VIDEO: Crazy Fox Body Mustang Wheelstand Crash!

Check out this crazy video! Drag Racer Kevin Neal puts his Fox Body Mustang on the bumper and after a second or two, things go horribly wrong. Kevin managed to walk away from the accident, but I don’t know if we can say the same for that poor Fox!

Got a crash video to share? Comment below and post it up!

Video: Kevin Neal’s Ford Mustang Fox Body Performs Wheel Stand Before Crashing

Kevin Neal Foxbody Mustang Wheelstand Crash

Drag racing is usually an awesome time, especially if you have something powerful to show off. However, having a lot of power can be pretty scary. Check out this video of Kevin Neal’s Fox Body at the Lights Out 3 Radial Revolution event at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The Fox launches up and comes crashes down. It continues to slide across the track on the driver’s side. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt although it appears that the Fox may have suffered a few injuries.

Watch him take off below from all angles and even from the Go Pro cam.

Another close call–a Fox Body crash almost ends in a photographer being decapitated by a flying hood.

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  • Jaes

    Still got the Camaro off the line :)

  • solasis00

    Thats what happens when you forget to put on wheelie bars dumbas*   poor stang.

  • Rmnielson2

    Damage isn’t too bad, compared to how the crash looked.

  • Dixieradio

    Obviously 2 much car for the drivers abilities. Better to stay with stock class 2 save ur ass.