The July Ride of the Month Winners Are…

Grand Prize Winner: Al’s orange 2004 Mustang GT.

Wheel Style & Size: Cragar S/S 18X9

Tire Brand & Size: Riken 275/35/18

Al’s 2004 GT sports a Kenne Bell 2.1 Supercharger, a Stack Racing 75 mm throttle body, and a BBK cold air intake. Though he hasn’t made any upgrades to the suspension yet, he has worked on the interior and the exterior. The orange GT sports a Roush body kit with a wing, and a Roush exhaust with enhanced sound. In the cabin, Al has added Pillar Equus boost, oil pressure, and temperature gauges, plus a short throw shifter.

Generational Winners


Anne-Marie Stowe’s 2007 Mustang GT. This Torch Red pony features a range of mods from styling to performance. Anne-Marie (whose husband happens to be an SVT technician and does all the wrenching for her) increased the power on her ‘Stang with FRPP Hot Rod cams, a B&M short throw shifter, 4.10 gears, BBK long tube headers, and a BBK x-pipe, not to mention a C&L cold air intake and a custom tune. Not one to neglect style, Anne-Marie hooked her GT up with sequential tail lights, smoked side marker covers, a rear spoiler delete, top and bottom billet grilles, and custom flat black painted stripes. She’s also got a push-button engine start, some tasteful billet touches in the engine bay, and 20″ Bullitt rims.


Tyler Creek fell in love with a friend’s Bright Atlantic Blue Cobra in high school, so as soon as he was finished with college, he picked up his own blue Cobra. To make it his own, Tyler added a JLT intake, a Diablosport chip, and MGW shifter, an aluminum driveshaft, 4.30 gears, and an Eaton differential. He also upgraded the suspension with Eibach Pro Kit springs, and UPR upper and lower control arms. The only changes to the original styling are a set of 18X9 chrome Y2K style wheels and chrome bumper letter inserts.


Michael Gregorio’s 1991 GT is easy on the eyes, but tough to beat on the street. With a Vortech Supercharger S-Trim, GT40P heads, a Cobra intake, an E303 cam, FMS 1.6 roller rockers, an FMS 65 mm throttle body, a 70mm mass air flow meter, FMS 30 lb injectors, and more, Michael has pulled out all the stops to max out his performance. He’s also added a Mishimoto aluminum radiator, a MAC long-tube header and off-road h-pipe, Flowmaster 2-1/2″ catback exhaust, an upgraded fuel pump, an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and upgraded clutch and ignition components. He’s also beefed up the rest of the car with upgraded brakes, Moser 28 spline axles, 3.73 gears, BBK rear control arms, Double Cross subframe connectors, a strut tower brace, and KYB shocks and struts. Except for the Cervini’s hood, all of the body panels are original with Ford’s VIN numbers. The GT has been dyno’d at 426 RWHP and 414 RWTQ.

  • Angela

    What, no V6’s this time? LOL

    • Billy

      American muscle need not to put just gt’s , we want different like v6… ill be putting my v6 after july but most likely wont win because im only doing exterior mods..

      • NASTY03GT

        wasn’t last month a V6 that won with just exterior mods? It was a really nice New Edge!!

        • NASTY03GT

          Just looked-it was May. Very nice Stang!!

      • Chris

        “Same here Billy. I’ve done some mods to the engine and exhaust but nothing major and put more time into the body style because I’m waiting to do engine mods for a V8 someday so I figured I just stick with the cheep body stuff and have fun at the same time! Just a hobby! Something I like doing”!

    • Steve Nimmo

      Nice ride, Tyler!
      I have a ’96 Cobra with K&N FIPK and air flow sensor. My body is stock with upgraded euro-style tires, cobra OEM wheels, and Flowmaster exhaust. I was thinking about installing a Steeda or BBK underdrive pully system; preferably Steeda. However, I was also thinking about installing BBK’s 65mm or 62mm throttle body. Of, course, 3.73 gears would be nice, finishing with a dyno tune. What do you think I should do next? Or should I concentrate on something in a different direction? Again, nice ride, Tyler!

      • http://none Tyler

        Thanks Steve! I would look into the pulley set made by March, they have good reviews on the website I frequent (svtperformance). I dont think a t-body provides much gain on these motors in near stock form.. Might want to save that for later. Also, i would look into more gear than 3.73’s, these motors love higher gear ratios, I didnt hesitate one second to order my 4.30’s.. But I do not drive on the highway hardly ever.. Do you have a short throw shifter, and off-road mid pipe? These are usally must haves also..

        • Steve Nimmo

          Hi again, Tyler! Thank you for the reply and guidance.

          I will check-out the March pulley set @ svtperformance. After reading more reviews from the experts on TBs, I must agree with you. One blogger stated, “If you want an extra paperweight, then get a throttle body…not much gained in performance, if any.”

          I will check-out going with something more aggressive than the 3.73s. I found a company called “Six State” in Ogden, UT that will do the gear install for $325. All they do is drive line business. The shop guy I talked to was “Tony” was is very knowledgeable.

          I do have a short-throw shifter and Magnaflow exhaust but no off-road mid pipe. I will need to check that out, as well.

          Well, thanks again for the great advice, Tyler.

          I will keep you updated as I progress on my journey to beefing-up my ’96 SVT Cobra.

          Layton, UT

          P.S. I also saw an article that the 96 Cobras were forged by Teksid–the same company that makes Ferraris. I must say, the aluminum block and heads seem to get better with age! (My stang has 81K on it).

  • Wayland

    The winner hasn’t done any suspension mods yet? Wow…

  • Chris

    “To be honest with you all, my choice for Generation 2005+ would definatly not have been Anne-Marie Stowe’s 2007 Mustang GT. For 1, she didn’t do any of the work on the car to even consider it being hers and 2, it’s the ugliest decal design I’ve ever seen! What the heck is the name of that style decal? It looks like a mix between a very wide duel racing stripes connected to the starting of a Shinoda Boss decal that never got finished”!

    • Shane

      Have to agree with Chris here, I’ve seen much better looking 5th Gen GT’s or V6’s for that matter. Looking at the decal looks like an unfinished Boss striping. It’s a good mustang, but just saying appearance-wise a nice 5th Gen Roush would be much more pleasing to the eye.

      • vicm8lin

        I have to agree. That stripe looks like it wants to turn and follow the beautiful body line but…….but….oh well. Besides that her husbands got a nice ride on her hands.

  • Marty Brown

    Congraratulations Al, Anne-Marie, Tyler & Michael on AM July’s ride of the month.

  • Anne-Marie Stowe

    Thanks to the great folks at American Muscle for premiering my 2007 GT as July ride of the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To those that didnt approve……….thats why they make black and white. If I wanted a ride that looked like all the others then my ride would never stand out! What you guys have seem to forget all about is the hobby of custom rides is total owner preference (hence custom) and though I truly appreciate your honesty, only what I like really matters!! lol And, I just have to respond to the comment about my hubby turning the wrench on that car, let me just say this………….all the research and mod selections was done by me!! And, dont think I didnt get in there and help when and where I could!!! My hands have been plenty dirty many, many times!!!! Trust me, if I knew how to install cams without blowing my engine, I dang sure would so technical limitations keep me from turning the wrench “all by myself!” One last thing……..even if I didnt care for someone’s ride I wouldnt make it a point to blast it on the internet……… nice boys!!!!!!!! :)

    • Danny Hammond

      Congrats on your win! I guess we all would like to win but your car is deserving to finish first. I agree we all should appreciate each others own preference of what we think is the best and leave only positive comments. Again CONGRATS!!

    • Murph

      Don’t worry about the critics. Jealousy is the most sincerest form of flattery. Nice ride.

    • Phil Purdin

      Your car rocks! I have two ’03 GT’s (yes two, an auto for the wife and a stick for me) which I would gladly trade you for your car. I think the decals look mean and menacing. Like the Sith in Star Wars. That’s a good thing! You’re lucky to have a “gearhead” hubby. Of course there will be people who don’t like it, that’s why American Muscle gives us so much diversity in customization. No two people design their homes alike. Why should cars be any different?

      • Anne-Marie Stowe

        Danny, Murph, well said!!!! Thank you for showing my stang some love!!!

        Phil, WOW, thanks bunches!!! :) That is cool that you and your wife sport the stang!!! I cant lie, having my “gearhead” hubby is friggin AWESOME!!! Im really lucky!! :)

    • Perk

      Hey Anne Marie your car is good looking, and the lil haters who disc it becuase your a lady are just whining lttle babies my wife helps me wrench and shine , and even cleaning a car of the class you have is hard work,
      Sound like the right mix of mods, do you know what it runs in the 1/4, you should run at at a track , post your times and really get the little boys crying
      So from a real man, enjoy your Stang, and well done

      Perk comment edited to remove inappropriate content

  • Anne-Marie Stowe

    Thanks Marty!! And big congrats to the other winners!!! Al, your Comp Orange stang is absolutely wicked, I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Chandra (stangcrazygirl)

    Awesome!! Congrats Anne-Marie!! Your Mustang looks great! :)

    • Anne-Marie Stowe

      Thank you Chandra!!! It’s a great feeling!!! :)

  • Jeff Neese

    Congrats to the July Winners. Great selection of Stangs.

  • http://none bud welch


    I have been trying to submit my 07 gt for the ride of the month now for 3 months and keep getting the following – Validation errors occurred. Please confirm the fields and submit it again.

    My pictures are jpg and are 2 meg each and I have filled in all fields. What gives?


    • Brent Odle

      Been trying to submit mine too, just like Bud says but to know avail. Would like to, want to but cant. Give me a hint as to what to do! Brent

    • AMStanger

      I’m not sure why you guys are having a hard time entering the contest. Which browser are you using? We’ve tested the form with the most popular browsers, but it may not work on smart phones or with an unusual browser.

  • Chris

    NICE STANGS! the new edge needs different rims though in my opinion

  • vertigyn

    Good thing that July ride of the month is in the grass – that sucker has a nice 4×4 stance! Seriously, lower that sucker with some Roush springs and it’ll look 10 times better and finish the “Roush” conversion.

  • Corey

    This ride of the month thing is a joke. It’s just a way to advertise American muscle parts and make people want to buy more parts.

    • Phil Purdin

      If it wasn’t for American Muscle’s affordable custom upgrades there wouldn’t be nearly as many cool looking Stangs in America!

      • Anne-Marie Stowe

        Dito Phil!!!! American Muscle is the bomb!!! Their customer service is impeccable!!!! The prices are pretty dang good too; I agree!!! Ill advertise for them ANYTIME!!!

        • Harry

          Sounds like you two work at AM, do you get a bonus for these comments? LOL

          • Phil Purdin

            I’ve purchased parts for my ’03 stangs on Ebay and gotten burned big time. Finally switched to AM and haven’t had a bad experience yet. I’d be happy to work for their outfit, but I’m on the west coast.

    • Paul Bledsoe

      Wrong. I’m a past winner and I never told AM about any parts I bought from them, which have been damn few. The best cure for your problem is to unsubscribe from their email list and to not check the website blog.

      • Michael Gregorio

        I have to agree with Paul. When I submitted my 91 GT I just listed the mods that have been done, never did I mention any parts that I have purchased from American Muscle.

    • AMStanger

      It’s not a joke, and it’s not advertising for us. Our winners do tend to be AmericanMuscle customers, but that’s probably because they’re the folks that are most likely to be reading our blog. We don’t give any weight to whether or not they list parts as having been purchased from us or from another company. We concentrate on what makes the car special, not where the parts came from.

  • Cole

    I would like to see all the cars entered each month and have an online poll…anyone else?

  • Paul Bledsoe

    Al, Anne-Marie, Tyler and Michael,
    Congratulations on being selected as winners this month!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Gregorio

    Thanks American Muscle it was a nice surprise to open my e-mail and see my Mustang as one of the July Rides. Congrats to Al, Anne-Marie and Tyler

  • Nate

    Who picks these cars? I assume its at random?????

    • AMStanger

      We have a panel of judges that selects the Rides of the Month out of our pool of entrants every month, Nate.

  • Wally

    I particularly like the 99-04 body style, so if I was to pick a favorite out of this it would be Al’s 04, not knocking the others, because they are some sweet rides for their particular generation, Congrats to you all. Hopefully I’ll put my 99 in for ride of the month soon.

  • Billy

    Al you have the best, it doesnt take a technician to do his work for him…. you got style and class with you mustang al, maybe Ann- Marie will learn from you one day…

    • Anne-Marie Stowe

      Billy, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a comedian in every crowd and you are seriously cracking me up dude!!!!! Is there anything I can say or do to help you through this traumatic ordeal!! I know it must be a real ego buster to concede to a female but really man it will be ok, I promise!!! ROF

      • Billy

        lol, looks whos mad…. get over it. you lost , quit whining like a baby… you think just because you got a newer model and a technican to make it look good doesnt mean you can beat the older model cars. maybe you can get the techinican to fix some rinkle on you face instead of you car. you make your car look good but it all about the drive and looking at you face, i rather look at your car…

        • Billy


        • AMStanger

          Let’s keep things friendly, okay guys? We have lots of respect for do-it-yourselfers, but we know they’re not the only Mustang enthusiasts out there. There’s no shame in recognizing that some work is beyond your mechanical skill level, and having someone help. That’s be better than getting in over your head and blowing an engine, right? There are plenty of gearheads that are ladies, and plenty of guys that can’t change their own tires.

  • firedawg

    These cars are great. There’s no doubt that V8’s (blown or not) are one of the greatest wonders of the earth. With that being said, V-6’s have been always considered the ” budget” car for those who want a new Stang RIGHT NOW;and could not afford to buy a V8… As we have seen the V-6’s have “come up” in the ranks with style and power. With stores such as American Muscle, it gives enjoyment to the owners of V6’s that they can compete with most V8’s on the streets, especially those who choose to keep their V8’s stocked (the fools… ha ha ha). Still not pounding down 500+HP but its a great second place to the top dogs . But in all a great ride and can still “blow-away” many drivers on the streets.

    In short, I think I could speak for the moment for many of us V-6 owners, we would love to see some type of blog or even contest of our; best sene, tricked out, tire rip’n, street dominating, highway smashing, power adder, gas piss’n, intake sucking, and car show dominating STANGS!

  • Adam

    Like Bud and Brent, I too have been trying to enter my stang with no success. I get the same error message. What am I doing wrong? I would really love to enter my ride! Please help!!