Wallpaper Wednesdays: VOTE For Your Favorite Mustang Desktop

Free Mustang Wallpapers and your chance to vote for the one you like most. What’s not to love?

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1024x768 Ectoplasm Mustang


1024×768 Driven Mustang










We’re serving up two wallpapers for you today and we need you to choose which one you like the best. Why, you ask? Well, there is no good reason other than, like a drag race, we love a good competition, and why not pit two designers head-to-head and see which one has the skills, vision and desire to create the better desktop background? Plus, it gives you and I a good reason to change out our old wallpapers for something fresh and new.

DOWNLOAD “Driven” Desktop Wallpaper:  1920×1200, 1280×1040, 1024×768

DOWNLOAD “Driven” Mobile Wallpaper:  720×1280, 640×1136, 640×960

DOWNLOAD the “Ectoplasmic” Desktop Wallpaper:  1920×1200, 1280×1040, 1024×768

DOWNLOAD the “Ectoplasmic” Mobile Wallpaper: 720×1280, 640×1136, 640×960

Need a new phone background and can’t seem to find one with a quality Mustang theme? Are you a huge Fox Body fan who can’t seem to find an appealing background for your iPhone? Comment and tell us what kind of wallpaper you want to see us create and you might just get your wish!