VIDEO: 617HP Supercharged Mustang GT Tears Up Our Dyno!

Check this out… a good customer dropped of their 2011 5.0L Mustang GT California Special, topped off with a Vortech Supercharger, for some custom tuning on the dyno from our team at Bama Performance. Mike Wilson, Bama lead calibrator, strapped down this blown 5.0L Ford Mustang to our dyno and let it rip! The results…

After some tweaks to the Bama custom tune with SCT software, the dyno results were in! This GT/CS put down over 617 horsepower to the ground and 488 ft. lbs. of torque! Not too shabby for only 6.5 PSI from a bolt-on supercharger on a bone stock 5.0L Coyote motor!

Thanks to Mike Wilson and the tuning team at Bama Performance from!

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  • Nick

    Not bad 😛

  • Theblackmouton

    If it was all motor I would be impressed

  • Jonathan S. Harbour

    BONE STOCK except for the Boss 302 intake and upgraded exhaust, that is.

    • Ibrahim Al-Abdulghani

       I think when he said bone stock motor he meant the block.

  • Twenty5caliber

    Jonathan, the intake and exhaust aren’t part of the “motor” now are they? That means the valve covers and oil pan haven’t been off.

  • Tonyharter

    I am sure they are off a little about the boost. Mine made 622 on a Mustang dyno with 10 lbs of boost. Vortech, Steeda CAI, and long tubes. Just the same however, 600 rwhp is pretty easy with the coyotes.

    • Jake

      I dont think he is off on the boost. I have a 2011 GT with a Edelbrock supercharger that makes 6lbs and I am 615hp but only 430 TQ…

      • Tonyharter

        But an Edelbrock is a totally different SC than a Vortech. The centri’s dont build that much power until they rev up higher. It takes 9~10 lbs to hit 600 with his combo. I have 3 other friends with the same setup, 600 rwhp….10 lbs. Not knocking what they got, just speculating on boost based off what many others are doing.

        • Jake

          I am new to the world of SC’ers…so I understand what u r saying. I think that most every SC out there is capable of being very competative…it just boils down to the driver…and just cause u win today, doesnt mean u will win tomorrow… :) I didnt build mine with the expectation of being the fastest car out there…just wanted something custom for me !

  • Chris

    Time to take it to the real dyno… the race track!
    I’d love to see that thing run down the 1320.

  • willie hilton

    Whats he’s saying is they used to dyno at flywheel. At rear wheels gives you a false reading. 

    • 3ValveStallion

      the only horsepower I care about is rear wheel horsepower

  • Michael_sommer

     I would love to see a Hellion or an Excile  turbo kit on a 2011 GT.

  • Dustin Little

    Need to work on that torque curve remember “horsepower sells cars, torque wins races”.- Carroll Shelby

  • Superford98499

    It’s amazing tune from American muscle. Thanks

  • Superford98499

    It’s amazing tune from American muscle. Thanks

  • don runkle

    i just hade my 2005 mustang dyno rrom 281 and  the parts from american muscle bolt ons  and it put out 321.46 and torque was 312 but this site and car just love to watch them. i hope to make 400horse some day .grate job guy,

  • Kennethsn1

    how much power did it make before the tune?

  • Hrusso

    Are the fog lights still funtional with the vortech kit?