VIDEO: What is Raxiom Up To? New Mustang Part Launching 11/4!

By now we’ve all seen that Raxiom offers an amazing selection of aftermarket Mustang lights for your 1994-2014 Ford Mustang. Well as you can see, they’re up to something big! Raxiom is getting ready to release a new product on 11/4/2013 that has been talked about for quite some time…

Can you spot what it is? If so, comment below and tell us what you think…

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  • Bob Bitt

    I wish they would make this for the 2011-12 Stangs… sigh.

  • Isaac

    ’13-’14 tail lights for the ’05-’09 mustangs? Lol those flat, old stock lights are one of the main reasons I don’t like that generation, but I’m glad raxiom has done this for those mustang owners. Still happy I bought a 2013 though :)

  • Brandon Higgins

    I better hold off on some sequentials

  • Richard D Nicholson Jr

    Like it!

  • Jason Foerster

    they better not cost to much! i so need these!

  • Cls Sauer

    I’m with Bob Bitt. What about the 2011-2012 mustangs. How is it they are the new red headed step child?

    • Kevin

      The 2013’s should just bolt over…

  • Ponyboy405


  • Cleatus Tank

    I would have to believe that the 05-09 came out first due to sheer volume. There are way more 05-09s on the road than there are 10-11. Production years alone put them at double the volume. So the idea would be to target a larger volume customer, then see if these sell well. If they do then they can afford the expense of targeting a smaller volume of customer.

    • Juan Ramirez

      But still I want them lol

  • Cleatus Tank

    If these fit perfect, seal perfectly. These will be their best selling taillight. EVEEEERRRRR!

  • Ken Bernier

    I hope they don’t try that with 99-04s however I think they would look good on a 98

  • Kevin

    Do we have a price yet?

  • MikkoB

    Absolutely awesome look of them! Now the inevitable “will it work with….?” questions

  • Pascal Boudreault

    There’re a kit for my 99-04!!!!!!!