Top 10 Mustang Movie Moments

Most of the folks here at AmericanMuscle love Mustangs. Okay, that’s probably being pretty mild. Most of the folks here at AmericanMuscle are obsessed with Mustangs. Not only can (and will) AM staffers talk pony tech with you all day, they can go on and on (and on) about Mustangs in pop culture, especially movies.

Since its initial release, the Mustang has been featured in thousands of movies. Like any big Hollywood name, the Mustang has had its share of bit parts. The original pony car has also won its share of starring roles, though, and those are what we discuss most. After some debate, we’ve put together a list of Top Ten Mustang Movie Moments. You’ll notice a lot of them are chase scenes, because Mustangs are at their best when they’re demonstrating their speed and handling capabilities.

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Number 10. Love it or hate it, the highly modified Mustang (aka Frankenstein’s Monster) in Death Race handles its business in its final race. movie info

Number 9. When you’re the last person left in New York City who hasn’t mutated into a nightmarish creature, what do you do for food and transportation? For Will Smith in I am Legend, the choice is simple. You hunt deer in a GT500. movie info

Number 8. The final scene of the original (1974) version of Gone in 60 Seconds is amazing, and we would’ve ranked it higher if the Mustang had made it through in better shape. The jump at the end of the scene is real, and that in itself is pretty amazing. movie info

Number 7. Chevy probably thought their new Camaro would get all the attention when Transformers debuted, but Barricade the Mustang stole the show with its slick moves and sinister styling. Watching it chase Shia Lebeouf down endeared Barricade even further to us. movie info

Number 6. In Lock Up, Sylvester Stallone rebuilds a a ‘65 ‘Stang. With all the hijinks and goofy ’80’s music, it almost makes us wish we were there, until we remember what happens later on. movie info

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Number 5. While we don’t recommend stealing vehicles, evading the police, or instigating a spectacular car chase, Nick Cage does it in style in Gone in 60 Seconds (2000). Who doesn’t want a nitrous button that says ‘go baby, go’? movie info

Number 4. In another chase scene, Sean Connery takes a ‘71 Mach 1 up on two wheels and down an alley in Diamonds are Forever. movie info

Number 3. For novelty, you can’t beat the Shelby featured in The Thomas Crown Affair. If you’re going to go off-road in a beautiful location, you should do it in style. movie info

Number 2. Starman is not what you normally think of as a car movie, but it’s responsible for bringing us the phrase, “Red light, stop. Green light, go. Yellow light, go very fast.” That’s a mantra more than one staffer lives by. movie info

Number 1. We were going to nominate Bullitt in its entirety, but that didn’t seem fair, so we went with the really long, really cool chase scene. To us, it’s far and away the best part of the movie. movie info

Now that you know our list, we want to know what yours would have looked like. Did we miss any great Mustang scenes?

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  • Steve

    you guys ever notice in movies, when they have a mustang in the movie but it is a V6 and when the mustang takes off, they have audio of a V8.

    I love seeing the fox bodies in movies, like basic instinct. and the first big mommas house.
    Someday, me and the fox shall meet. But for now, waiting on my title for my 02 GT.

    Long live fox!!!!!!!

  • Larkey

    Sadly i have never seen the original Bullitt movie..and will definatly be going to buy it very soon. Beautiful vehicles all are, however in that chase scene, id hate to burn em down in reverse..Either way, all cars here are all mustang title worthy, and i agree with the #1 pick. The original Bullitt surely takes the cake. Way to go AM on putting together another great mustang page!

    • AMStanger

      You haven’t seen Bullitt!? Everyone’s seen Bullitt! For the sake of your reputation I’m buying you a copy of the movie. Seriously – I just sent you an email looking for your shipping address, and Amazon will be shipping it as soon as I hear back from you. 😀

  • Gregory

    Where’s the new K.I.T.T.???

    • Dillon

      I guess because the new Knight Rider wasn’t a movie, rather, it was a TV show. So I don’t think it would qualify for a “Movie Mustang.”

      KITT was the only reason anyone watched that show, though.

      • Heather

        I agree.

  • Trent Ikner

    War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise. 1966 GT350H.

    • Steel_Venom

      Yeah that was about the only good part of that movie!

  • James Taylor

    Two Lane Blacktop, the greatest car movie ever made.

  • Matt

    I think Gone in 60 Seconds(200) Should of been # 2 for sure. This movie reminded everyone the image of Mustangs and to the average person when they are asked about a mustang have this image in there mind. Although it was only apart of the movie for a short time, It was the star and an Icon. The only part of this movie I did not enjoy is when Eleanor broke her mirrior, it almost made me cry.

    The transformers Bumblebee was orginaly going to be a mustang, Theres a video around the web of Steve Saleen explaining this, the only reason it was not is becuase of chevys deep pockets( which everyone is paying now haha).

    Great wright up, looking foward to seeing mustangs in upcomming movies.

    • Johnny

      He said “wright” LOL

  • 89shoyamaha

    What about Jade it had a Mustang GT and a T-bird SC

    • 89shoyamaha

      Oh yeah Blown Away with a four light fox drifting around on the streets of Boston.

  • Tyler

    lets not forget the tragedy that tokoy drift created, when they put a nissan engine into a mustang body. I was ready to kill the director!

  • mustang rob

    any body seen the new movie kick-ass??? the mustang in the movie is frikin off the chain!!

  • Matt

    Yo Steve:

    Mustang II
    Country Squire

  • rob


    Are you Stevie Wonder?? If you are, then I can forgive you for forgetting the Mustang II, Pinto, and Edsel.


    Bullitt has to be #1, great choice. Kind of surprised to see Gone in 60 seconds so low though.

  • Mike D

    Vanilla Sky, Cruise drives a sweet 67 or 68 fastback.

  • Wayland

    I watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure the other night in HD and it had a Mustang in it 😀

  • Guest

    I think it is quite silly to rate the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds higher than the original.  The chase scene in the original is amazing!  No computer special effects and a low budget kept the movie raw and believable whereas the jump scene in the remake was total cheese.  While I would agree that the CAR in the remake was better (because really, how can you beat a 67 shelby?), the original movie was better by margins!

  • Matt

    GM paided back 6.7 Billion of the loan which came from a 13.4 Billion escrew account supplyed by us. ” The company is using this escrow money–government money–to pay back the government loan.” So they are using more of your money to pay off for having your money.

    Btw I thought Gone in 60 Seconds was alright, but to each there own. It has a mustang in it and thats what we all love.

  • Steve

    GM! cobalt, and v-6 monte carlo with the infamous SS on the side. ha ha good luck with that. GM makes the most hideous vehicles to date.

  • Art

    He said “paided” “escrewed” “supplyed” “there” and “thats” LOL

  • rob

    … except for the Mustang II