The October Ride of the Month Is…

Jeff Burd’s 2008 Roush 428R Mustang!!!

Jeff’s Roush Mustang is one of only 200 made, and Jack Roush himself signed it. The 428R has all the features you expect from a Roush vehicle, and some sweet extras. It features 18X10 Roush wheels and some awesome upgrades from a standard GT. The Roush makes 435 HP and it has an intercooled ROUSHcharger.

When you’re making that much power, you need a suspension that can handle it. The 428R has lowering springs, upgraded swaybars, and upgraded springs and shocks. It’s equipped with Cooper Zeon 2XS tires to help Jeff grip the road when he hits turns, and is rated to pull over 1G of force.

This red Mustang has some serious sex appeal–its Roush custom front fascia, chin spoiler, and hood scoop all give it a tough, powerful look. Being Roush, they didn’t stop with the obvious mods, but added hood pins, a black high-flow grille, and the iconic Roush emblems. With an exterior that looks this good, the inside has to match, so Jeff’s Mustang has leather seats, an upgraded dash, racing pedals, and a retro knob on the short throw shifter. Jeff gave the 428R his own touch by adding a rear window louver and a honeycomb taillight panel.

Think your pony has what it takes to be the November Ride of the Month? Submit your entry before Sunday, October 25th. Entries are only good for a month, so make sure you submit yours again if you didn’t win for October.


    wow-that is sexy!!! Nice pick!!

  • Dylan


  • Joe

    A great looking Mustang.

  • red09

    good looking car

  • Torch red

    Beautiful car but ive noticed this car is stock for the most part. Isnt AM mainly selling aftermarket parts for mustangs? Dont get me wrong I love the car but it came from FORD pretty much just like that!

    • ryan burd


      • Jeff B

        Lord i apologise for my sons comment. I just want peace and harmony amongst my mustang bretheren. Thanks, J.B.

      • http://AmericanMUSCLE Jerry G

        You can buy a Roush all day stage 1’2or 3 like ordering at starbucks! This car wasnt custom built buy this person! Everything on my ride that has been upgraded, I turned every wrench on. This is from the factory like this. Be it Roush or Ford! It was bought from a FORD DEALER! Selling Fords! Its a turn key car sold by Ford! A soccer mom could have one and I know some that do in my area just like it! actually a few of theirs are modded more than this one Dipshit! If you didnt build it yourself in your own taste its stock to me. Go online you can buy one just like it right now! Again love the car my friends mom has one just like it!

    • BrachiateCub

      Buddy…this is a ROUSH! That is FAR from stock.

  • Marty Brown

    Nice ride Jeff, a nice pick from AM.

  • Rod Rideout

    Thats a sweet sweet ride you got there. I have an 07 Stage 3 Roush. The Roush is a much better looking car than the Shelby,,,,,,, Way more caracter

  • Noah

    This is a beautiful car. Roush does an awesome job with their 428Rs. In fact I am going to buy the same supercharger that is in this car. However, aside from the rear louvers and the honeycomb panel this car is a stock Roush 428R. I definitely don’t think it deserves ride of the month. Somebody who has spent hours customizing their car to their own tastes should be receiving this award.

    • Jeff B. A.K.A. Steve Martin

      Well excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Capt Bill Condon

    I agree totally with Noah. The award should go to the guys who put in the time, work and bucks. They have invested the time to know how everything works in GREAT detail.
    I am retired and don’t have a shop so I am going to get there by ordering a kewl ride direct from Ford. 2011 Gt 5.0 Premium, Ingot/ Brick, 6 spd, glass roof, Brembo, 3.55, Pkg 5 trim added a corsa exhaust and a CS front valance with lights.

    • Rich

      I agree with u guys, I orderd a 2011 GT in Jan. & got it got delivered in July, 5.0 premium,
      over $9,000 in options glass roof, chrome wheels, 412 HP stock, rear window & quarter louvers, Kona Blue, ect. looks as good as that Roush, the only thing I”m going to do is have
      the black ground panles painted Kona Blue & I”m done.

  • Jose Martinez

    Although being a dominating beast inside and out it does not have the pinch of character that comes within a mustang enthusiast to make its own.All the time,money,and dedication you put on selecting every part makes every second of it priceless.

    • Jeff B

      Think of all the time and hard work i have spent at my job to be able to buy a car that is aready modified. My back hurts just thinking about it!

  • Jeff Burd

    Hey guys i totally get what some are saying about customising your mustangs piece by piece to suit your tastes, but dont be hating on the guys that dont what to modify their Roush and Shelby cars.Many of these signed and numbered collectables should be appreciated for their mostly stockness.I mean check out the big dollar cars that roll across the blocks of Barret Jacksons. Amost all are all stock.Peace brothers.

    • http://AmericanMUSCLE Jerry G

      Dont call people dip shits! We all have different taste the world would be a boring place if we were all the same! I paid 26,000 for my 06 Gt and have almost 10,000 in aftermarket modds not to mention I work 10 hours a day and still find time to crawl on my back to modd my stang when I get a new part. Its all for the love of it and trust me theirs not a mustang in my area that looks or uns like mine. And ill runn anything but a Shelby or a Z06! PEACE!


    Beautiful car!!!! I also own a Roush stage “3”, and nothing compares to these stangs. As an owner of 85 mustangs in my life time, this car is definitely the best one out of them all. I show my car, and I also find that people do not really know what these cars are.
    Good luck with your ride.

  • Nicole

    Awesome car!! Congrats!

  • Branden

    I agree with Noah. I dont think that the name of the game is the “stock” ride of the month. It should go to the people that do the best wrench time. If we were doing the tock rides then i would put up my 510hp P51 Mustang, but no im not going to do that because its not the stock ride. There should be a minimum amount of personal time put into these cars that are being put up as the ride of the month.

    • john Q i dont believe you

      you own a Roush P51 , just like i own a Ferrari 458 Italia.Dream on buddy.

  • Ricky

    Really nice ride. congrads on buying your car, but you’ve barely spent money or time on the car for charactor. I can go to the Ford dealership and buy your exact car, for that reason it does not deserve to be the Ride of the Month!!

    • john Q get a reality check

      First of all this car cost 52k , do you call that barley spending money ? Secondly this car is a 2008, unless you have just invented a time machine , you cant buy one of only 200 ever made. Wise up Einstein ! !!!!

  • Lucky_V4L

    First of all this is message is to Jeff B i wana say congrats on your car i think its awesome!!! It has every right to win ride of the month :) and ur absolutly right when it comes to putting in ur time at work payin for the car u have paid your dues. Dnt listen to the other guys as for Capt Bill and Ricky he obviosly spent alota time, work and $$ for this car regardless and for Branden its called “Ride of the Month” period! Not Stock Ride of the Month, not Customize Yourself Ride of the Month, just RIDE OF THE MONTH and thats all there is to it! You didnt sat there at the Ford Manufactor and built your own car from scratch did u? lol Naw so get off his back and again Jeff congrats!

  • Freaky Phil

    Your car is “suhweeeeeet”! Everyone who disrespects it for being stock obviously has never ridden in one. This car shreds 99% of all ‘Stangs on the road…including both of my GT’s. I’ll gladly trade you two for one dude! lol

  • john Q get a reality check

    First of all this car cost 52k , do you call that barley spending money ? Secondly this car is a 2008, unless you have just invented a time machine , you cant buy one of only 200 ever made. Wise up Einstein !

  • Kyle

    agreed, beautiful car…I, like you am working my ass off paying for your car. I just bought a 2011 Shelby GT500. Every dollar I throw onto it for a payment is completely worth it. It has every right to be entered and win. congrats

  • Candy Stang

    Dont get me wrong JB i love your car and i can appreciate you putting the money into this car.. its beautiful!! but i think that most of us appreciate seeing a car that has been slaved over and has had the time and effort put into it! I think those of us that have built their cars from the ground up should be given more of a look at than just a car you paid 52k for.

    No offense buddy but my 351 supercharged stang wouldnt be far off your tail

    • john Q think about it

      it has always amazed me that by adding a supercharger, fancy wheels and a chrome air cleaner to a old car with drum brakes and a antique suspention makes it a sports car.Roush has spent millions dollars and thousands of hours to put you behind the wheel of a true road racer.They have found that perfect balance ,so you dont have to guess and miss the mark.Until you drive one of these stage 3 cars around a 360 degree off ramp at 80 MPH plus with no tire slip you probably would’nt understand.

  • Jeff B

    A special thanks to A.M. for choosing my car and to everyone on the blogs for letting me have some fun.Jeff B A.K.A> John Q .

  • http://AmericanMUSCLE Jerry G

    Mustangs are mustangs I love em all. Congratulations Jeff. Enjoy your ride its is sweet!