Video: Episode 3 – MMD’s Vortech Supercharged GT Hits SEMA

For episode 3, MMD’s project car hits the streets of Las Vegas while attending the 2013 SEMA Auto Show. MMD hooked this car up with a ton of different styling parts, but there’s much more to it than just a few eye-catching mods. With Bama’s help, Project MMD went from a Mustang that was built for Show to a race-ready, supercharged street monster pushing well over 500RWHP. See why this Mustang was worthy of being seated at Forgestar’s SEMA booth next to some of the world’s most sought-after cars.

Check out all three stages as well as a detailed rundown of the parts MMD and AmericanMuscle used in transforming Project MMD into a sinister GT with a Las Vegas destiny.

Project MMD Stages 1, 2 & 3

Even under the sparkling lights of SEMA 2013 Auto Show, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Mustang as unique and with as much personality as Project MMD. When we left off in Stage 2, the MMD Mustang had received an all-out visual makeover with tons of retro, as well as new school styling cues all while being fully wrapped in a matte white finish. While MMD was redefining the car’s interior and exterior, what really rounded out this Mustang’s personality what the performance parts installed in Stage 3:

Vortech Supercharger System – Black (11-14 GT)
Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler (05-14 GT)
JLT Replacement Air Box Intake – Blow Through Supercharger (11-14 GT)
Ford Racing Boss Style H-Pipe and Side Exhaust (11-14 GT)

MMD also outfitted this Mustang with a few of their latest parts:

MMD Prototype Exhaust Delete Rear Diffuser (11-14 GT) – coming soon…

MMD Prototype Decklid Blackout Panel (13-14 GT) – coming soon…

Bama wasnt playing around when it came to this Mustang’s performance. With the help of the Snow Performance meth kit and Vortech blower pushing a mere 8lbs of boost, Project MMD was able to dyno an impressive 589RWHP & 480TQ! While Bama’s custom tuning glued together the variety of power mods and made this car a formidable opponent–even for the super cars it was pared up with at Forgestar’s booth–MMD’s styling gave SEMA show attendees a reason to come check this car out over the rest.

Project MMD Mustang GT at SEMA

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  • wayne rhodes

    What a beautiful car, one of my personal best car color and with that lite tan interior or the charcoal black is a toss up. Both have there on seat dash, and door interior styling. MMD did a great job, it’s more often than not for mustang mods to get carried a way and end up taking a way from the car, when all was necessary was a few mods to make it pop. And pop this white monster l@@k’s the paet and then some.