Vote for Your Favorite Mustang Headlights!

Little changes can make a big difference in the way your car looks. Installing a new set of headlights is a quick, easy change that makes a huge difference in the overall look of your Mustang. A relatively small amount of work will give your pony a tougher, sexier, or edgier look. Everybody has different tastes, especially when it comes to tint levels, so we want to know what your favorite looks are. We’ve listed some of our most popular headlights below, displayed by generation and ready for you to vote on. If you don’t see your favorite style, leave us a comment to let us know what style you prefer.


Which 2005-2009 headlights look best?

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Which 99-04 headlights do you like best?

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Which 94-98 headlights look best?

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Which headlights look best on an 87-93 Mustang?

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  • http://N/A Andrew Buckley

    I think that smoked headlights look best on the 94-98 Mustangs, but I’m not a fan of the halo projector lights on them at all.

  • Nathan F.

    Raxiom Mustang Lighting looks very good to me on the 06 gt Mustangs

    • AMChrisRose

      I do have to agree. For the 94-98, those are the ones that I would put on the car.

      The Raxiom lights are the nicest for the 05+, no doubt about it. I have a set on my 07 Grabber Orange to match the Raxiom 2010 Style Smoked Tail Lights. I love them!

    • http://N/A Andrew Buckley

      I really wish I had bought those instead of my clear Cobra lights I bought. Especially since I just bought the Raxiom smoked tail lights.

  • Tim

    Not a fan of any of the HL’s for 2005-2009, however, the Black HALO projectors combined with the headlsight splitter as shown on teh white Shelby looked pretty awesome. That being said I am not going to install them on my Bullitt.

  • http://AmericanMuscle James H.

    While the smoked lense headlights look nice on some models they are against the law for night driving in Florida. Black out covers are allowed for day but must be removed for driving when headlights are required. The same law applies to smoked taillight lenses except they are not allowed day or night. Just thought I would mention this as I heard there are other states with similiar laws.

  • wendell miles

    I prefer the 2008 Ford OEM HID lamps on my Bullitt

  • Eric


    MM 4 LIFE

  • Andy

    When will we be given some smoked projector headlights that don’t have all sorts of unnecessary LEDs, halos, cheap chrome and bling? Seems sad that one can’t install HIDs that don’t blind others on the road without looking like a fast n’ furious street racer.

  • Charlie

    I have the chrome headlights with clear corners but with stealth bulbs that are clear but burn amber. Looks great!!

  • Rika

    WOW!!! I really like that!!!

  • Debashish

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    That’s why we have mirrors that dim. Asked HID lights because they are a better technology. The best cars in the world could use any HID lights and use. A relatively small amount of work will give your pony a tougher, sexier, or edgier look.