VIDEO: 2013 Ford Mustang Hitting the Streets!

We have been seriously teased by this commercial starring the brand new 2013 Ford Mustang! It starts off with a new silver Mustang rolling through some busy city streets. As the new ‘Stang drives, it grabs attention from different people and transforms into their own custom creation by “unleashing their inner Mustang”.

This ad plays off of Ford’s Mustang customization tool which was released last fall allowing anybody to go to the website create a one-of-a-kind dream car. Four million people have already digitally customized their own Mustang! Four million! So, it only makes sense to promote customizing the sexy new Mustang design. Some people may find it creepy, but I find it genius! Props, Ford!

At one point, the new Mustang turns pink and then bursts into a new stealthy black Shelby GT500 (pushing 650 factory horsepower) from the imagination of a little girl ballerina who goes all Black Swan on us!

Now, how about those newly redesigned LED tail lights? Personally, I dig ‘em! Not everyone likes change but sometimes you just gotta embrace it. I’ll be totally embracing this one! As for the new color for 2013, Gotta Have It Green… What do you think of the seeing this color on the new Mustang? I think it’s a great idea for Ford to bring back a green that doesn’t dull your eyes. We know Ford loves their blues but it is about time they brought back a green that will really turn some heads!

There’s something Gotta Have It Green headed for AmericanMuscle. Can you guess what it is? Comment below!

  • gerardo

    gotta love it


    Wow, simply amazing

  • Kachorro

    mustang………is power!!!

  • Albertosanchez35

    Looks like San Francisco. If I remember correctly, Ford seems to always make their Mustang commercials in the City

  • DSim09

    I love my 09 GT but the 2013 looks GREAT!!

  • Ford 351 Cleveland

    Somehow, they just keep making the ‘Stang better.  Gotta love it!