Video of the S550 Mustang GT350 Lapping Nürburgring!

The above video focuses in the race-equipped SVT that is purported to have a flat plane crank V8 and the video below shows the more “mild” SVT also testing that day (notice the GT fascia and lack of a large front splitter).

It looks like the spy photographers that caught the 2015-2016 Mustang GT350″R” at Nurburgring were also able to grab some video of the Halo Mustang running the track, as well as a second, unidentified Mustang.

In the video, there are two different Mustangs. One is the purported GT350R seen in earlier spy photos. The second has yet to be identified, but is clearly distinct from the more aggressive sounding GT350R. In addition to sounding more mild than the GT350R, the second Mustang in this video also appears to have a different fascia, headlights, rear diffuser and a less aggressive splitter. The hood and fender vents remain, but it’s apparent that this could be a different, less aggressive version of the GT350. Could we be seeing the Boss 302 and Laguna Seca’s S550 replacements?

Road & Track is adamant that what you hear is an all-new flat plane crank (FPC) V8 derived from the current 5.0L Coyote engine, pumping out somewhere north of 500 horsepower–a direct competitor to the Z/28 Camaro. They also say that Ford is done competing in the ultra-high horsepower arena recently decimated by the Challenger Hellcat. For this to be true, that means we won’t be seeing anymore of the Trinity motor found under the hood of the current 2013-2014 Shelby GT500.

For those that love the high-horsepower, factory built Shelbys, let’s hope Ford is working on both a FPC V8 and are also planning to stuff the Trinity motor into the S550. That would give them a Hellcat competitor as well as a track predator able to hunt down the Z/28. Who wouldn’t want to be able to choose one car from the best of both worlds?

Shelby GT350 Racing @ Nurburgring - Video
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  • Jared Moore

    Sweet, can’t wait to see the power figures

  • OlYeller01

    I’m dying if I’m lying, but the OTHER Mustang sounds like some form of EcoBoost instead of a 5.0.

  • Michael Gonsalves

    yeahh they never got on it.. the aston martin wouldn’t pass it like that.. the only thing they riped in that car were some farts.

  • Jorge Sanchez

    I think I hear a turbo!!!!!!!

  • Mustang Phil

    That FPC engine sounds like a boat motor. I like the sound of the GT350 though. That exhaust note is wicked!!!!

  • DanM

    Sorry but the engine in this video sounds nothing like a flat plane V8. Just like a high revving high performance cross plane V8. A flat plane V8 sounds like a 4 cylinder revving twice as high, it doesn’t have the rumble that the cross plane does. Check out the Lingenfelter cross plane dyno videos as an example of flat plane V8 sounds..or any Ferrari V8.

    The cars in these videos actually sound a but like a V8 Supercar from Australia (the original Ford and Holden ones, not the Mercedes or Volvo, which use a cross plane crank).

    • rob_wh

      9 months later… What’s it sound like now? LOL

      • DanM

        Still doesn’t sound like a traditional flat plane V8. Exhaust layout is still providing unequal pulse spacing giving traditional cross plane V8 rumble. Wait until someone puts some long tube 4-1 headers on it and it will sound like the traditional flat plane (Ferrari) V8 sound.
        Same trick can be achieved in reverse (make cross plane sound flat plane) by using ‘crossover’ or ‘180 degree’ headers.

        • rob_wh

          Seemed like you were saying you didn’t think it was a flat plane. Anyway, I’ve not heard this thing really spinning rpm yet, so I’ll hold off on what I think it sounds like. So far, it sounded to me like it was barely trying.