The November Ride of the Month

Kuro Tawil’s 2007 V6 Mustang!

Kuro’s 2007 Vista Blue Mustang is his first car, and he mowed lawns for three summers to save up enough money to pay for the car. His parents covered the other half of the cost, but only on the condition that Kuro not modify it. Since that wouldn’t do, he started doing modifications “under the radar”. Kuro’s crowning achievement was installing a whole motor when his parents weren’t looking! He convinced his parents he was switching out the clutch and swapped a 5.4 V8 into the Mustang. He’s also added a BBK aluminum CAI, a GT500 rear end, Saleen underdrive pulleys, and Prothane motor mounts.

The mod list doesn’t stop there, though. He’s added FR500c shocks and struts, an Eibach Pro lowering kit, Steeda upper strut mounts, and Eibach front/rear adjustable swaybars, all without his parents noticing. We’re not sure how he pulled it off, but he’s also personalized the exterior of the car with GT front, rear, and side skirts, a black billet grille, and Agent 47 mirrors. Kuro has also tinted the windows, deleted the antenna, added HID lights, and a Roush hood scoop. The inside boasts an impressive mod list, too, with Corbeau A4 seats, an NRG leather-wrapped steering wheel, a rear seat delete, and a variety of vent and cluster mods.

Think your pony has what it takes to be the December Ride of the Month? Submit your entry before Thursday, November 25th. Entries are only good for a month, so make sure you submit yours again if you didn’t win for October.

  • Billy

    My car is not a hotrod, so im not a hotrodder. When people mod there cars, they mostly own the cars. Therefore they can mod the performance, and other things. Well my car has a Warranty that pays for every thing but wear and tear. If i put a mod in there, that is not covered by warranty it voids it, that mean in out of $2000 that i paid extra for it. If the warranty allows product that can be added then it doesn’t void my warranty. Lets see would you want to pay massive money to get your car fixed or would you want a warranty to cover everything? ill let you answer that ….

    • Chad Kassem

      If you spent just a fraction of the time you spend typing words on the internet and started reading a factory service manual you’d be much further ahead, I assure you.


      • lswans14

        I agree….who needs a warranty just so the dealership can screw it up…Bone that…

        • billy

          Agree stanger

        • Billy

          due to that fact that i have a almost new car, warranty are good… you probably have an old model car or junker, so you dont get warranty for them…

          • Lswans14

            lolz… right….

  • AMStanger

    I think that’s about enough hating, guys. Feel free to disagree and to voice your opinions, but save the profanity for 4chan.

    • Konner


      • Cory

        Well, if you did all the work yourself and paid for it all you deserve ride of the month! i like it

  • Tommy

    Nice Stang you deserve Dec ride of the month, you have a stang with a lot of work put into it.

  • Travis

    I’ve been trying to upload pictures of my car a couple of times and everytime I do i always get the message saying failed to upload file. is their anything i need to do to the pics before they can be uploaded?

    • Billy

      you can send an email to the company i had the same problem with mine

      • Travis

        ok, thanks!

  • Sharron Clemons