The Loudest Mustangs of the AM 2010 Car Show!


Does your car wake up the whole neighborhood? Can we hear your Mustang rumbling from a mile away? If this sounds like you, I think it’s time you checked out the AmericanMuscle Muffler Rapping Competition from this past weekends 2010 Car Show.

The muffler rapping competition is the loudest Stangs of the show, head-to-head in front of a rowdy crowd of enthusiasts! This crowd will love it or hate it, and they chose Brad Little from CT and his ’04 GT. Congratulations Brad!

Check out the footage below and make sure you’re here next year to sound off against hundreds of Mustang heavy hitters.

  • Rich M.

    Where are the rest of the cars?

    • Zack

      I guess these were the only “loud” ones… I think they were all loud personally, even the V6.

      • Rich M.

        I had the red blown GT…. I wanted to here my car =( the v6 wasn’t that good imo….

  • GregC

    i didnt really think any of them were that loud honestly… My exhaust is 10x louder than all of them…

    • Immanuel G.

      They you should of entered the contest.

  • Jeff G.

    That was my 2006 Blue with white stripe GT. Exhaust is American Racing Longtube Headers, high-flow cats with an H-Pipe and Borla Stingers. Sounds great on the video. Thanks for posting my car.

    • NASTY03GT

      Looked and sounded great!!!