mod, probly go with magnaflow or flowmaster casue i want a deeper louder rumble, i dont like raspy sounding exhaust at all

  • Jhon

    Great vids… You guys should do the same for the new 2011v6 and 2011 5.0. Does anyone know why all
    2011 v6 exhaust sound like a 350 z? Yall should put sum vids of pypes exhaust for the 3.7. Also does anyone know if you can mix brands like bbk headers,pypes midpipe, and flowmaster muffler?

  • Exhaust Headers

    uhmmm… i can’t seem to find the videos…