VIDEO: Help Us Build a 2012 Boss 302 Mustang!

We’re not just your average Mustang parts store. We happen to be suckers for Mustangs as beautiful and legendary as our new Competition Orange Boss 302! We’ve had our eyes on these things since the rumors started to unfold into reality. Check out some awesome shots of the car…

We have to break this thing in the way… and that means we’ve gotta get this thing to the track ASAP! After some stock results, and a little bit of parking lot fun – it’s time to start ripping this thing apart!

Help us build it! Comment below and let us know what you think we should do!

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  • daniel streng

    supercharge it

  • Flubyu68

    frpp supercharger. id love to see a boss mustang with over 600 horsepower

  • Amie Lynn Williams

    It’s beautiful!!! Competition Orange, for the win! :) Let’s supercharge it!

  • Amie Lynn Williams

    I would love to come up there and help you guys break it in. 😀 Just sayin’!

  • StuckInNYForever

    Aluminum drive shaft, stong clutch Nitto NT05R’s, and a Hellion turbo. Nothing else necessary (until Transmission blows)!

  • Stevens Keithd

    Get a fully upgraded suspension. not that the stock one isn’t already awesome


    Only logical thing is to either 1, leave it alone 2: Full Porting of all intakes, Cams from hell, Getting blown by two cuties (Turbo’s), ect ect ect you get the point. Either do it right or sell the car. Then take it and get it tuned:)

  • 03GT

    just keep it n/a and put a cai, maybe some 4.10 gears cause of the high rpm engine, super short throw, drag radials an even more aggressive tune , keep the appearence the same tho its too special to do anything to

    • Caleb Gillan

      It allready should have the short throw shifter. It comes stock just like the GT/CS But i agree with everything else, maybe just some cams and exhaust.

  • Alex King

    personally… id leave it stock… but your an aftermarket tuning company.   id love to see a vortech blown boss 302… full engine teardown and rebuild (port everything) nastier cams, stiffer control arms, stickier rubber, etc etc…    id like to see it live on as a road track car but i get the feeling that youl prob turn it into a drag monster.  Itl be awesome either way… 

  • Walters97racing

    My input. Start with the motor. Yank that thing out and forge the bottom end. Get a v2 vortec and slap on it with a live wire tune. Try to push around 10-12 lbs. Next trick out the interior. I’m thinking black racing seats highlighted with the comp red leather. Then a rear seat delete. Take them out and put 2 12inch alpine type r subs facing the racing seats. Get an alpine head unit that syncs with ipods. Don’t forget the tint. Maybe 20% . Add a 4 inch carbon fiber cowl hood . Finish it off with a good standing and buffing/polishing. To get the factory Orange peal out. Trick this thing out to the max and don’t look back. Oh and might I say. I’m looking for a job 😉 lol

    • dsm0

      HELL NO this is a boss 302 mustang…..a sound system like that just adds weight and slows it down….go do that to a 69 boss 302 and see how much people laugh at you at car shows and shake their head 

      • Walters97racing

        It’s exactly what order name says. It’s the boss. It should be q car so fast that you can have the sound system bumping and the ac kicking and still leave who ever pulls up in the dust !

        • Walters97racing

          Furthermore , if done cleanly and follows the lines of the car, no one will laugh. I’ve seen plenty of classic cars with kicking sound systems. The last car show I was in there was a 69 Cameron blue with white racing stripes. The trunk was boxed in and the sub box was incorporated into it. It had a nice fiberglass face, it was the same color blue with the rating stripes lined up! It looked really over the top.

          • JJPelly01

            If you REALLY want a “Muscle Car”, leave the damn sound system out of it!  And if you knew anything about American Muscle, they don’t even sell Audio Equipment.  And Thank God!  Cause a real enthusiast is more than happy with the stereo off, just listening to the rumble of the V8…  We’re going for Performance here!  This ain’t Pimp My Ride.  The rear seat delete, and carbon fiber hood are decent ideas, but only to drop weight…  Other than that, start out with 3.73’s or 4.10’s.  Steeda makes a CAI for the Boss Intake Manifold, slap that on there.  Aluminum Drive Shaft.  Magnaflow Competition Exhaust w/X-Pipe.  Nitto Drag Radials.  And load one of those Bama Custom Tunes in there, see where its at!

          • Blutalon223

            A Basic upgraded sound system is good enough, you just need enough to keep you entertained during those long stretches on the freeway and trying to stay under the radar from Johnny Law, or if you have a date and the conversation is

          • Blutalon223

            All of my muscle cars never even had a radio ! There were sometimes I wanted something. Peformance is the focal point and if its a daily driver, throw in a Kenwwod/Pioneer/Alpine and 4 speakers.

    • Wayne

      boost?…on a BOSS ? whadaryanuts?

  • Chris67

    1.Porting (everything)
    3.Upgrade cams (i believe the stage II cams you carry for the new 5.0’s will do just fine)
    4. Try making a functional scoop for some vintage look
    5.Maybe steeper gears
    6.New exhaust (since the Boss exhaust is more for sound)
    7.Upgraded suspension for sure
    8.Racing seats SUBTLY accented with the exterior color
    9.Some stickier rubber and a mean tune

    • Lee Joyce

      the Boss302 has quad exhaust, 2  rear,and 2 side exhaust using cutouts to let em know your coming and improve flow.

  • Andy

    Whipple it!

  • NotAStockFox

    Keep it N/A but make it scream. Strip it out and down to as little as you can stand, harden up the ride and make a killer curve/quarter car. Get some long tubes on it, run the best flowing exhaust you’ve got, tune it to rev off the scale, cams/intake/heads, whatever you’ve got to make it breath that bit better, slap some stickies on it and run it around the corners. Thats what the Boss 302’s are made for.

  • cato12

    magnaflow exhaust
    drag radials
    leave it N/A

  • Sine_one

    twin turbos 
    flowmaster exhaust system 
    bigger throttle body 

  • Kidmke92

    I would put an aluminum drive shaft, aluminum flywheel, 373 or 410 gears long tube headers with X pipe, supercharge it pushing between 10- 16 pounds of boost, aluminum heads, edelbrock roller rockers, good cam, all forged internals with about a 10:1 compression ratio, cold air intake, sct custom tune with bigger throttle body, bigger fuel injectors and fuel pump, short throw shifter. The list goes on and on.

  • Garzaisrael

    Start with no cosmetic mods. It’s beautiful the way it is!

  • DaRRkHorse

    Tune and cai. Magnaflow competition catback, and off road pipe. Drag radials. Procharger. All in that order. Simple 10 second dream car.

    • Lee Joyce

      do you understand that this car has quad exhaust and is meant to be ALL ENGINE nott supercharger. you want more sound? just open the side exhaust.

  • Lee Joyce

    port and polish heads, magnaflow axle backs, tune, tires, Hellion or turbonetics kit,  Cai , underdrive pulleys,  carbonfiber underhood dress up.  Wattslink and minor suspension upgrades thats probably about it since it comes with so much already. No sound systems, its not a lincoln, and maybe upgraded stort throw shifter depending on how good the stock is , usually not too good if like the gt500 shifter.  and drive shaft  with loop.  The car is awsome otherwise.  The quad exhaust sounds great when side exhaust is open.

    • DaRRkHorse

      You wrote on my post:”do you understand that this car has quad exhaust and is meant to be ALL ENGINE nott supercharger. you want more sound? just open the side exhaust.”Then why a turbo if it’s meant to be “all engine”, bud? Why axlebacks when you could just open the side pipes (especially since magnaflow axle backs are just muffler deletes)?!Catbacks and offroad x-pipes will add power. Prochargers add power.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion….., like my opinion that carbon fiber dress up kits never made a car any quicker (and it’s ricey), but don’t contradict yourself on your post after sharing your judgement of mine. 

    • DaRRkHorse

      You wrote on my post:”do you understand that this car has quad exhaust and is meant to be ALL ENGINE nott supercharger. you want more sound? just open the side exhaust.”Then why a turbo if it’s meant to be “all engine”, bud? Why axlebacks when you could just open the side pipes (especially since magnaflow axle backs are just muffler deletes)?!Catbacks and offroad x-pipes will add power. Prochargers add power.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion….., like my opinion that carbon fiber dress up kits never made a car any quicker (and it’s ricey), but don’t contradict yourself on your post after sharing your judgement of mine. 

  • FordIsBestPissOnTheRest

    This car is a BEAST. Lighten it up, better ignition, cold air intake and a BAMA tune. I mean, its already got hi lift cams, special intake manifold, along with a triple exhaust!!! More fuel, more air, more fire, and suspension that can handle it. Other than that what are you gonna do with it! I’m sure you guys over there will think of something =)

  • brettdajet

    no forced induction. keep it how its supposed to be. ported heads and manifold is all that is needed. Also some stickier tires would finnish her off!

  • WillLeach

    turbonetics twin-turbo setup…..nuff said

  • Fitzmaster14

    The original Boss 302’s were all naturally aspirated. I believe American Muscle should follow the way it was intended to be, to represent the classic Boss’s, in a modern age. Some suspension work, maybe a 1.5 inch drop in the front and 1.7 in the rear, and some other suspension mods. Put some sticky tires on it for sure. Keep the outside appearance the way it is right now, save for the aluminum rear window louver you guys carry. As for the engine, like I said keep it naturally aspirated to really stick this car to its roots. If anything for a horsepower booster add a decent size nitrous bottle, high end injection system, and 100 shot. Change out the heads for some ported ones (or just port everything), a cold air intake, throttle body, put some monster cams in it, etc. Go to town with the engine without completely rebuilding it. Then hook that high revving beast of an engine up to some long tube headers, off road h-pipe, and the most free flowing exhaust that American Muscle carries. Obviously tune it, set up the launch control feature real nice or replace that with a sick MSD ignition system, and then rip up the track, and probably most cars at the drag strip! Use the parts you guys sell and help us all to get so easily with the best customer service I’ve found anywhere so far. I’ve already seen what you guys did with your 2011 GT, but you guys are capable of so much more, especially with the 2012 Boss 302. I look forward to seeing the end result!

    • connie

      make it very fast tune it ,keep the outside like it is,loud exhaust would be nice.These have always been hot cars,,,,love them…

    • Skunk

      That’s awesome…we think the same.  I actually own a 2011 GT and will be doing nearly the same thing as you described.

  • Andrew_muth

    make her LOUD… new stangs are toooooo quiet. cough cough Flowmasters

  • Carlhorns

    Hood luvers–air suspension–Moon hubcaps

  • Carter Radcliffe

    Personally, i would go for a sleeper look. I am aware this is a boss 302, but imagine the look on the drivers face of a 2012 gt500 when you blow by him in what appears to be a stock 302. That being said, go strait into it, tear down the engine and build every aspect of it, heads, cams, supercharge it, ect ect. Upgrade the drivetrain and throw some sticky tires on the stock 302 wheels. A sleeper 302, that would be truly BOSS. 

  • Vipergtsrgt1

    The Boss 302 was developed for the road course. In my opinion, the build should stay true to the original intent of the car. Modifications should stick to improving handling, reducing weight/improving weight distribution, and improving driveability in a track day setting. Horsepower should only be increased through means which do not add extra weight.

    • Wayne

      and they can call it the “Laguna Seca edition”

  • Traxiii

    Trade it in for a BOSS 302S or build it to those specs with the roll cage, and upgraded parts.

  • Thanna67

    I am surprised no one here has mentioned gears….pretty much the first addition any mustang enthusiast is always told Fitzmaster14 has some good ideas, but do they even have a tuner out for the dual mapping on the ECU yet. This thing comes with a track key that will changes over two hundred settings in the computer including timing and ignition while adding more low end torque. Highly recommend the stinger S cat back with a O/R Prochamber, IMO the best sounding and most free flowing exhaust set up for a mustang. Definitely a new tire set up with some mickey’s in the rear :). I saw a video with just drag slicks in the rear in a otherwise completely stock Boss run a 11.72 quarter mile. Already very impressed. As far as forged internals, this thing already has it with aluminum forged pistons and sinter-forged connecting rods. Also the intake, exhaust, and combustion chamber have already been fully CNC ported and the process took the engineering team 2.5 hours per head. Definitely some suspension work like suggested before and some mods to prevent wheel hop. Probably gonna need to upgrade the LSD to a more race friendly version. As far as power adders go, this car has already 440 horses so with a cam and intake and exhaust work probably looking at 500 hp….enough to blow away most at the track. Nitrous is a interesting idea, would love to see a direct port with their sequential multi-port fuel injectors. A hundred shoot would put you over 600 horses. Short shifter is a must and with that much power a new clutch and fly wheel. I would agree with previous comments about keeping the boss NA as that the old boss that was the inspiration for this one was natural aspirated and why go and change the whole reason of what makes a boss a boss. All engine with enough horsepower to blow your socks off and leave the competition in the dust. You guys always do a great job with your vehicles and can’t wait to see what ideas you bring to fruition with this track monster.       

  • Dryntz

    give it to me!

  • Shane McGlaun

    The thing all boss owners that are interested in lowering want to know is if lowering the car will affect the superb handling. don’t just lower the car and tell us it handles great, i;d liek to see you take the car to a skid pad stock, then get a stock lap time at your road course of choice then lower and go back and see if its better or worse. I’m not buying springs to lower the car until i know for sure it wont hurt handling. the tiems dont have to be better, just not significantly worse IMHO after lowering.

    As for power enhancement go for all you can get NA, anyone that uses this car on the track as it was meant to be used isn’t really interested in FI on the car. see what you can get NA with all the tricks to start with including cams, then maybe go to other power adders. AM also needs to get a better selection of tires for people that road race mustangs, nittos are nice but not ideal on the track.

  • Jerkeesvt

    Side pipes…. Bud Moore style….

  • Richard Figuera

    I totally agree with Fitzmaster14 about building the motor and leaving the outside alone then when you are all done with it you should give it to me now that sounds like the best plan I have seen so far.

  • Adam George

    Please do not mod this car. If you would like to modify a new 5.0 Mustang please modify a GT. The Boss is perfect as is.

    • Stangr

      Especially w/ the Laguna Seca Package

  • Lean Saleen

    I remember Boss’ driving around town when I was growing up, with Big, Fat, Bulging rear tires.  It would be nice to keep the exterior looks stock except for rear fender flares with some big fat wide wheels and tires (12″+) .  And maybe some of those louvers you guys sell.  Those are retro look also.  Leave the suspension and handling stock, because from what I’ve read so far, this car handles perfectly.  Then hot up that engine with either a turbo or a supercharger, so that the performance is easily more than 50% better than stock, and it will be a perfect hot rod.   Of course, the exhaust and tune go without saying….  😉

  • Impulse909

    You should boost it !!!!!!!….i know the original boss was N/A but alot of ppl r going to boost that boss and it would be nice to see what kind of power it could make…..honestly u should buy another boos and fix 1 up all n/a and the other 1 boosted as hell…ooooh yeeeaaahh!!!

  • Jay


  • Philvalentine

    One comment. Elenore style side exhausts! The world needs to hear this baby as it passes them by!

  • Willydawadd

    give it to me

  • Stangr

    Did they order their Boss with the Laguna Seca Package. If so, the back seat would already be deleted and all that the Boss R has. If not, do the equivalent.  Look at all the Laguna Seca package/model has to offer and it’ll be great.

  • BillsBoss302

    If you do your homework first and study what Ford has already done for this car at the cost of millions of dollars and engineering research time you’ll find it’s ready for a blower on it. The pulley is already there on the crank and the engine is super tough. There is nothing to be gained on the intake or heads so leave them be. Take out the side exhaust baffles and maybe try some long tube headers and deeper rear gears but the headers on it are the best for torque. Now it time to come out with a super tune for it. Louvers for the back glass and fix the rear tail light and bumper design. The best stock Mustang ever it out there, now in your hand so it will be hard to beat. You got your challenge so good luck. I know you’ll keep us posted on results.

  • Theman14901

    really nice….i dont like the color….motor looks sweet…sounds good make it louder lol

  • Heybabygee

    If you “rip this thing apart” I will never spend another penny at American Muscle. What a joke.

  • Greg

    It’s time for a BOSS 302SR. I say, gut it, cage it, cam it, tune it, throw on some slicks and get some track times. After that, fully adjustable coilovers would be nice as would a short shifter.

  • Texan650

    Give it to me, or least give it away when you are done to one of your loyal customers. Or – Give it to me!

  • Rriddell77

    You should do nothing!!! it is fantastic as is.  You can not improve upon perfection

  • dang

    ‘eleanor style’ center foglights under the bumper

  • Justin Merriott

    It doesn’t have a supercharger and personally, that would be one of the first things I would do to the engine. Adding a whipple would be awesome and the car would stay aspirated. Headers, cam, and ported and polished heads would go well also. Everyone likes their mustangs LOUD, so make her able to scream down the highway. If you wanted to really add some horses, make sure you beef up the chassis and put on some sticky tires. Go all out with this car, but keep the value of the car.

  • Cosmosnavig8r

    Install M-FR3MGTAA handling pack, brake cooling kit with Roush auxiliary electric fans, tranny cooling scoop, differential cooler, Boss 302S wing, Carbon Designs c-f heat extractor hood, FR500C 18×10 wheels, & LS front splitter.

  • Cdp

    Nice project.  I’d first see if one of the Watt’s Links on the market made a handling difference, and if any of the cold air products pushed power up more.  These would be cool changes to compare right away to the stock BOSS.  Then I’d try BAMA tuning.  I’d stay clear of supercharging until the very end maybe for the reasons noted.