VIDEO: Can our 2011 V6 Mustang Handle Stage 3?

Check out the footage as we head to New Jersey Motorsports Park with our 2011 V6 Mustang Project to test out what we could do in Stage 3 of our build! If you’ve been following along in Stage 1 and Stage 2, you’ve probably seen how well this car responds to aftermarket mods. We’ve shaved .75 seconds off of our 1/4 mile time, and it’s time to make this car corner and handle!

We also wanted to make the car look as good as it was going to perform. Now that this V6 has had a proven performance gain at the track, we decided that a Ram Air Hood, Stripes, GT500 Style Spoiler and Light Tint would help make a statement when this thing rolls up to the line. Check out the list for Stage 3:

Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft – Auto (11-12 V6)
JPC Racing Adjustable Upper Control Arm (05-12)
J&M Rear Lower Control Arms (05-12 All)
GT500 Style Spoiler (10-12 All)
Cervini’s Ram Air Hood (10-12 All)
Smoked Tail Light Tint (10-12 All)
Smoked Third Brake Light Tint (10-12 All)
Smoked Quarter Marker Light Tint (10-12 All)
Smoked Turn Signal Light Tint (10-12 All)
Black Super Snake Style Stripes (79-12 All) 2011 V6 Mustang Project - Stage 3

This car is an animal! It started out running a 14.1 second 1/4 mile and has transformed into a sleek-looking, streetable, high-12/low-13 second six’er with amazing handling ability. You’d think that we’d be satisfied, but we’re never done at AmericanMuscle. Make sure to stay tuned for Stage 4 of our 2011 V6 Mustang Project, where we turn up the dial on the “holy $@^%” meter…

Think you know what we’re adding next? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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  • Paul

    black billet grille!

  • Chad Henley


  • ClemsonSixer

    Hellion Twin Turbo!

  • ktbishop222


  • Josh Baker

    Black billet grille? Really!? lol…Turbo that MoFo!

  • the_Original_BAM

    Supercharger, hopefully twin-screw rather than centrifugal, unless you go with a shaker-hood

  • Tacamo01

    0-60 in 4.3 seconds? AM should “mod” the video. The Boss 302 only does 4.4. How many orders for the aluminum driveshaft?

    • niko

      Ya, i was confused as to how you can shave off .7 seconds with a drive shaft and suspension…

      • VaporTurboS197

        weight difference, the aluminum driveshaft is about 40lbs lighter, the suspension stiffer, resulting in less power being wasted on trying to accelerate and just actually going, but all within reason

        • Dstead14

          29 lbs lighter

  • John Huffman

    That is one bad-A$$ 6’er! Turbo would be awesome on it.

  • logan

    Procharger! or nos

  • Zakatak360

    Impressive numbers! My 4.0 makes me want to upgrade more and more. lol 

  • Stephen Parsons

    i like the numbers but im not feeling the louvers with the hood.

  • Bbqkng56

    Love most of the mods’ I have an 11 v-6 stang, where can I take mine to get all of this put on?

  • Ripper

    I agree with the previous post.  It’s hard to believe that they got 7 tenths off the 0-60 time with these mods…  If that’s accurate, the next item I’m buying for my Stang is an aluminum driveshaft.

  • FordIsBestPissOnRest

    Ill tell you what. I here no complaints on Pony’s look now!

  • Desert Stang

    they are shaving 7 tenths of a second off of the 1/4 mile people, not the 0-60 time. . . it says so in their post.

    • Tacamo01

      The video states 0-60 5.0 secs. with the gears and driveshaft 4.3 sec. I can not believe anyone is taking this video seriously. With just a CAI, tune, gears, tires and driveshaft they are claiming quarter times very close to the coyote 5.0. The boss 302 laguna series is running 0-60 in the 4.1 to 4.2 range. Last comment on this. The car does look good.

      • Harold Welhous

        2 words….drag radials.

        GT or Boss will be mid-high 3.x with them too.

  • Anonymous

    I dont like the louvers or side scoops, they make the car look too bulky around the edges.  Although handling is important, lets be honest, no average person is going to be trying to get the best lap time. Its all about 1/4 mile times and from stop light to stop light.

  • 05GT

    7 tenths off the quarter not 0-60

  • Milk_peartree

    twin turbo ecoboost v6… yes!

  • Kaoskid0621

    4.3 second 0-60…either somethings wrong or the next part im buying is a new driveshaft!!
    supercharger is up next for sure…especially since they put that hood on

  • Todd Elia

    The improvements quoted are not from stage 2 to stage 3, they are from stock to stage 3.  So, it’s not just the aluminum driveshaft, it’s a combination of everything so far: driveshaft, CAI, tunes, wheels & tires, Ford Racing track pack.  I wish they’d ditch the scoops and crap.  Even the hood doesn’t provide a ram-air intake effect, the openings only provide additional airflow through the engine bay (Cervini’s website says a functional ram-air intake is coming soon).  I wonder if the additional cooling benefit outweighs the drag created?

  • FordIsBestPissOnRest

    Swaybar, Supercharger, intake spacers, bumpsteer, headlight splitters, underdrive and supercharger pulley. Rear seat delete and pod gauges for the interior.

  • Steve

    Procharger. don’t do NOS. its not real power

    • Sean Devos

      I really hate comments like this.  If Nitrous Oxide isn’t real power, then neither is a supercharger, turbocharger, ported heads, CAI, upgraded camshafts or anything else that increases the amount of air that gets in the engine.

    • Sean Devos

      I really hate comments like this.  If Nitrous Oxide isn’t real power, then neither is a supercharger, turbocharger, ported heads, CAI, upgraded camshafts or anything else that increases the amount of air that gets in the engine.

  • Rwall1392

    I think American Muscle should have done their project car as a manual… PS american Muscle i live 35 min away lol so if you need a 2011 v6 stick car as your next project lemme know.

  • guest 14

    tell me please how you took almost a full second of the 60 mph. and more than a second and a half off the 9 second slalom course but on a full minute and a half run you only managed a second off the lap.. from the standing start alone you gained the .7.. what about the handling and lighter driveshaft on the rest of that course?? those times were such crap. faster acceleration with a stiffer and lower suspension is almost impossible to begin with. not a fan of these test…

  • R M

    twin screw

  • Poseidon

    A stock 2011 V6 does not run 0-60 in 5.0. Motor Trend got 5.1 with a foot of rollout but they are famous for being generous with performance numbers. C/D, R&T, and other testers got numbers ranging from 5.4 to 5.8 sec with no rollout, using a manual with performance package (3.31 gears). Stock 0-60 times for a base Mustang auto with 2.73 gears are around 6.0 to 6.2 secs. I call BS on 4.3 sec 0-60 by a v-6 auto with only 3.73 gears, axle-back exhaust, CAI and a tune. Those are GT-beating numbers, close to a Boss 302 with 444 hp. At most the mods they added should be good for an extra 40 hp or so, which is still 100 shy of the Boss engine. This whole series is utter crap – most of the “performance” parts are exterior add-ons that increase weight and create drag. Why in God’s name would you pick an automatic car to create a serious sports machine? This is pure marketing hype aimed at people with no car knowledge, in order to bring v6 automatic customers that otherwise wouldn’t spend money on performance upgrades.

  • Poseidon

    @ 05GT, they are claiming 0.7 sec off the 0-60, NOT the 1/4 mile. They are claiming a 4.3 sec to 60 and high 12 to low 13 sec 1/4 mile for this car, with a lightweight driveshaft, CAI, mufflers, 3.73’s and a basic tune. Real, published stock numbers for this car with auto trans are 0-60 in 6.2 and the 1/4 in 14.5 @ 97.3 (Motor Trend, Feb. 2011). So, for under $5000, I could turn a base v6 automatic into a beast that will rape a manual trans GT 5.0? Who the hell is AM kidding? I love the V6 – I own a 2012 V6 with 6sp manual and the performance package. It is a fantastic car, but I know damn well that the mods listed here would never put it in Boss 302 territory, as AM’s numbers suggest.

  • Jim Thomson

    0-60 mph in 4.3 secs ?    I don’t think so.  Somebody is smoking too much marihuana.  An aluminum DS  might shave off  .2 sec in a 1/4 mile… NOT .7 sec in a 0-60 mph run.  BTW… most of these cold air intakes are not done right.  If they are sucking air from a hole in the bottom of the CAI box… then it’s self defeating..and you are just sucking hot air from the eng compartment. Roush and a few other’s  do that.  The Ford racing CAI [ with the giant cone filter + heat shield]  uses a snorkel from CAI  to front grille. That method actually works. K bell  SC  outfit  goes nuts when they see CAI’s  not done right.  The Ford racing suspension kit is not complete either.  You still  require [1] an adjustable panhard bar, [2] bump steering kit, [3] LCA relocation brackets, since the LCA  will otherwise be tilted down at a 17 deg angle, which is a disaster. [4]  adjustable UCA, so you can re-set the pinion angle, so the AL DS  will actually work, [5] Ford hardware[ $60.00]  for ANY aftermarket LCA’s..since none of em come with em..[ one exception is the Ford racing one, a bargain imo],  [6] wheel hop kit.

    If anybody opts for the Ford racing suspension kit, get the FR3-MGTAA..which comes with fully adjustable shocks, 7 x full revolutions for each strut/shock…. and not the plane jane FR3-MGTA  suspension kit, which has NO adjustable shocks. Otherwise you are gonna  regret it badly..when driven on typ streets  with bumps, manhole covers, speed bumps, etc.  BTW, the Roush suspension kit is not complete either. The Roush kit  does NOT include the Ford racing front strut mounts…[extra $105.00], nor doe the Roush kits  come with a front shock tower brace [an extra $400.00]  The Roush kits don’t have adjustable struts + shocks either.

  • jnail

    Guys I have done what these guys have done more or less with my 2011 convertible and the speed results are astonishing. I have not timed 0-60 yet but I get there REALLY fast…will time it this week.

    My mods:
    – Eibach sports plus suspension, shocks, struts, springs , anti sway bars
    – Borla Touring axle back
    – Airaid CAI
    – Bama tuner
    – Summit panhard rod and brace

    I will be dynoing it in a few weeks but I am guessing we will 350-370 RWHP.
    – Ford Racing 3.73 gears
    – Ford racing differential kit for Shelby’s/Cobras
    – Aluminum drive shaft
    – Ford racing strut tower brace

  • dwat89

    I pretty much have mods that this mustang has besides the supercharger, LSD, and the suspension, I also have 3.55 gears and I’m able to get a best of 4.9 0-60 with a 13.4 1/4 mile, I can see them getting a 4 second 0-60 with a supercharger, maybe even better, but not with just these simple bolt on mods, it’s not possible unless they were doing the test going down a hill or something